Top 11 money making tips while travelling the world


Travelling is an art which gives a heaven like experience provided we are smart and cunning, but most of the time, it breaks our banks which eventually result in “breaking our heart” and we end up feeling “OMG”. Yes, our happiness turns into sorrow after the end of trip, when we see huge outstanding of bills, which we have to clear over a due course of time.

However, now consider a situation, when your travelling experience can actually help you to earn money rather than spending? Well, your instant reply would be, “Are you joking”. No, I am not. I am actually seriously going to present a researched and practically implemented article on How to make money while travelling the world where you will earn fortunes even by marveling the sights, people, and food to the core.

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Let’s take a look at the ways to make money travelling the world:-


Become a photographer

This is the time for you to practically make better use of photography skills

  • Have you mostly been praised because of your precision towards taking snaps which others marvel?
  • Do you have that hidden trait of taking some of the best images which others praise?
  • Do you want to make money travelling the world?

Now, a big question is how to make money travel photography? Well, before I answer, I want to ask you, do you know that a beautiful, captivating, awesome, mind-blowing, and noteworthy pictures sells for big money? Yes, there is no shortage of sites namely iStock, Getty and Fotolia who are waiting for the skilled photographers like you to buy such snaps and if you think that your pictures have that hidden charisma, I am sure you are going to make money from travel photos.


Teach English

Well, a million dollar query of how to make money during travelling has such an easy answer in the form of “Teaching English”. Yes, and you don’t have to be a native speaker. In the recent years, there has been an increasing need for English trainers and as you possess such a skill, then I can bet you can make money travelling India or for that matter anywhere. The demand of English teachers is so much, that you can readily  be placed much to you joy and surprise and you feel like,  now it is the perfect time to travel while you teach and make money as well.


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Do a full time job

You know that you are travelling where you will be staying atleast for a couple of months, So why don’t you do a full time job and feel that refreshing and positive vibe by working amongst new people, new surroundings etc.



  • Can you make money travel blogging?
  • Can I make money writing travel articles

Yes, I get so many queries of it and my answer is the emphatic “YES”. People you meet, places you visit, food that you taste and try, adventure sites you visit can be the best reason for you to try creating a travel blog. “As you take care about the interest of people”, they would love to read things which make them curious and that entails about visiting a new country and associated charisma. So why don’t  you start with a blog  and start writing about “Top 10 places to visit… or so”. Yes, there are so many unique and captivating things , thereby you can make money writing travel blog. Well, it  is an added advantage if you already have a running blog . Now, there is no point  to  guess, that you can make money as travel writer. You can also invite sponsored content on your blog as this is probably one of the best ways to make money through travel blog. You can easily get paid ads for your blog too.

Do you know there are different organizations who are actually looking for sponsored ads? Well,  blogging can actually help you make money online whilst travelling by boosting your income. Well, it  may not actually  prove to be a primary source of income though.

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You can make money from travel videos by posting them on YouTube. Do you know that there are abundant of videos which people have uploaded on YouTube just during and  after travelling the world? These “make money videos” actually create a source of great curiosity for people. Yes, it has a great possible aura and charisma that no amount of justification can be done towards not uploading the videos.

Yes, I am damn sure and yes you can make money writing travel reviews on YouTube for  people, by “writing” I mean, you can obviously “speak” to share about your experiences. You can  also help beautiful and sweet people to know about  the best  of experiences you had, during the journey, in the terms of the following:-

  • What are the things which compel you to come again and visit  the specific place?
  • What are the best sightseeings, eateries? etc

Above all, you can share “how do I make money while travelling” and how you can too, through such videos which  have possibly the greatest and maximum reach.


Work in a hospitality / tour industry

If your areas of interest have always been to travel and meet new people in order to address their needs and likings, then you can work for  the time to  make money in travel. The nature of such services will actually help to  meet and travel  new places much to your joy as well. You can  also  make money selling travel packages.


Volunteer yourself

Volunteering is an art which helps people and you get the smiles after seeing their happy faces as well. So, while  travelling you can know such requirements from organizations who need people for assisting others and they will keep your interest in mind, nonetheless as well. That includes getting free accommodation, who knows? As the saying goes, “money saved is money” So, you actually make money living abroad. Isn’t it?


Impart your services as a model

Who knows that you can act in ads, provided you have a photogenic faces  and an art of carrying yourself in front of camera?

Yes, there are many ad agencies who look for new faces and you can get assignments and you can make money while travelling.


Become a tour guide

Yes, do you know that you can make money travel agent?. Yes, of course you just need to get familiar about the route and act as a guide for the specific area. Hope you get to know how to make money travel agent. It is a seemingly sure cut option to make quick bucks in style, which you should try and I am sure as you work hard, success will be all yours  too.


Open an EBay store

Most of us while travelling, get in touch with exotic products which help  you attain that “Wow” feel. Now, considering the list of products which surprise you, I am sure others will equally be mesmerized. So, why don’t you open an EBay store and sell those products online. I bet you can make money travel business in style. As like you, others will equally be looking forward for the cost effective products which are specialties of different areas of the world you visit. Isn’t it?

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Affiliate marketing

You can equally make money with hotel travel and holiday booking website affiliates as it is a great way to make money from blogging. Yes, all you have to do is to promote the products and by registering sales from your link, you get commission. Isn’t it great?


Finally, this is how you can make money travelling. I hope the article will help you as these are some of the practically implemented tips to boost your income.

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