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The strength of foreigners visiting India has become way higher over the years. After all, so many “colors” can be seen thanks to its beautiful surroundings Yes, “Welcome to India”, the land which promises you for the safest, pleasant and awesome stay and you rightly take out your “Cameras” all excited to finally witness the places which you have been dreaming up till now.


  1. Love to see Taj Mahal

The love of foreigners for Taj Mahal, Jama Masjid, Lotus Temple, Qutub Minar etc is certainly not hidden. Let’s not forget, it is also referred as one of the seven wonders of the world. If you are you looking for tourists attractions in India, then you can get detailed information by visiting various social media channels in order to accordingly make itinerary as well.

Indians are known to mingle easily with foreigners and it is the feelings which bind the interest of people across the world and these prominent reactions make anybody lively and relieved and as a result, non Indians come again and again.

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2.  Do foreigners love Indian food? Yes of course

Old areas have their unique “cooking” smell as well. Talking about “mouthwatering” and “spicy” cuisines how can you miss those sumptuous “chicken masala”, naan”, “gulaab jamun” as food for tourists in India is something which they dearly love. Similarly, every kind of thaali (vegetarian food) etc which even for the first timers give such a boosting energy that you tend to eat more and so is the street food and snacks, chana masala, paneer dosa, not to miss.

3. What attracts tourists in India? Well, it is their love for Hindi

As a travel agent, I am quite happy to say that tourists experience in India is indeed “mind-blowing”; they love each and every thing


  • Even few days for whites is enough for them to learn few words in Hindi such as
  • Thoda Thoda (little little)
  • Aapka Naam Kya Hai (what is your name)
  • Sab Kuch Milega (Everything is available)
  • Namaste (As a mark of gesture while meeting)
  • What foreigners love about India? It is also about Bollywood dialogues as well such as

Kutte Kamine Main Tumhara Khoon Pee Jaongi” (Popular dialogue from a Bollywood Movie meaning Rascal, I will drink your blood, scary, isn’t it …lol

4. Safe and pleasant stay

Indian government has taken upon itself towards ensuring the safety and security of foreigners and you just simply need not worry. After all, if you look at the track record of last 5 years, there has never been any incident where you eventually need to be concerned or cared about.

The good thing which foreigners broadly say at the top of their voice is that people are friendly and country is safe with of course you need to be cautious enough towards keeping your valuables intact as this is one of the best tourists to India tips. Unlike the perception even Indian girls travelling solo, for excursion or fun have never faced any issues. So, those of you lovely girls (solo or group)who really want to be a part of fun and enjoyment, then this beautiful country is actually waiting for you.

5. An easy ride through Rickshaws / Tongas

You equally don’t want to miss having a rickshaw/ tonga ride. (While these specific rickshaws are manually operated, Tongas are run by horses). In most of the Indian cities, they run and the sheer joy of passing through tourist places make even a short trip worth memorable and deserving, like never before. Its low charge is also another reason for its popularity.

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6. Love for Sari

People start loving Indian culture so much, that they tend to wear “Saari” which is an Indian traditional dress born by majority of Indian women and so is “Shalwar Suits”, which is again quite a prominently visible dress born by people in Northern part of India.

There have been few foreigners who have made India their proud home after marrying with Indian partners. Do we need to say anything else about the beauty of India which has carved a niche for itself across the world?

7. Indians are honest and lovely

It is “Smiles” from Indians as a “welcoming” gesture for foreigners which compel them to feel that it is actually their “home away from home”. Foreigners experience how happy Indians actually are, our wisdom and carefree attitude about living life to the fullest. This is one of the reasons why are foreigners in love with India. Indians are always ready to help them whether it is about directing them to their preferred place or addressing their concerns arising out of any other issue.

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8. Love for Paani Puri, Dahi Puri

What could be said more about a dish, which atonce water our mouth? Yes, I am talking about Paani Puri and Dahi Puri and foreigners love it. You can easily them gulping them often. It is just  that “once” they taste it, that they become fan of it forever.

9. Love for Meetha Pan

How can you miss having large “Meetha Pan” which is basically beetle leaves combined with fruit extracts. The funny feeling of gulping “This Big Pan” at one go, is in itself a source of interesting exercise coupled with “yummy” feeling derived during the time of melting of fruit extracts. Yes, you want to have it every now and then.

10. Love to indulge in street shopping What tourists buy in India?


It is mostly electronic items which are priced low, especially if you do street shopping. Foreigners who fell in love with India surely buy the same. You can also find the local work really in a cost effective manner in terms of chicken clothes, sculptures, wood work, spices, silk, cotton etc.

Considering the list of facilities and features which are associated with India, international tourists in India are rising with every passing day. A travelling in India guide should also come to be handy.

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The whole world gives standing ovation on seeing one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Yes, I am talking about TajMahal which symbolizes love and is a shining white masterpiece. Even Rabindranath Tagore who has also been a noble laureate, referred this ancient, pristine, glorifying, enhancing, captivating and awesome beauty as “a tear drop on the cheeks of time”

It is equally known for umpteen numbers of stories which has become quite interesting to read considering the extra-ordinary, crazy and mind-blowing history associated with this marvelous structure to say the least.

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Let’s take a look at the 9 Interesting facts about the Taj Mahal


Shah Jahan and Mumtaz Mahal

Shah Jahan who is the Mughal Emperor as per the name lived life like “Mughals” or in an “palatial manner”. The awesome and beautiful structure which is as ‘white as milk’ was built by him in the loving memory of his third wife Mumtaz Mahal.

There was the news that while she was in the labor, she couldn’t withstand the complications associated along with, and she soon died during the birth of child. As a result, Emperor was shocked and terrified at the sudden loss and legends have it that he was so bewildered that he became careless towards even looking after himself. Soon, he gave scant regard towards his upkeep and that included his beard becoming long, as he was hell broken.

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Art of calligraphy

If you want to see the perfect art of enchanting calligraphy, then this masterpiece is full of captivating interiors and exteriors. Yes, based on its existence which was due to the loving memory of his beloved wife Mumtaz, he has done the calligraphy on the tomb specifically for his wife.

There are equally 99 names of Almighty Allah which are inscribed on the sides of tomb. All these names are given the touch of calligraphy style. Yes, Shah Jahan has assumed how Mumtaz would will be living in heaven in beautiful surroundings amidst such a beautiful place and he tried to give that practical shape to the same by actually signifying that love.

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Workers and laborers employed for construction

This magnificent architecture couldn’t have been possible without the artistic creation and innovative thinking of Ahmed Lahauri. He took charge of the whole situation actively by deploying whopping 20,000 people who belonged to different professions as per their level of needs. Yes, from ordinary laborers to painters, calligraphers, to stonecutters, there were sufficient skills meant for series of requirements. There were elephants who were pressed into service for transporting huge and massive stones and their number shot more then 1,000 at a given time.

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Number of Years it took for TajMahal

The first brick was laid in 1632 which signified the construction of magnificent Taj Mahal after the sudden and untimely death of his beloved wife Mumtaz.

He wanted to give a practical shape to the utmost “emotional” love which he had for his wife. So, the construction which involved hundreds of laborers continued for whopping 22 years and in the year 1653, it was completed by giving beauty to the most enhancing infrastructure on earth which is still known as the most glorifying structure.

The whopping amount of cost which was incurred during that time stood out to 32 million, just goes on to show the extent of expenses incurred. It is expected that the current amount would have been estimated to be above $1 billion

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Specific type of material used

If you have been able to take a close look from the pictures or you had got a chance to visit the structure “live”, then you would have seen that there are red stone walls which are used as boundary on its three sides.

Yes, some of the creamy and sophisticated marbles were purchased not just from Rajasthan, but also from international places. The countries from where the deal was done are China, Afghanistan and Tibet.

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The extreme state of perfection can be reflected through Taj Mahal

If you ever wanted to see how an architectural beauty even during those times could be, then it has symmetrical structures. I mean, its four sides are identical, which has been constructed on the principle of self replication by taking in mind the concept of geometry. It is this aspect which originates mirror reflection on either sides.

In view of the Mughal emperor’s main thought process signifying a more masculine, bolder and taller structure, he wanted to create the male tomb at a higher note than the female one and as a result, these two tombs are not equal. Another interesting aspect worth sharing is that, the four minarets are constructed in a position outside the plinth; this has been knowingly done, so that in the event if due to an accident, they happen to fall, then they won’t harm the main structure as they are going to fall outside.

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Changing mood swings of this beauty

Quite like what can be related with the woman’s mood swings, the reflection of the same can be seen in Taj Mahal as well. Interestingly, there are different colors which become its characteristic during changing times. For example, if I talk about early morning, then there is pinkish hue, which soon turns into sparkling or glowing white with the progress of day. Yes, after dusk, there is a sense of golden touch in terms of its light, which can be seen in the moon light. Importantly, the beauty of Taj Mahal is worth seen during the time when there is full moon.


There was a rebellion

During 1857, rebellion, Taj Mahal was damaged partially. The attackers were slightly successful with their aim of harming the structure where they ransacked the beautiful garden and damaged few stones. However, Viceroy of British India, namely Lord Curzon in 19th century soon gave orders for its renovation which got into completion mode by 1908. The chandelier which is hung in Taj Mahal is the beautiful thought process and contribution from this man only.


Myths associated with Taj Mahal

There has been quite misconception which has percolated deep in the minds of people which is that Mughal king Shah Jahan had chopped the hands of all the workers associated with building Taj Mahal. This he done as he had the threat that others might hire them for building the structure again somewhere else. There is equally a second myth which has been doing the rounds since ages where it is said that he wanted to build not white but black TajMahal, but couldn’t for some reason.

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Travelling gives so much of freedom, frolic, enthusiasm, enjoyment, luxury, awesomeness and happiness, that it can only be best experienced rather than expressed. Yes, I can keep on adding the adjectives in order to determine the extent of ‘adrenalin rush’ which can only experience while travelling.

However, sometimes we become too excited ‘before’ as well as ‘during’ the process of travelling that in the heat of moment or I should say, “that we get swayed with the emotions so much”, that we tend to spend much more than what we would have actually planned (if in case we would have actually done the planning, I doubt, that we don’t even do planning in the first case). Here, we desperately need tips to save money travelling. Yes, as a result, we tend to feel heat later on or the best word for adjudging such sort of situation would be “repercussions” of not being careful, responsible and dutiful enough towards our actions. Hence, I am coming up with the following post to let you know how to save money while travelling abroad as this will help a big section of people who often have to feel the heat of not being  “emotionally strong” enough in the first case. The following post lets you know how to save money travelling in India:-

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Fix your days much in advance

Save money on travelling is something which requires our presence of mind. Most of us prefer travelling by air, but we end up choosing other means of transport due to its expensive nature. However, have we realized that by booking well in advance, you can actually get the best deal, which can be equivalent to a train? Well, yes, rates of airline go up and down occasionally and it starts to be quite low right around 3 months back. Plan your journey in order to save money on holiday travel if you want to ensure “BIG” savings right from the booking. Let’s not forget, that in this way, you can actually make a big saving by just being smart.



Usually opt for weekdays trip

The reason why I am saying is that, making trip on weekends will comparably burn a hole in your pocket considering the rising strength of tourists who usually prefer that time.  So this is how you can save money travelling abroad.



“Enhance your bargaining skills”

This is a must tip for travelers looking to make a trip to India that ‘polish your bargaining skills’. Yes, the basic prevalent of this sort of trait is so widely spread, that it is taken for granted, especially when the first price which shopkeeper tells you about a specific product

  • Do you know that most of the products bought after the final bargain amounts to 1/3rd of the actual price?

We Indians are somewhere quite well known with this trip, so as an outsider, it is importantly for you to take this tip quite seriously.


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Choose budget hotels

Yes, see money savings can finally give you that awesome taste which you don’t want to miss. Here, I would specifically want to request you to choose a budget hotel. After all, a person on travel, only sleeps for few hours and I am sure, you can easily adjust on an “economical hotel”. This is another one of the tips of how to save money fast for travelling. Isn’t it?


Minimize the cost of tipping

Why do you want to ‘tip’ the person when you already have to pay service charge? Well, as you think about it, you will realize the actual theory where it is absolutely no use of it. This is the story of most of us who tend to feel jute mute spectators towards the things happening in front of us.


Mingle with locals

It is always best to make friends fast with locals if you want to save money solo travel, and we should enquire them about the best places to visit, eat food, go for shopping etc. Yes, your knowledge of local language can come to handy, in such a situation.


Prefer family packages

Do you want to save up money for travel while going with family? If yes, then ensure that you prefer family packages over others. Yes, they have deals to save your money.


Try off season for travelling

Usually, in the peak season, the rates are so sky high, that you tend to feel duped but you know yourself about the awesomeness as this one of the sure cut save money traveling tips in the off peak season where from transport fair, to hotel charges etc become quite low much to your happiness.


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Make use of WiFi

Yes, now a days most of the places have this facility and don’t forget to use it.


Go Street and local shopping


One of the best ways to save money whilst travelling as a tourist is to go for street shopping. These markets are abundant with ethnic products available at quite a cheap price, not to miss.


Prefer complete packages

Another one of the tips to save money when travelling is to prefer complete packages for saving a lot of your hard earned money during your journey.


Expensive markets should be avoided

Ways to save money when travelling in your thought process as well. Mostly areas during airports, railway stations etc have comparable expensive products, so search and enquire from the locals about the best money saving markets.


Don’t be stubborn

If you are wondering best ways to save money travelling, then you should started thinking from a matured mind and that includes being flexible in your approach.


Ensure packing for dry foods in order to save money travelling


One of the best ways of understanding the actual meaning of how can I save money to go travelling is to pack dry foods for ensuring your own savings. Usually, the cravings which you experiencing in between lunch and dinner can be addressed, as it proves to be a save money travelling tip not to miss.

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Final thoughts

I am sure you would have got the answer as to how can I save money for travelling. Yes, this is the post which most of us will directly relate to. As somewhere down the line, we would have faced the situations during our journey where every single possible things which we can visualize, literally seem to ask for money from us, or in other words, we tend to feel that “Look, I have to try this favorite food or go to that sightseeing, try that dress, purchase this accessory, as I don’t know if ever I visit this favorite place again”. I hope, the post will help you in getting a positive outlook where you will start saving money from now on.

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Unlike various other Asian countries where local language is widely spoken, India is few countries where most of people can actually understand and speak English.

However, there are few hilarious local dialect used in terms of phrases which foreigners travelling in India should be aware from before, as they may not be able to understand

I will be giving you the meaning of the word with respect to what foreigners would have perceived it to be

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So, let’s take a look at some of the interesting English phrases which are basically “expressions” and have fun.



The most common word for college goers used these days which signifies to actually cut a part of class

Actual meaning of the expression

Skipping classes

What foreigners travelling to India perceived it?

There were couple of girls who thought it be an act of hitting someone. They actually visualized the gesture by holding their fist and showing the usual action of hand moving from up to downward in pursuit to hit someone.


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Trail Room

Actual meaning of the expression

Changing room

What foreigners travelling to India perceived it?


Some related it with a courtroom

Others termed it to the room where you take a girl inside



Loose Motion

Actual meaning of the expression


What foreigners travelling to India perceived it?

Many thought it to be having fun activity with your partner

Others said that “when you up to some kind of naughtiness on dance floor”

While still others assert and I quote “Any kind of dance move considering the word (motion) was involved”



Passed out

Actual meaning of the expression

Graduated from University

What foreigners travelling to India perceived it?

  • Tired to the core and lied down completely
  • When you are drunk and really too tired to think or do something, you pass out




Actual meaning of the expression

Eraser (which we use with pencil)

What foreigners travelling to India perceived it?



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Actual meaning of the expression


What foreigners travelling to India perceived it?

  • Some tried to relate the word with having good “biceps”
  • Others termed it as a “smart” or “handsome” person


Final thoughts

.I am sure all of us should have our share of hilarious moments and the post will be an eye opener for foreigners on one side as they would be dancing on floor with such degree of endless peculiarities which “some of the same words of English” can offer to foreigners travelling to India.

While Indians on the other hand may be surprised as well considering how come such words aren’t used likewise for foreigners back home. The reality is when we become habitual of using certain words; we never realize any degree of peculiarity as we are used to them right since ages. Isn’t it?

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  • Are you a person who can’t work 9 to 5 quite like a Government Job?
  • Are you looking for a career which is exciting, interesting and awesome with no limitation of a place?
  • Do you want to register growth in leaps and bounds?
  • Is it your desire to travel across the world by enhancing and cementing your career further?

If yes is your answer, then be happy, as career with travelling seems to be best bet for you. Yes, you can live life on your own terms, amidst new experiences, thought process which equally gives you chance to prosper unlike other traditional jobs where you literally tend to confine yourself throughout your whole life.

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As a result, I am coming up with top career options related with travelling to help you get started right away:-


If you are a Master or Ph.D. degree holder in archaeology or anthropology with relevant experience on field, then you can opt as an Archeologist with  different prevailing options from across the world where respective governments want to invite people to research. It is a well known fact that most of the countries of the world are on  a continuous research expedition with respect to recovering and preserving artifacts from past cultures and your knowledge, information, dedication and hard work will come to be quite handy towards enhancing and cementing your portfolio even as such career while travelling seems to be the best bet currently too.

Become a flight attendant

If you are looking for a career in travelling and tourism then a flight  attendant’s job is waiting right for you. Although, at times, the nature of work is  so erratic that you might feel its heat, but again having said that, you would love because it is not only a high paying job, but you literally get to visit hundreds of cities across the world with enough perks which include free or discounted flights for you and family as well.

Become a retail buyer

If you are into retail business like for instance manufacturing shirts, you would often need to travel  places for the basic reason of holding trade shows. This is done to actually identity industries and prevailing trends in order to chalk out decisions accordingly. So, travel the world by choosing travelling career paths as there are so many waiting for you.

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Athletic recruiters

Athletics are sent from their respective schools and colleges to across the world and if you “have been” into sports with relevant experience then career options related to travelling, quite like being that of Athletic recruiter is the best bet.  Obviously with rising popularity of sport across the world, that’s the best option which I find for you towards creating name, fame and money as well.

Au Pair

Another career related to travelling is to work as an  Au pair provided you are well  versed with second language where your duty would be baby sit by providing child care services along with helping the child do homework as well. Not only you feel a part of the family which gives so much of love and respect, but you are paid quite handsome, you meet new  people and learn so many things that life in itself becomes so easy, fun  and awesome as well. Now, you don’t have to Google down “which career requires travelling”, as Au Pair is waiting.

Travelling nurse

A travelling nurse career is the best option for you where you  can work and travel in different hospitals by switching from one place to another. It offers career break to go travelling with so many perks  associated in the form of travel, housing and other related benefits which will be covered. Of course you need to  have nursing degree with necessary practical experience  as well.

Construction managers

Construction manager is the career based on travelling which promises to visit different places with respect to the site you inspect and complete over a period of time. Although, it is a responsible job, but it comes with so many perks, importantly it is a high paying job. Considering the list of  hundreds of construction projects currently running across the world, you are sure to count on the career benefits of travelling right from the word “go”.

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Work on cruise line

Travelling career opportunities galore, literally. As you can impart your service in a cruise ship by experiencing the luxuries of the whole world with free accommodation and food. The duties as a shop clerk, restaurant manager or a server is only few career change travelling ideas as many more are waiting for you. Since some of the sites namely Cruise Line  Jobs are currently waiting to  employ hundreds of budding and talented individuals.

Become a photographer

A photographer meets new people, places and if he happens to be a wedding photographer, then I will add that he would taste favorite, delicious and mouth watering cuisines as well. You can easily make a career in travelling after 12th. You need little training along with high quality camera and a passion that you can actually present a visually captivating picture of  the world in style.

Become a ESL teacher

Traveling career list doesn’t seem to end as you can become an ESLteacher whose demands are  rising on daily basis. You can equally opt for the duty as a career break to go travelling and yes, you again get the chance of doing the things which you so dearly love and that includes meeting new people, trying different food, clothes. In short, you dip yourself totally with the culture of others.

Step into  the shoes as an event co-coordinator

Organizing trade shows and festivals on a large scale  require you to  be travelling every now and then. Since, this can give you an awesome option as a career which involves travelling around the world. You know  the local vendors even travel overseas for showcasing their  products not to miss.

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How about becoming an international guide

An international guide frequently visits  new places, people and areas which may even range from a small hamlet to the most  progressive city. Yes, it is all about doing your job to lead the tourists who are looking for knowledgeable, friendly and awesome guides to get them a sense of friendliness and closeness which you can actually give to them.  So, what’s stopping you to opt for this career in travelling industry?

Final thoughts

Finally, aforesaid are the careers involving travelling. They offer a much needed break for  sure.

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