Top 10 places to witness the romantic sunset

Do you know what’s the most beautiful and lovely part of day? Well, it stands out to be the evenings where sun seems to set down the ocean.
Don’t we get a sense of adrenalin rush, the moment we happen to look at beautiful sunsets?
Don’t you feel that such beautiful images which nature gives us, somewhere want us to realize that it is high time, we are actually destroying nature and we should at least stop?
Yes, the accompanying orange rays which at the time of setting sun is simply marvelous to say the least. So much so, that everyone similarly looks for this coveted time of the day till the sun sets and darkness spreads.

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beautiful colorful sunsets
beautiful colorful sunsets

Paris, France

When it comes to those places where you feel romance is in the air, then how can you overlook the city which has carved a niche for itself right as one of the beautiful sunsets around the world. Yes, I am talking about Paris and what a great way to be with your spouse amidst “Eiffel Tower” and feel free to further cement the bond of love together and write a new destiny of your life right from the place which is known as the “Best romantic place”. You can equally be a proud witness of so many couples exchanging vows and roaming around the picturesque beauty of the beautiful sun set in style. While it stands out to be the perfect bet for creating that hidden feeling and Paris can be a perfect place for your honeymoon destination as well.

beautiful sunsets photos
beautiful sunsets photos

Santorini, Greece

Europe is proud to have this place near the Aegean Sea. A popular holiday cum romantic destination, is also a perfect bet for honeymooners. Your eyes will simply be wide open after seeing the blue sky from the terrace


Moreton Island, Queensland

It is a popular island in Australia promises to make your evenings special. You happen to be at a greater advantage if you are watching the sun set at the beach where the cool breeze further enhances the time. As a traveler, I have never seen anyone keeping dull and or feeling bored. After all, there are only happy faced to reckon with as children can be seen enjoying to their hearts out and the elders are no far behind too. Quite like what you notice here.


Grand Canal, Venice, Italy

The beauty which can be best experienced is naturally something which is simply “outstanding”. So what if the whole days of yours has been hectic and you have been very busy with dullness occupying a better part of you, relish such a time, I am sure you get that “wow” feeling which is simply “awesome” to say the least by coming here in style.

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Queenstown & Mt Cook, Southern Alps, New Zealand

Can you get those orange rings which get formed in a linear motion? Well of course that’s a noteworthy feature worth considering which makes the sky so lovingly beautiful and picturesque. So much so, that even the best of photographers consider this time of day to be the best one, where rays of sun are slanting which brings the level of creativity on its own and as a result, it is the delight for the people with lens who often can be seen clicking the best of snaps right during the period. Come to New Zealand and visit the place to derive its awesomeness.

Zwei Skifahrer im letzten Licht auf einem Gipfel, Valle Nevado, Chile * Two skiers before sunset on a little peak, Valle Nevado, Chile

Santiago, Chile

You can between June to October and take advantage of ski season as well amidst witnessing the beautiful mountain sunsets. Even psychologists term to change your surroundings often in order to feel good about the bounties which nature has in store for you. So, tie your shoe laces and undertake an adventurous trip.


Colombo, Srilanka

Sunsets have that hidden magical sparks which refreshes and rejuvenates mind, body and soul further and bring us to a more thankful, peaceful and calmer where we don’t forget the nature for the gifts it has bestowed on us. So what’s stopping you to visit Galle Face Hotel and a spectacular sun set awaits you.


Santa Monica Pier, Los Angeles

You get beautiful sunsets over water which creates hype in your mind and you tend to be more chirpy, playful, lively and light from inside as you visit the place

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Parliament Hill, London

Do you know the obvious factor for people being under depression? Well, it is mostly that they seem to find comfort in things by limited themselves. Additionally, they bar themselves from gelling with people along with not being welcoming to the bounties which nature have to offer. Yes, that’s the most obvious trait of such people. Unfortunately, little do they realize the extent of awesomeness which is associated with being open to the beauty of nature which can be best experienced by being so close to it. So, come here and experience what I am actually talking about.


White Desert, Egypt

Usually, we end up creating a baggage of tensions when we least look for enjoyment. However, it is little actions like occupying yourself amidst the glory of what nature bestows on you, is something which lets you witness those beautiful sunsets on the beach, if you happen to live near anyway.

There have been so many beautiful beach sunsets which you will be awestruck to have a look. So, visit them as well, in order to feel happy and jubilant that the world is waiting for you to love nature all the more.

Top 16 travel scams of 2016 and How to Avoid them


Worldwide travel distributors scams

Scams are scary. They will literally scare the shit of you. They are the scariest thing to happen for travelers. After all, there are “suspecting” people everywhere.
Yes, and as a travel agent sending travelers across the world, I can vouch on the fact that scams can happen anywhere. So, better closely watch out for the innovative scams which these “un-suspecting” people have strategized to ask for money and you being a traveler often have to depart with money inspite of trying your level best “not to”. Yes, from being accidentally bumped by a person who will emotionally blackmail you for the broken spectacle, to people swapping notes right infront of you, to taxi drivers overcharging you. Well, I am compiling a list of the most common travel scams around the world, as it will make you conscious and careful for sure. So that you can better gear up, before facing any sort of similar scam in future. Since, you don’t face them often, so the post is an eye opener for you towards safeguarding yourself in future.

Direction seekers may be scammers

Do you know that even while sitting peacefully in a café and enjoying your delicious eatables isn’t without dangers. Yes, as one of the worldwide travel scams relate to  a “direction seeker” who will come to you to ask for a direction and soon he places the map on your table and when you are actually busy in telling him the address, he will implement his evil intentions of getting away with your wallet, watch, credit cards etc (lying on the table).

How to avoid

My idea of telling this prevalent scam is that be wary of such people who only have one thing in their mind and that is to steal your belongings. Hence, this is one of the travel scams to avoid.

Next time you counter someone asking for directions and if you happen to be in another country, simply be safer than sorry, just say “No”, you don’t know. Scammers usually target outsiders and as you happen to directly refuse them, they won’t gather courage to pressurize in asking you

Avoid putting things on your table in public places. That’s the general view as you don’t know when you actually forget picking things up after you move away.

Drivers or scammers (swapping notes)

Another one of the travel vacation scams happened in Mexico which related to the fact that drivers swap the notes so perfectly that we don’t suspect them asking for another 450 bucks as according to them you only gave them 50 and not a  note. You will be pressurized until you have to finally take out another note unwillingly.

How to avoid

Always keep small change and be confident towards “which note” you are actually giving.

Taxi drivers may mislead you

How about you have planned to visit a certain place on a specific day and the taxi driver tells you that it is closed? Well, don’t believe him easily. As travel scams in Thailand are nothing new where one of my clients was visiting a temple only to be told that it is closed but since she was already told by us about it, so she was adamant until she found out the truth, that it was actually open. Usually, temples open daily. So this how she was narrowly saved from another one of the world travel scams, since I had actually been to the place before. Usually the drivers look to take you elsewhere quite like expensive sightseeing’s which are quite far, so you basically have to pay far more for not only the rental service, but additional about visiting the specific sightseeing as well.

How to avoid travel agency scams Bangkok?

Ask about other travelers in your vicinity about the timing of sightseeings


No meter or mal-functioning meter

Do you know how do travel scams work? These scams are easy to be tried on those travelers who are unsuspecting towards the events waiting for them and locals who have already gained precision, simply work towards practically implementing their heinous acts. Yes, the over pricing meters are quite common incidents which has infact raised travel scams statistics to an all time high.

How to avoid

Don’t sit on the taxi with no meter

Most of the scams relating with taxi happen at airports, bus and railways stations along with those areas which are frequented by tourists. Try taking picture of the driver with their badge number as this trick usually works in instilling fear that they may even lose their job, if you complain about them to the concerned authorities.

People or I should use the word “scammer” bumping at you

Yes, talking about the travel scams from around the world, this one will certainly make you shudder which happened in New York. Yes, a person bumped at one of my clients who then saw his spectacle lying with a broken glass. Pat came the excuse that he has no good vision and it will be difficult for him to go to office next day. It just shows the level of travel scams New York. My client felt guilty and on being pressured she gave him 100$ for the “mistake” which according to the scammer, she committed. This travel America scam was quite an eye opener for me.

How to avoid

Your presence of mind works to your favor. People tend to avoid quarrelling with those who speak loudly or considering such scenarios you can “aggressively” deny them that “it is not your fault”. I know initially it is difficult but after knowing the prevalence of this incident, you will in all probability be quite aware about the way to save yourself from similar travel scams around the world.



Be wary of befriending locals under any request

Continuing with the list of travel scams and how to avoid them, this one happened in China with a client. A local person may request you to teach her few English words and if you agree to accompany them, then after gaining trust, they will actually teach you a lesson for allowing them (scammers) to be with you. Yes, finally after gaining your trust, they expect that you join them for a tea company where you are charged at an exorbitant rate just for tasting their local tea.

How to avoid

When you are in a foreign country, avoid being friendly with people. You have to be emotionally strong in saying “No” That’s the best mantra of avoid travel scams by country.

Shoe shiners or scammers?

Show shiners carrying boxes on their shoulders will brush past you, until you realize that their brush has fallen without their knowledge and as you show your courteous and friendly attitude of informing them about the fallen brush, then they will “dupe” you? They will persuade you to allow them “shine” your shoes and they will charge 4 times the actual cost. It is indeed travel award scam.

How to avoid

It is the extent of stage of travel scams abroad which have created challenges for people towards understanding the right person from wrong one. The best thing is to be safe than sorry and that also includes not reminding them, especially if you a traveler in an unknown country and that also includes if you happen to see a wallet lying and you only wanted to draw the attention of the passersby in reminding them about whose wallet is that”, but simply overlook it. Since, you never know when the scammer may blame you for being a thief. Isn’t it?

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Pick Pocketers

Pickpockets do their job irrespective of whether the place is jam packed or deserted. Mind you, they are so artfully proficient in their acts that you can’t even get the slightest of notion, and by the time you realize it is already too late. Quite a travel and escape scam, they will run away and you will be like “Oh My God”.

How to avoid

Stitch a pocket right under you shirt for the obvious reason that even the best of skilled person or scammer can’t insert his hand inside. This is one of the travel scams in India, but it is no country specific, in today’s age.

Gold ring scam

Another one of the travel discount scams happened with me was when a seemingly unsuspecting person came to me with a Gold ring (which he claimed it to be) and he was actually giving at a discounted rate. There were at least 3- 4people who actually came before him failing to convince me enough.

How to avoid

When things are too good to be true, then they probably are, as this is one of the travel scams Asia. So, avoid falling in the trap of nefarious people and only put your mind to work.

“Donate” for “flower” scam

Another one of the travel business scam might happen to you anywhere in the world where a lady simply hands you a beautiful flower or pin the flag in your shirt to demand for the money which she claims will be going for charity. Yes, don’t fall prey to it as it simply remains to be travel coordinator scams which is devoid of any solid grounds.

How to avoid

Although it is difficult to avoid, yet it is not impossible. Take for my word, whenever a local approaches you for anything just simply overlook or ignore. Or else, if you are too rich, then you are free to get scammed, but don’t blame me later.

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Scammer under the garb of checking your note

What will be your state of mind when you see that the shopkeeper to whom you are supposed to pay for buying a product is closely examining your note?
Well, you will surely be angry, more so as it is a note which you just got out from the ATM in Spain. Hence, a client who was naturally quite aware about the situation demanded her money back and she loudly asked for it, by drawing the attention of passersby, thereby leaving the shopkeeper embarrassed obviously.

How to Avoid

Because, there are situations when your aggressive and assertive nature becomes a pivotal role towards helping you get out of the situation.  If the client would have succumbed to the situation, then I am sure, the owner of the shop would have exchanged the note with a fake one. So, one of the travel scams Spain relate to the fact that you never know when people starts questioning about it. It is another travel scams stories which you should share with others.

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Petitioners or scammers

You never know when you are approached by a lady whom she claims to be from a blind society and she request you to sign a petition for the betterment of blind people and then telling her that it costs money. Well, be wary that most of such petitions are run by scammers who have no relevance and are only out towards duping honest travellers like you. This is actually a travel brochure scam where everything seems to be written in “fake “paper. Yes, as you happen to enquire, then you get to know that none of such societies or organizations exist in any manner.

How to avoid

Scammers know about how easy it has come to play with the emotions of people and  as a result, if you don’t want to feel cheated, then avoid them in the first case, overlook their talks, discussions and give a damn towards what they say and do. Simply, pass from the area without paying any attention. That’s the best you can do to avoid holiday travel scams in style. You should walk with authority as this is the best way to give them a signal that you know where you are heading.

There are increasing number of scams currently happening across the world be it travel agency scams, travel booking scams, travel club scams free cruise. If you have been an unfortunate one to get into such scams, then be thankful that you have actually got to know so many others which will broaden your horizon towards keeping a close watch on the activities happening in your surroundings in your next trip.

Beggars or scammers

Even beggars are coming up with innovative tricks to scam you of money.

How to Avoid

Always go  straight to get help from officials  in uniform whether it is about going in a cab, completing formalities of a visa etc. Yeah, no matter how  much you are persuaded, yet be wary of such  people who are actually scammers. There are  always police officials in any country of the world you go, to address your concerns and help you feel safer as well. As this another way to save yourself from e tours and travel scams.

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Guide under the guise of a scammer

Don’t be surprised if a scammer under the guise of a “guide” tell you that you can’t click  pictures of a certain area (which he claimed to be restricted) and  demand you to pay an amount for allowing you to click photos  as such sort of travel agency scams Philippines are quite prominent.

How to avoid

Well, one thing is clear that there seem to be endless travel scams but if you are confident in yourself and know what you are doing, then things become easy.

Playing emotional card in length by scammers

The worst of scams are often on the name of charity for helping blind, deaf, and needy and children. Yes, these are the most prevalent categories in the world where tourists who are basically outsiders are emotionally blackmailed and they have little choice than to waste “big” part of money. Yes, another scam which came to light in Cambodia where the “friendly guide” asked the tourist to visit a certain school being run for the poor children and on reaching there, the guide asked to donate 60$, yes that’s huge and on refusing, you often tend to feel bad plus the never ending pressure from the guide give us little choice but to succumb to the pressure. Well, now you will be able to better assist yourself into creating an emotionally strong behavior for yourself by assertively refusing to any of such advancements.

Similar to the lines of playing with emotions of people, you can even get people in distress saying that their mother has died or they have lost their only son, so on and so forth. What they say? Is because, they want you to comfort them. These are indeed quite confident scams, where they expect you to be with them during such an hour of distress. Smartly, they will take you to an eatery or restaurant where you are supposed to order meals and the bill which is presented turns out to be 5 times more. After all, these scammers have their commission with the specific hotel. Such sort of travel scams in Cuba tops the chart anyhow.

How to avoid

Be  onfident and bold and don’t show them that you are in a confused state as this is the mantra for safeguarding yourself.

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Service provider or scammer

Well, while passing through the street of the guest country, if you encounter a lady who wants to get a tattoo for you, then beware. You have the right to ask for “excuse” as this is the mechanism to defend yourself.  Talking about such scammers, a shoe shiner can ask for an exorbitant amount, so it is better to refuse the service and they can become persistent anyhow.

How to avoid

Be wary of such people who are scammers and you have to end up paying much more than the actual amount.

Final thoughts

My idea of presenting the above post is to ensure that these travel scams 2016 shouldn’t happen to you in future. You have to be mindful and careful about your next move and as you take care about yourself by keeping a good memory of all the latest travel scams you have come across, I am sure you trip will be enjoyable, awesome and hassle free as well. Now, you don’t want to do research on travelling scams as this post is quite a complete one on its own, where it is actually advisable to be “wary” of people who are near you. Most of the scammers will simply run away as they don’t want to land themselves in trouble. Let’s not forget every specific country safeguards the interests of outsiders like you, provided that you raise your voice towards drawing the attention of outsiders and if the other person is pressurizing you or is physical, then you know you should boldly draw the attention of others to help yourself. Now, you won’t be missing out on the actual fun-filled and genuine emotions where you can actually enthrall yourself in new surroundings. The idea behind the whole post is to help you spot such scams easily and I am sure you eventually will.


Top 10 safety tips for travelling alone


‘Empowering’, ‘Exciting’, ‘Deeply morale boosting’ and ‘freeing’ are some of the “adjectives” best used by women folks who have travelled alone and are actually doing so frequently as well.


  • Do you want to be closer to the richness and inherent diversity of your favorite country or place?


  • Do you want to indulge in doing something which is full of fun and craze?


  • Do you want to simply forget anything and everything just by doing the things which you haven’t done before?


  • Do you love yourself and want to indulge in some of the fun filled times where you can potentially find the best company “in you” as you don’t have to depend on others?


  • Are you actually looking for the times, when you are the masters of yourself where you want to do things according at your own “will” right from getting up in the morning to doing things till going bed?


If yes, is your answer, then gear up for some of the most interesting, awesome and lovely times of your life through top 10 safety tips for travelling alone


Here, I am discussing few of the important reasons for travelling solo which you will eventually start loving:-


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Usually, a solo trip for women results when group of friends doesn’t join you at the eleventh hour and you so much want to travel in the weekend that you eventually show your determination to finally move out to travel.


You may have to encounter few of the precautions where you shouldn’t roam at late nights etc. But be brave and confident and I am sure you will easily find yourself going with the flow.

Travel by yourself woman

Initially, travelling alone in a plane, train or bus will result in few inconvenience and you might ask yourself, “What have I really got myself into”, but it is worth it, believe me, the following post is all about giving you “wow” moments as  it is time for you to follow top travel tips for international travel.

Research the place you are going to visit by following top 10 tips for traveling in India

You should ask yourself following queries:-

  • What is the preferred mode of travel?
  • Things to avoid for single woman travel India
  • What is the review of the hotel you are going to stay?
  • What are the best sightseeing you should undertake?
  • Any kind of adventure sports you are planning for yourself?

How much of finance the top 10 travel tips India will eventually turn out to be?

 While packing, make sure you have your fist aid kit, passport and visa handy (for foreign travelers), maps of the areas visiting, mobile, camera and laptop charger (if you are carrying laptop too), extension wire, battery if possible, vitamin medicines, pain killers and of course your loose fitting clothes for ease, safe and hassle free travelling.


Top tips for travel clearly expects that valuables should be the closest to you

It is the little things such as medication, credit cards, jewelry, smartphone etc which may create a big hurdle for you, so have them all by yourself and not in a general backpack. In short, if you don’t love them, then probably others will start loving these valuable goods of yours.

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Leave the valuable at hotel before going at every single damn place

As you follow top 10 travel packing tips, it is important for you to ask yourself as to Why you would want to take your belongings every single damn place you go ?

Why do you want to land yourself in trouble if in the event your belongings may get misplaced or stolen? So keep them in the safe confines of your hotel room and only take them when you finally set of for your final destination from the city as part of top travel tips for international travel.


Don’t give in to the temptation of trusting people easily

Don’t trust people to guard your expensive electronic items just because you go for loo or for errands. Well, it is always easy to mix with likeminded people and you never know when they have actually become your friends for life. However, it doesn’t always happen likewise. You should give yourself time and space for taking things forward and don’t let yourself into believing people easily as well.


Don’t compromise on safety, even if that means taking extra precautions

Yes, here if you are a travel by yourself woman, then I would request you to take precautions like hiring a cab directly at night from the airport, and not wait for the usual mode of transport. As part of top travel tips India, it also means that you should gear up with utmost safety precautions while indulging in some of the crazy sports and even if that means, you have to spend a bit more towards opting for safety mechanism.


Another important top 10 travel safety tip is that you should have contact numbers of your close ones handy, write them in a piece of paper. Obviously you would have saved them in your phone book as well.


Refrain from posting on social media sites if you want to travel alone young woman for the obvious reason that you don’t want the world to know, that you are alone during your trip.


If you live alone in your home and gets the supplies of milk, newspapers etc, then it is better to excuse them for the  specific days, rather than inviting the suspecting onlookers with piles of newspapers in the gate of your house. This is indeed one of the top tips for international travel which people strictly adhere and recommend as well. Keep woman travel book handy towards getting to know the place further right from before as well.


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Top benefits to travel alone

  • Amongst the Top10 tips for travelling alone is that it gives you such a morale booster where you obviously have to chat with so many different people like bus operator, train or at plain counters, or hotel staff etc that you tend to gain motivation, confidence.


  • You tend to shed your inhibitions and stop thinking on the lines “What would others say”?



  • You feel that you really don’t need any other person while experiencing the joy and beauty of nature


  • Your friends, acquaintance or family members have the least idea as to “where I am” and it is this awesome thought which makes your time even more exciting as you are your own “decision maker”.



  • You should know that people are actually more helpful, gentle and courteous than you can possibly imagine and seeing such beautiful and kind hearted people, you indeed feel how beautiful and lovely, life actually is.


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Final thoughts

There are so many activities which happen to you that you really feel at peace and that you know you are lucky few towards cherishing every passing second. Your messy hair, dull faces or tired hands may result due to visiting the sightseeing, but from inside, you know how refreshing, rejuvenating, exciting and lively, the whole experience has actually been to you.

Top 11 money making tips while travelling the world


Travelling is an art which gives a heaven like experience provided we are smart and cunning, but most of the time, it breaks our banks which eventually result in “breaking our heart” and we end up feeling “OMG”. Yes, our happiness turns into sorrow after the end of trip, when we see huge outstanding of bills, which we have to clear over a due course of time.

However, now consider a situation, when your travelling experience can actually help you to earn money rather than spending? Well, your instant reply would be, “Are you joking”. No, I am not. I am actually seriously going to present a researched and practically implemented article on How to make money while travelling the world where you will earn fortunes even by marveling the sights, people, and food to the core.

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Let’s take a look at the ways to make money travelling the world:-


Become a photographer

This is the time for you to practically make better use of photography skills

  • Have you mostly been praised because of your precision towards taking snaps which others marvel?
  • Do you have that hidden trait of taking some of the best images which others praise?
  • Do you want to make money travelling the world?

Now, a big question is how to make money travel photography? Well, before I answer, I want to ask you, do you know that a beautiful, captivating, awesome, mind-blowing, and noteworthy pictures sells for big money? Yes, there is no shortage of sites namely iStock, Getty and Fotolia who are waiting for the skilled photographers like you to buy such snaps and if you think that your pictures have that hidden charisma, I am sure you are going to make money from travel photos.


Teach English

Well, a million dollar query of how to make money during travelling has such an easy answer in the form of “Teaching English”. Yes, and you don’t have to be a native speaker. In the recent years, there has been an increasing need for English trainers and as you possess such a skill, then I can bet you can make money travelling India or for that matter anywhere. The demand of English teachers is so much, that you can readily  be placed much to you joy and surprise and you feel like,  now it is the perfect time to travel while you teach and make money as well.


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Do a full time job

You know that you are travelling where you will be staying atleast for a couple of months, So why don’t you do a full time job and feel that refreshing and positive vibe by working amongst new people, new surroundings etc.



  • Can you make money travel blogging?
  • Can I make money writing travel articles

Yes, I get so many queries of it and my answer is the emphatic “YES”. People you meet, places you visit, food that you taste and try, adventure sites you visit can be the best reason for you to try creating a travel blog. “As you take care about the interest of people”, they would love to read things which make them curious and that entails about visiting a new country and associated charisma. So why don’t  you start with a blog  and start writing about “Top 10 places to visit… or so”. Yes, there are so many unique and captivating things , thereby you can make money writing travel blog. Well, it  is an added advantage if you already have a running blog . Now, there is no point  to  guess, that you can make money as travel writer. You can also invite sponsored content on your blog as this is probably one of the best ways to make money through travel blog. You can easily get paid ads for your blog too.

Do you know there are different organizations who are actually looking for sponsored ads? Well,  blogging can actually help you make money online whilst travelling by boosting your income. Well, it  may not actually  prove to be a primary source of income though.

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You can make money from travel videos by posting them on YouTube. Do you know that there are abundant of videos which people have uploaded on YouTube just during and  after travelling the world? These “make money videos” actually create a source of great curiosity for people. Yes, it has a great possible aura and charisma that no amount of justification can be done towards not uploading the videos.

Yes, I am damn sure and yes you can make money writing travel reviews on YouTube for  people, by “writing” I mean, you can obviously “speak” to share about your experiences. You can  also help beautiful and sweet people to know about  the best  of experiences you had, during the journey, in the terms of the following:-

  • What are the things which compel you to come again and visit  the specific place?
  • What are the best sightseeings, eateries? etc

Above all, you can share “how do I make money while travelling” and how you can too, through such videos which  have possibly the greatest and maximum reach.


Work in a hospitality / tour industry

If your areas of interest have always been to travel and meet new people in order to address their needs and likings, then you can work for  the time to  make money in travel. The nature of such services will actually help to  meet and travel  new places much to your joy as well. You can  also  make money selling travel packages.


Volunteer yourself

Volunteering is an art which helps people and you get the smiles after seeing their happy faces as well. So, while  travelling you can know such requirements from organizations who need people for assisting others and they will keep your interest in mind, nonetheless as well. That includes getting free accommodation, who knows? As the saying goes, “money saved is money” So, you actually make money living abroad. Isn’t it?


Impart your services as a model

Who knows that you can act in ads, provided you have a photogenic faces  and an art of carrying yourself in front of camera?

Yes, there are many ad agencies who look for new faces and you can get assignments and you can make money while travelling.


Become a tour guide

Yes, do you know that you can make money travel agent?. Yes, of course you just need to get familiar about the route and act as a guide for the specific area. Hope you get to know how to make money travel agent. It is a seemingly sure cut option to make quick bucks in style, which you should try and I am sure as you work hard, success will be all yours  too.


Open an EBay store

Most of us while travelling, get in touch with exotic products which help  you attain that “Wow” feel. Now, considering the list of products which surprise you, I am sure others will equally be mesmerized. So, why don’t you open an EBay store and sell those products online. I bet you can make money travel business in style. As like you, others will equally be looking forward for the cost effective products which are specialties of different areas of the world you visit. Isn’t it?

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Affiliate marketing

You can equally make money with hotel travel and holiday booking website affiliates as it is a great way to make money from blogging. Yes, all you have to do is to promote the products and by registering sales from your link, you get commission. Isn’t it great?


Finally, this is how you can make money travelling. I hope the article will help you as these are some of the practically implemented tips to boost your income.

Busted: Top 17 myths about India

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Busted: Top 17 myths about India

“We are finally in India”, “Wow”, yes that’s the most obvious reaction from people visiting culturally and traditionally rich country such as India from across the world which equally boasts of safe and systematic stay.


Why foreigners visit India?

India offers quite a promising time for both solo travelers and those who travel with families. Indians follow “Atiti Devo Bhava” which means that we consider guests to be equivalent to God.

There were roughly 8.02 million foreign tourist arrivals in India 2015 which registered a growth rate of 4.4%, as compared to 7.68 million in 2014 which saw an increase of 10.2% over 2013.

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How many foreigners visit India every year?

Well, with regards to above example of continuous growth, we can very well come to the conclusion about the continuous increase in the strength of foreigners and the above statistic can precisely help you towards the basic query of how many tourists visit India each year.

We can better get to know about the about it through India tourist map

India Tourist Map
India Tourist Map

A beautiful country with its authentic and peculiar “color”, “sound”, “noise”, and “smell” are usually the four most obvious mesmerizing traits best expressed by foreigners in Indian context. The old part of the cities has some of the most magnificent, traditionally rich sightseeings quite like Taj Mahal” being “One of the seven wonders of the world” or other monuments with traditional significance such as “Jama Masjid”, Qutub Minar, Lotus Temple etc

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Significance of tourism in India

Well, tourism enhances the economy of the country by equally giving employment to people. After all, foreign tourists visiting India are beneficial to our economy for the same reason

Now, I am coming up with the following 19 myths which foreigners usually have in Indian context

    1. Indians only know one language which is Hindi, but that’s not true. English is one of the official languages and is actually the main language which connects people from across the country.


    1. Indians are somewhat of the same color. However the reality is that we are so different, in terms of what we eat, how we look with respect to different geographical locations. Hence, it becomes only a myth that all Indians are brown but in reality it actually varies as you start moving from one place to another. Skin color varies from one region to another as we have different shades of color relating with brown, white, olive etc and apparently, people of specific regions differ in shapes and sizes as well.


    1. Indian is a hot country, but in reality it has different possible geographical landscapes. From great mountain ranges of Himalayas, to sunny beaches which you can see in west or south, to deserts and rain forests in east. Of course, vegetation along with flaura and fauna is something which is so diversed that you will actually see it to believe.


    1. India is well connected with different modes of transportation, like air, land and sea but you need to do prior booking to get the same seat at reasonably cheap price. However, if you look at the last hour, you might have to unnecessary pay more than double as well.


    1. The “Bindi” which is also referred as Kumkum is actually the tattoo on the forehead of women. Well, these bindis are actually the traditional face of women


    1. India has far greater number of Gods that the total number of people put together. It is only a myth. Isn’t it?


    1. Taxi Drivers and software professionals are only 2 occupations known in India. Well, we know reality is something else.


    1. Every Indian is a vegetarian. What to say, well we all have our own preferences


    1. Cows, buffaloes, horse carts and snakes can be found everywhere. But we know it is not.


    1. India is full of call centers everywhere, but it has actually emerged as the super power.


    1. All Indian food is spicy, but little do we realize, that based on the geographical locations and boundaries, the different level of spice varies in food. This is another myth about Indian food which is busted now


    1. India only has forts and temples, but we do have wildlife with beaches, deserts and sand as well.
    Foreigners wearing saree
    Foreigners wearing saree


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    1. Another notion which non Indian have is that all Indian women wear sarees, but that’s actually not fully true, there are majority of younger women who wear western wear as well apart from another traditional wear namely “Salwar suits”. Another myth about Indian culture which has no relevance or reality.


    1. Foreigners may have the belief that everyone in India knows Yoga, although it is a “must to know” exercise, but again, it is not true that everyone is familiar with it, as there are other health related exercises which are practiced too. They may have this myth but there is no point of guessing about what foreigners like about India such as its people, culture, traditions and above all different tourist place not to forget.


    1. It is hard to get in touch with Non Indian foods. Well, there is no reality especially as of now, with India fast developing as a super power with various multinational companies have  actually opened their outlets and having the best of Non Indian cuisines is so easy with branded outlets at every nook and corner of the prominent cities.


    1. Most of non Indians are of the belief that everyone speaks Hindi in India, although you can say that majority of people do the same, but along with the same there are so many other languages which are spoken as well.


    1. While you visit India, you are more likely to be greeted by an India with “Namaste”, well that is actually not the case as these days people wish “Good Day, Namaste” etc without folding their hands. 

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    2. Tourism in India conclusion

      The post is doing its bit to help foreigners break the myths. Yes, considering their love and affection for the country, we as Indians feel blessed to welcome them time and again. The kind of excitement can be worth seen with them who don’t feel shy of using the word and I quote “Pregnant with human emotions”. Yes, their gleeful faces are the perfect testimony which authenticates how excited they are actually in witnessing the sightseeings which they have only seen in pictures or televisions up till now. There are so many foreigners settled in India with their families as well, over the years, only proves how well, the country sticks to welcoming guests for which Indian Actor Aamir Khan was once a part of campaign where he was seen persuading people to respect and welcome foreigners, by actually persuading people to contribute towards a cleaner India.


      I hope by reading the aforesaid post on myths about India, you are going to like the post, like the way I have enjoyed writing it as well.