Top 10 places to witness the romantic sunset

Do you know what’s the most beautiful and lovely part of day? Well, it stands out to be the evenings where sun seems to set down the ocean.
Don’t we get a sense of adrenalin rush, the moment we happen to look at beautiful sunsets?
Don’t you feel that such beautiful images which nature gives us, somewhere want us to realize that it is high time, we are actually destroying nature and we should at least stop?
Yes, the accompanying orange rays which at the time of setting sun is simply marvelous to say the least. So much so, that everyone similarly looks for this coveted time of the day till the sun sets and darkness spreads.

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beautiful colorful sunsets
beautiful colorful sunsets

Paris, France

When it comes to those places where you feel romance is in the air, then how can you overlook the city which has carved a niche for itself right as one of the beautiful sunsets around the world. Yes, I am talking about Paris and what a great way to be with your spouse amidst “Eiffel Tower” and feel free to further cement the bond of love together and write a new destiny of your life right from the place which is known as the “Best romantic place”. You can equally be a proud witness of so many couples exchanging vows and roaming around the picturesque beauty of the beautiful sun set in style. While it stands out to be the perfect bet for creating that hidden feeling and Paris can be a perfect place for your honeymoon destination as well.

beautiful sunsets photos
beautiful sunsets photos

Santorini, Greece

Europe is proud to have this place near the Aegean Sea. A popular holiday cum romantic destination, is also a perfect bet for honeymooners. Your eyes will simply be wide open after seeing the blue sky from the terrace


Moreton Island, Queensland

It is a popular island in Australia promises to make your evenings special. You happen to be at a greater advantage if you are watching the sun set at the beach where the cool breeze further enhances the time. As a traveler, I have never seen anyone keeping dull and or feeling bored. After all, there are only happy faced to reckon with as children can be seen enjoying to their hearts out and the elders are no far behind too. Quite like what you notice here.


Grand Canal, Venice, Italy

The beauty which can be best experienced is naturally something which is simply “outstanding”. So what if the whole days of yours has been hectic and you have been very busy with dullness occupying a better part of you, relish such a time, I am sure you get that “wow” feeling which is simply “awesome” to say the least by coming here in style.

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Queenstown & Mt Cook, Southern Alps, New Zealand

Can you get those orange rings which get formed in a linear motion? Well of course that’s a noteworthy feature worth considering which makes the sky so lovingly beautiful and picturesque. So much so, that even the best of photographers consider this time of day to be the best one, where rays of sun are slanting which brings the level of creativity on its own and as a result, it is the delight for the people with lens who often can be seen clicking the best of snaps right during the period. Come to New Zealand and visit the place to derive its awesomeness.

Zwei Skifahrer im letzten Licht auf einem Gipfel, Valle Nevado, Chile * Two skiers before sunset on a little peak, Valle Nevado, Chile

Santiago, Chile

You can between June to October and take advantage of ski season as well amidst witnessing the beautiful mountain sunsets. Even psychologists term to change your surroundings often in order to feel good about the bounties which nature has in store for you. So, tie your shoe laces and undertake an adventurous trip.


Colombo, Srilanka

Sunsets have that hidden magical sparks which refreshes and rejuvenates mind, body and soul further and bring us to a more thankful, peaceful and calmer where we don’t forget the nature for the gifts it has bestowed on us. So what’s stopping you to visit Galle Face Hotel and a spectacular sun set awaits you.


Santa Monica Pier, Los Angeles

You get beautiful sunsets over water which creates hype in your mind and you tend to be more chirpy, playful, lively and light from inside as you visit the place

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Parliament Hill, London

Do you know the obvious factor for people being under depression? Well, it is mostly that they seem to find comfort in things by limited themselves. Additionally, they bar themselves from gelling with people along with not being welcoming to the bounties which nature have to offer. Yes, that’s the most obvious trait of such people. Unfortunately, little do they realize the extent of awesomeness which is associated with being open to the beauty of nature which can be best experienced by being so close to it. So, come here and experience what I am actually talking about.


White Desert, Egypt

Usually, we end up creating a baggage of tensions when we least look for enjoyment. However, it is little actions like occupying yourself amidst the glory of what nature bestows on you, is something which lets you witness those beautiful sunsets on the beach, if you happen to live near anyway.

There have been so many beautiful beach sunsets which you will be awestruck to have a look. So, visit them as well, in order to feel happy and jubilant that the world is waiting for you to love nature all the more.

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