Top 10 safety tips for travelling alone


‘Empowering’, ‘Exciting’, ‘Deeply morale boosting’ and ‘freeing’ are some of the “adjectives” best used by women folks who have travelled alone and are actually doing so frequently as well.


  • Do you want to be closer to the richness and inherent diversity of your favorite country or place?


  • Do you want to indulge in doing something which is full of fun and craze?


  • Do you want to simply forget anything and everything just by doing the things which you haven’t done before?


  • Do you love yourself and want to indulge in some of the fun filled times where you can potentially find the best company “in you” as you don’t have to depend on others?


  • Are you actually looking for the times, when you are the masters of yourself where you want to do things according at your own “will” right from getting up in the morning to doing things till going bed?


If yes, is your answer, then gear up for some of the most interesting, awesome and lovely times of your life through top 10 safety tips for travelling alone


Here, I am discussing few of the important reasons for travelling solo which you will eventually start loving:-


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Usually, a solo trip for women results when group of friends doesn’t join you at the eleventh hour and you so much want to travel in the weekend that you eventually show your determination to finally move out to travel.


You may have to encounter few of the precautions where you shouldn’t roam at late nights etc. But be brave and confident and I am sure you will easily find yourself going with the flow.

Travel by yourself woman

Initially, travelling alone in a plane, train or bus will result in few inconvenience and you might ask yourself, “What have I really got myself into”, but it is worth it, believe me, the following post is all about giving you “wow” moments as  it is time for you to follow top travel tips for international travel.

Research the place you are going to visit by following top 10 tips for traveling in India

You should ask yourself following queries:-

  • What is the preferred mode of travel?
  • Things to avoid for single woman travel India
  • What is the review of the hotel you are going to stay?
  • What are the best sightseeing you should undertake?
  • Any kind of adventure sports you are planning for yourself?

How much of finance the top 10 travel tips India will eventually turn out to be?

 While packing, make sure you have your fist aid kit, passport and visa handy (for foreign travelers), maps of the areas visiting, mobile, camera and laptop charger (if you are carrying laptop too), extension wire, battery if possible, vitamin medicines, pain killers and of course your loose fitting clothes for ease, safe and hassle free travelling.


Top tips for travel clearly expects that valuables should be the closest to you

It is the little things such as medication, credit cards, jewelry, smartphone etc which may create a big hurdle for you, so have them all by yourself and not in a general backpack. In short, if you don’t love them, then probably others will start loving these valuable goods of yours.

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Leave the valuable at hotel before going at every single damn place

As you follow top 10 travel packing tips, it is important for you to ask yourself as to Why you would want to take your belongings every single damn place you go ?

Why do you want to land yourself in trouble if in the event your belongings may get misplaced or stolen? So keep them in the safe confines of your hotel room and only take them when you finally set of for your final destination from the city as part of top travel tips for international travel.


Don’t give in to the temptation of trusting people easily

Don’t trust people to guard your expensive electronic items just because you go for loo or for errands. Well, it is always easy to mix with likeminded people and you never know when they have actually become your friends for life. However, it doesn’t always happen likewise. You should give yourself time and space for taking things forward and don’t let yourself into believing people easily as well.


Don’t compromise on safety, even if that means taking extra precautions

Yes, here if you are a travel by yourself woman, then I would request you to take precautions like hiring a cab directly at night from the airport, and not wait for the usual mode of transport. As part of top travel tips India, it also means that you should gear up with utmost safety precautions while indulging in some of the crazy sports and even if that means, you have to spend a bit more towards opting for safety mechanism.


Another important top 10 travel safety tip is that you should have contact numbers of your close ones handy, write them in a piece of paper. Obviously you would have saved them in your phone book as well.


Refrain from posting on social media sites if you want to travel alone young woman for the obvious reason that you don’t want the world to know, that you are alone during your trip.


If you live alone in your home and gets the supplies of milk, newspapers etc, then it is better to excuse them for the  specific days, rather than inviting the suspecting onlookers with piles of newspapers in the gate of your house. This is indeed one of the top tips for international travel which people strictly adhere and recommend as well. Keep woman travel book handy towards getting to know the place further right from before as well.


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Top benefits to travel alone

  • Amongst the Top10 tips for travelling alone is that it gives you such a morale booster where you obviously have to chat with so many different people like bus operator, train or at plain counters, or hotel staff etc that you tend to gain motivation, confidence.


  • You tend to shed your inhibitions and stop thinking on the lines “What would others say”?



  • You feel that you really don’t need any other person while experiencing the joy and beauty of nature


  • Your friends, acquaintance or family members have the least idea as to “where I am” and it is this awesome thought which makes your time even more exciting as you are your own “decision maker”.



  • You should know that people are actually more helpful, gentle and courteous than you can possibly imagine and seeing such beautiful and kind hearted people, you indeed feel how beautiful and lovely, life actually is.


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Final thoughts

There are so many activities which happen to you that you really feel at peace and that you know you are lucky few towards cherishing every passing second. Your messy hair, dull faces or tired hands may result due to visiting the sightseeing, but from inside, you know how refreshing, rejuvenating, exciting and lively, the whole experience has actually been to you.

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