Travel With toddlers: 14 Top Ways To entertain Kids On A Plane, Car or Train


Where else on earth a parent can be the bravest enough to easily go with their tiny tots on a journey?

Well, accompanying the kids could have been thought as a “strong” move on the parts of parents who knew the kind of times they might have to face eventually. Since, these are the same kids with whom going for a 5 minute grocery shopping can actually become a “living hell” or persuading them to sleep at night may bring so many inconveniences. Isn’t it?


Now, if you happen to project the same scenarios during the journey? Well, your fears, threats and danger will surely mount further and the very same thought of your kids indulging in the same naughtiness can simply be creating moments of chaotic experience and they will simply turn the best of times into “the most unforgetful, unpleasant or ugly phase”. However, don’t get disheartened, demoralized, sad or angry, there are tricks for traveling with a toddler on a plane checklist to make them occupied, busy or engaged.

Well, now the million dollar question of how to entertain a toddler on a plane isn’t so challenging or difficult. Yes, here I am specially coming up with the practical and researched post for parents to ensure the best of happiness for the kids, (since they also deserve those special moments) and being a parent it is your duty to give them the best of things. Since, a kid’s phase is also regarded to be the times of naughtiness, which should be cared for and not “overlooked”. Since, you are a parent, and you better know how to nourish and care for them. Isn’t it?

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Hence, following are the travel games for kids on a plane to take care about for your little, cute, naughty and fickle minded kid:-

Toddlers may “switch on and off” certain things

Well, you have to devise at least 10 activities for a 3 hour journey with the travel toys for toddlers on airplanes. Yes, since, toddlers can get into attention mode easily and likewise, they may not like certain game after few minutes. It is this fickle minds which you have to take care about. You can keep them entertained by occupying their minds during landing or taking off airplanes, or through their favorite magazines, games in the mobile, or serve them their favorite snacks. If you are lucky, they may soon go to sleep much to your cheer.

Downloading kids’ app and games prove to be handy

You can download kids games, animations etc as part of how to entertain a toddler on a plane. Through your innovative and creative mind, you can keep your kids busy. It depends on the particular mode you have chosen to travel. For example, on an automobile, if you are looking for travel games for kids in the car, you can surely indulge in those toys which create lots of noise without thinking twice). However, if you are in plane, then you have to better keep the interest of your fellow passengers without making use of shrill toys.

Play phone

You have travel toys for toddlers on airplanes where you can arrange an “old” play phone for your kids so that they can busy themselves. Yes, kids love to pretend calling the numbers and talking on the phones and such a piece of technology actually becomes quite a perfect way to make them busy while you relish the time worth being spent on your journey. You can use your old phones for the purpose and there is absolutely no investment required as well.


Toddlers love to listen and see songs with lots of gestures or hand movements. Yes, they simply enjoy by visualizing themselves, that they are actually doing the same for themselves. They would love to enact the same too. It is such a practice which keeps them busy. Seeing them engaged makes you happy and blessed as well while traveling with a toddler on a plane checklist. As parents, you should also involve yourself in helping them engage with the activities which they love. I am sure; you can easily take out time during journey.

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If you want to know how to entertain a toddler on a plane, then it is very easy. Well, you would be knowing that possibly the best time for children are spent in the presence of chocolates. Yes, the kind of smiles which they get by holding them is something which no happiness in the world can actually substitute them. Yes, have lots of them which you can surely use as bait for ensuring happiness at regular intervals. Yes, they would surely be looking forward to like each and every single moments, if they happen to get chocolates especially lollypop. The craze of chocolates is so much that it can even potentially water the mouth of elders, so one can only imagine the extent of craze and importance it holds for the kids.

Scare them from the police

Do you know the most obvious method we adopt for making children in the best of behavior? Well, we often tend to use the imaginary “ghost” or “policemen” who may come at anytime looking for badly behaved children. Yes, that’s exactly you should adopt with regards to how to entertain a toddler on a plane that is by somewhat “scaring” them mildly. Since, you kids are most likely to listen to you and you can see a changed person in him too. The trick works in various situations and it will be the best bet here as well. This will prevent kids to indulge in lots of naughtiness which they usually tend to, especially while visiting new places, surrounding etc. They may be moving on the aisle or making noises for the inconveniences of other passengers. Hence, adopt such a method.



Bring dry fruits

Dry Fruits also act as a great reprieve for children who often have to travel long hours and due to putting lots of energy, they may feel hungry occasionally. This is where, food which you have accompanied with you, acts as the best solution to give them enough reprieve. Besides dry fruits, you can have strawberries and sweets which can be given at regular intervals. The nature of such fruit is so, where you don’t have to worry about their limited life, so they can be served for hours together while you continue to enjoy feeding your kids for days.

Accompany a pillow with you

Book a window seat for your kids. However, here the pillow which you accompany will help them get a better grip. Yes, children may prefer to sit on the pillow for having a better view of outside as it comes handy. This gives them a better view of not only surroundings but also keeps them engaged with the surroundings. Similarly, pillow has the psychological effect to let them sleep them peacefully. Let’s not forget that children usually tend to sleep at regular intervals especially during long and tiring times of journey where pillows simply comfort them get better sound sleep as well.

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Card games

How about the sight of card games which can keep your toddler busy for hours as part of travel games for kids on a plane ? Yes, there are so many games out there in today’s world which are specifically meant keeping in mind the psychological aspect of children and they can act as the perfect substitute towards generating their interest in terms of Slapjack, Old Maid, Go Fish, Uno etc. Yes, love to pass their time enjoying to the core, and seeing them happy will eventually make you happy as well. Yes, most of the times, kids resort to naughtiness is during the time when they have nothing to do. They want your attention, so what’s better if you can actually make them busy where they don’t even dare to think anything else. Through this activity they can be seen engaged for sure.

Get a tablet

Amongst the travel games for toddlers , the sight of a tablet with the most awesome and electrifying games might just do the trick for you. Download the best ones according to the interest of your kids and you will see them enjoying every second as well. Kids, can potentially be seen engrossed in playing the games for hours and anything else least matters for them. So, what’s stopping you to give them the things which they dearly love?

Colors and more of them

Children and color goes hand in hand where “these colors” equally act as travel toys for toddlers on airplanes. They may make a mess out of it, but having said that they can be seen enjoying for hours in their own little world and such a captivating sight is enough for them to make them pass the time with lots of fan fare which indeed works for their overall behavioral aspect. They tend to feel more at ease and have a positive outlook for the world too. It is probably one of The Best Activities and Games to Play in the airplane


How about indulging the kids with the favorite puzzles which they would actually love as part of travel games for kids on a plane ? Yes, puzzles enhance the thinking power of their brain and more you would let them indulge in this aspect, better it would be for their overall behavioral aspect as well. Quite like Popsicle sticks puzzles, which are actually so easy for the children to make, that it will at once help them generate interest which they will enjoy to the core.

Peg Games

When there is a talk of children, how can peg games be far behind as part of travel toys for toddlers on airplanes ? Well, yes, it is this awesome way of binding the attention of your kids, where these games will actually come to their rescue. So, have them from Amazon and feel the extra happiness coming your way.

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Paper, crayon and toy cars

How about drawing small infrastructure for your kids in terms of houses, roads and trees for your tiny tots to ply their car through the passage? Well, yes, this printable travel games for kids is actually quite interesting as it sounds and you can have a better grip over the activities for your kids. So it is not to miss for sure. It is quite an Easy way to keep kids happy and entertained

Tip to adhere for the parents

Usually, what happens when in pursuit to how to entertain a toddler on a plane we tend to familiarize them right with all the toys which we have accompanied for themselves right during few hours of the trip. Little do we realize that they may get bored during the whole onward journey. Hence, there is a need for you to regularly keep a check about their habits and give them a surprise as and when you feel that they should get. Boredom is something which kids often tend to face and hence during such a time, that you should present the new toys which you have actually purchased for them. This will pleasantly surprise them and seeing them splurging in such a lot of excitement, will infact make you proud as a parent of ensuring quite a lot of smiles on their faces as well. Yes, don’t overlook such an act since it is the best and ‘never’ just ‘never’ open all your cards for your kids who infact will get bored of things after few hours of your journey and you may feel like “Oh My God”. This can be done for parents to keep a separate rack of books, toys and games for travelling purpose.

Final thoughts

Although, keeping your kids entertained during the journey may come with its own set of challenges, but it is a sure thing that technology has actually has eased the operations for the parents who are finding innovative ways to ensure entertainment for kids through the aforesaid travel games for kids on a plane. Yes, the above post is an eye opener for the parents who were so “shocked” at the idea of accompanying their kids during the journey, but they will be changing their perception for the better. I hope taking inspiration by traveling with a toddler on a plane checklist; many more parents would be eagerly taking their kids to their journey. After all, they equally have the right to travel places and see the awesome, mind-blowing, captivating, beautiful, enchanting, and splendid places which nature is actually offering them.

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8 biggest cultural shocks of all times


The world is huge with so many different ways of living standards. Yes, people across the world live according to their own set of methodology which their specific traditions and culture have necessitated them. They have their unique life style regarding what they “wear” or “eat” likewise.  Hence, based on such an ideology, we all have our own shares and beliefs. However, we may have our differences as cultures which is often regarded as “culture shock”

Yes, it is something, which we have never expected or seen in our lives, which becomes as “shocking” for us, since we can’t relate to their practice. Hence, the following post is all about giving you a familiar angle to the prevalent degree of culture shocks which are happening across different countries of the world. Needless to say that a perfectly planned holiday may get jeopardized due to such shocks coming your way.

So those of you into travelling expedition may have gathered sufficient news about the country of travel, however, the real game begins when you happen to actually land there. Since, that’s the only way to be so close to their traditions and culture. Although, you may feel excited at first, yet when you happen to pass every second, then you feel a sense of fear, confusion or even nervousness. However, you shouldn’t worry. Culture is equally something which lets you feel a sense of belonging to new people and their traditions. Following are some important examples of cultural shock:-

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Cultural shock arising out of kissing

Yes, the most obvious way for people to greet each other in France is through kissing each other. Well, this practice is simply not just limited to France, but it is actually spread in various parts of the world. Yes, we would have been witness to the same as well. Well, it can be a “real” shock for many countries across the world like in many Muslim countries and also large pockets of India. One should avoid such a thing as a traveler who is into such countries of the world.

Culture Shock arising due to language

Although, English is a universal language, yet there are different countries across the world such as China or Japan, where you may not be able to find people familiar with the language. There you should brace up yourself towards learning the local language or at least few words to actually help yourself, esp. when it comes to ordering food, enquiring about certain direction etc. This will actually save you from the frustration which otherwise would be continuously built and you are like “Oh My God”. They have such a peculiar language, which you won’t be able to understand right at the face of it. During your travelling expedition, it is best to have a local guide with you who could better be able to manage things on your behalf, while you happen to feel happy and content regarding the local traditions and culture and importantly, list of “Do’s and Don’ts you should keep in mind as well.

Culture Shock arising due to food

The best thing is to not to be ignorant over the aspect and respect the sudden change of events, since it is actually their culture and everyone is comfortable and fine and you should as well.

Do you know that in south East Asia esp. in Thailand, people prefer having roasted rat with chicken?

Yes, hearing the “word” rat may make you uneasy and you may even head towards the loo to vomit, but look from their perspective. This is something which the locals are having for ages, and it is totally normal for them. What you shouldn’t do, is to make faces as others may not take well. Similarly, in France people have horse meat too.

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Cultural shock arising out of nudity

One of the cultural shocks from around the world relates to being nude in beaches. There are beaches in France which have certain areas marked as nudist for the beach lovers and you can see them enjoying without their clothes on. Yes, girls and women alike of all ages can be seen soaking themselves in the sun amidst the cool breeze of the sea. For first times, it would indeed be a total surprise, as to how, such things can actually happen, but sooner you realize about the practice. I am sure; many of you would be equally familiar about the prevalence of various such beaches across the world as well.

Cultural shock arising out of being fully clothed – Hijab

As it is said in the beginning, there are different cultures which prevail across the length and breadth of the world. Yes, hardly you would get to know the about the prevalence of beaches where women go nude, here is one more cultural shock, but this time it is of a different kind. Yes, I am taking you to a trip of Middle Eastern countries where it is a norm for women folks to be fully clothed. Yes, they have this covering from head to toe which is referred as Hijab. Yes, as a western, if you happen to see them, the sight won’t be devoid of shock. The sight of beautiful women with full attires and going out for their daily professional necessities is nothing new. So, culturally, you have seen two extreme phases of women with regards to their clothing in two different parts of the world as well.

Cultural shock arising out of not using toilet paper

If you thought that toilet paper is the only medium for you to use after relieving yourself, then think again. Yes, this piece of news may be shocking to you especially if you hail from U.S or any other western country, that there are people from Middle Eastern countries who use water to clean themselves. Yes, it is actually true. They are of the opinion that the paper easily smears, thus losing its properties, while you wipe the bum. So, they use hands and water to wipe it and they later wash their hands with soap water. There are various pockets in India and Africa as well who use this method for the obvious reason as they believe that it gives them a thorough experience of cleanliness which they are unable to experience by using toilet paper.

Cultural shock arising out of practicing strange celebrations

There are certain traditions where people harm themselves. Yes, here I am mostly concerned about them piercing their body parts or to the horror and this is the biggest cultural shock that a foreigner might face in India where they pierce their cheeks with rods. The sight in itself is quite scary and one can only relate to the excruciating pain which they would be subjected to. Such practices can be seen in full bloom during certain festivals in remote parts of India. Such sights are quite shocking for foreigners who haven’t been prepared to witness such gruesome incidents right “live” that is from such a close range.

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Cultural shock arising out of specific set of toilets

There is a certain degree of complains which travelers usually come up with, especially when they travel to south east Asian countries and that also includes India, where they happen to get more of squatting toilet  seats. This is can be regarded as another example of cultural shock in everyday life.

Yes, although Indian hotels have western seats mostly and the problem isn’t that serious, but in countries like Japan, where they have the similar toilets which may become a source of inconvenience for those who are into sitting in a western way. Yes, there is a specific set of problem which hovers with people and it creates a source of inconvenience on its own.

Final thoughts

Finally, the best way is to embrace the local traditions and culture. I am not saying to follow them, but respect them while you practice your own. Your actions will actually create a healthy environment, by making the world a healthier, happier and a better place to live in.

Top common travel disasters and how to prevent them


You never know when there is a disaster waiting to happen during your journey and you need travel and emergency assistance. After all, a beautiful, happy, loving, mesmerizing, coveted and awesome day can give “few reasons of inconvenience” if
• You happen to miss the flight or
• You found out that your passport is lost or
• You have suddenly become sick to the core or
• The hotel which you are allotted doesn’t have good facilities or
• You didn’t have scanned copies of your important documents for reporting about theft or
• You are charged way more by the locals, just because you look as an outsider and they think it is their right to scam people of money every single time or
• You have been conned by a golden coin which only turned out to be a superficial coin with gold polish and not what you were actually promised. You have got sun burn or you are having sleepless nights. You should have travel emergency medicine handy.
Yes, although you take utmost care, yet emergency situations might arise out of nowhere. Mostly, travel emergency doesn’t come with a warning. Obviously, in that case, why would it have been declared as an “emergency” or “disaster”, if it has actually come announced……since you have actually prepared yourself otherwise.
The most important characteristic during the testing times which travelers or for that manner any person experiences is that people tend to become hyper and they take too much of tensions, worries and anxieties that their brain stops working after they put themselves in unfortunate situations. Since, the most dangerous situation which we unknowingly create for ourselves during such times is that in the ongoing anxieties and tensions our brain stops acting positively. Thereby, it only paves the way for the worst of things to happen and we are like “Oh My God!!!!” Yes, that’s exactly what we have to save ourselves from and as a result, I am coming up with the top common travel problems and how to deal with them:-

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Someone stole your wallet
Best measure to take

There is local police to help you and do get a copy of the First Information Report which you lodge. Inform your bank for travel emergency money as well as it is in their own purview to either give you travel emergency document in the form of card as a substitute or give some cash advance, depending on their choice and what they feel best to actually happen to you. You can equally contact your home to send money through wire transfer. Filing a report with insurance company gives you the convenience where they start analyzing about the extent of damage done and accordingly help you, just at the time when you need them the most. Travel insurance emergency evacuation cover by the Insurance companies necessitates you to immediately lodge a complaint so don’t give them any excuse of showing how careless you have been actually.
Best Remedy
As the saying goes, “Never put all the eggs in one basket”, so is the case of not putting all the money at one place. You can keep some in your trouser pockets, shirt pocket, pockets in the backpacks while some can be kept in the bag of your hotel room too. Yes, you should better assign it at different places and likewise you should have another wallet handy. At the time of purchasing foreign currency, ensure that you safely keep the receipt with you. Before, you head out for your journey, write down the specific numbers of the bank relating with “lost or stolen cards



You suffer sudden illness resulting from mosquito bites

Best measure to take
Injuries arising out of mosquitoes are the worst of travel emergency situations which on scratching the affected part may aggravate further. Anti itching cream can be purchased from the chemist shop
Best Remedy

The best way is to cover yourself by showing minimal skin. Do keep the windows closed after dark and turn on the air conditioner without actually trying to experience the outside air after sun set and bring mosquito repelling plug-in.


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When you couldn’t board the flight

Best measure to take

It may be a panicky situation, but keep calm. A missed flight may be due to following reasons:-
• You reached late due to traffic jam
• Your connecting flight was delayed
In second case, you might get some relaxation
Best Remedy
Tell the receptionist to do a favor to you by setting an alarm at your desired time to wake you up. That being said, you should equally set an alarm for yourself, to be additionally sure. After all, you have to be ahead of the time as you never know associated traffic jams or protests happening on the way.


Your luggage is lost
Best measure to take
There have been various cases when passengers have reported of loss of their bags as it never showed on the conveyor belt. Well, if you are one of those unfortunate travelers, then don’t worry. Well, as you get in touch with the concerned authority i.e. airline staff in this case, then they will offer you essential commodities such as toiletries to immediately help you move on with the things. Here I would like to mention that your luggage is “misplaced” and it is not lost, so keep calm and you will probably be getting good news through them with a call as you will get their response anytime later on. In the event of any eventuality, there is your travel insurance that will cover that cost as well. It is not your fault if the baggage is “actually” lost and there is the best option to contact the cop, if things don’t work in your favor. In short, you should be skilled with travel emergency preparedness.
Best Remedy
You should point wise follow the tips
• It is best to stick a label or any other “recognizable” thing which lets you know about your bag at once from hoards of other bags. So do put a label next time and it is an awesome point which I wanted to make for all my lovely travelers for ensuring in their future travel.
• Take a snap of the baggage and you can easily show to the airline staff, when required
• Do have those medicines, glasses and other essentials in your handbag
• Also be aware about the specific responsible person should attach appropriate destination tag to your luggage.

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Don’t panic on getting sunburn

Best measure to take
The rays of sun are very harsh and may brings lots of inconvenience to you so. So, avoid it from 11 – 3. You should not only wear hat but also apply sun protection lotion for protecting yourself. If incase you do swimming, then don’t forget to apply the lotion.
Best Remedy
Ensure that you drink lots of water with rehydration sachet.



If you are getting stomach cramps and you fear getting food poisoning
Best measure to take
Only take boiled water and food which is covered.
Best Remedy
In the event if you get food poisoning, best thing you can do is to be hydrated and have bananas, plain rice. You shouldn’t have spicy food during such a phase. If you are into getting frequent vomiting, then solid foods are best to be avoided. Do get all the paper work complete for getting travel emergency medical insurance.

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You lost passport
Best Measure to take
It is best to scan the copy of your passport and store it in email and do keep its Xerox as well

Best Remedy
The biggest nightmare to happen to you is when you have lost your passport. Contact the police, register the case and based on the report you get, contact the embassy as well, to travel with emergency passport.



You get a substandard hotel
Best Measure to take
Complain about it and how you can work things in your favor. You need to speak up first in order to help them realize, that you can actually make things work in your favor. You should have evidence in the form of photos of the room as it is a wide proof about what you are actually getting
Best Remedy
Do cross check the facts right before and examine the photos you get through the specific hotel



You have a heavy luggage
Best Measure to take
Distribute its weight by keeping an additional bag. Do wear those heavy clothing rather than packing and I specifically mention about those heavy shoes which you own.
Best Remedy
It is important to travel light for a hassle free and smooth time. So, avoid those heavy clothing as much as you possibly can.


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Tips to adhere:-

It is always important for you to keep travel emergency survival kit. You can get an internal pocket which is actually stitched right in your under shirt or trousers
• A passport-size photo
A photo ID
Proof of citizenship (such as a copy of your birth certificate or the missing passport)
Travel itinerary (airline or train tickets, etc.)
• You should also have scanned copies right in your mail too.

• It is important to have toothpaste,
• Sunscreen
• Double side tape safety pins and sewing kit
• You never know when you need to get a stitch done
• You should also write down the travel emergency numbers
• Do also keep a travel log emergency raincoat
• Before boarding public transport, you should make sure about travel trailer emergency exit window.
• Have travel emergency bag handy which can substitute for the additional luggage you have shopped.

How to ensure travel actually looks good on a resume

Travel and Tourism resume

Travelling is not only regarded to give a break from your boring, monotonous and dull life, but it is equally about creating a name for yourself. You may ask where? Well, it is right in your resume which equally helps if you are going to attain Government Job or Sarkari Job . The next inevitable query might be, “Are you serious”?  Yes, I am and this seemingly overlooked aspect can actually give your travel and tourism resume much more meaning by broadening the section where you have mentioned your “skills” or even better if you term it as “hard” skills.

So, how do those skills are cached in your journey?

Travelers who are creative tend to potentially start writing their own destiny right from the time they board the plane for their chosen destination. Yes, they know what, where, when, who and how to mould the seemingly challenging things in their favor. They gain their proficiencies by actually making use of their skills for a favorable situation as and when the situation demands them to. Yes, they are perfect carrier of “awesome confidence”, “positive attitude” with “cool mind” where things actually turn out to be simple and easy as well. Yes, these are the qualities which you possess to create moments of ease, joy, and happiness. Here, this should be your travel resume objective. You start getting to know about the “very skills” which you possess, based on the situations you deal, which eventually becomes the travel experience resume.

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You can easily get travel and tourism resume format too and that also includes travel resume cover letter and you can get ideas online. Here is the sneak peak of travel and tourism resume examples which I tried explaining in the following post:-

Regular interactions with people – Enhanced communication skills

Well, it is obvious that travel profile resume possibly gives the biggest list of emotions which is quite natural during that refreshing trip where everything is “new” to you. Yes, you are in a “comfort zone” where right from stepping out of the airport, you have to meet different people whether it is a matter of booking your hotel room (or you have already booked online) or enquiring from people about the various preferred stuff, such as “best restaurant”, “top places to visit”, best areas to do shopping at cheap price, etc.  Well, things may not be as easy as enquiring from people. You tend to polish your communication skills by learning about other traditions and culture in style which gives an edge to you. You have to be proficient towards acquiring verbal and non verbal communication to overcome the seemingly challenging aspect of language barrier.

How recruiter sees it?

Recruiters look for people who bring business to the company by establishing contacts with people. Yes, if you have the habit of enquiring things and are equally great towards delivering speeches and have awesome skills pertaining to your verbal and non verbal communication, then you act as the best bet for recruiters who eye on people like you.

Bargained for your product – Negotiating skills

Travel and tourism objectives resume is all about  saving your money every single time, as much as you possibly could and its importance becomes much more on you as you are a job seeker. Your negotiating skills work to your favor if you do bargaining by actually paying far less than its actual price. This is quite a necessary trait which not many actually possess and usually as a person if you have this already or “you have just found it out”, then you should feel happy. Why?

How recruiter sees it?

Because, negotiating skills actually help you to save your hard earned money and that also means, bringing down the cost of the company if you are manager to look after the purchasing department.

You can mention in your resume that “How I persuaded the buyer to give the product (in your case, it may be shoes, camera, shirts, goggles, backpacks etc) at ¼ of rate, triggering a pleasant shock amongst all my companions.

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Using public transport even while being tired – Budgeting and Planning with adaptability 

Continuing to look for ways to save on your expenses with an ideal travel and expense resume, here is one more. Yes, use local transport because even though it may be a bit crowded, has its own set standard time of running, runs slow, you being very tired by undertaking long hours of journey or whatever, yet it actually does the “biggest” benefit for you and that is saving a lot of your hard earned money. Yes, as a traveler who is also a job seeker you know your prime reasons for travelling and if you are well aware about it, then I promise that the list of things which you do, well they will keeping on adding to your work and travel resume.

Similarly, working further towards accomplishing your aim is to choose reasonably cheap hotel room, even if that requires you walk few miles. Yes, usually hotels situated at the main centre demand huge money, but that can be substituted if you are adaptable enough.

That also applies for eateries. Look for the best eateries like those selling at side streets. So, are they hygienic? Well, see yourself and also enquire from your hotel staff or those local people, I am sure you can accordingly decide as well.

How recruiter sees it?

Here, it shows how adaptable you actually are. Yes, you equally relate that money is a motivating force for you which dwarf all other challenges. It will indeed be quite a promising sign for your recruiters who are ready to pay a handsome pay, provided their employees work towards achieving their goals in style. Obviously, “money is the biggest motivating factor” and it has greatly improved the functioning and capabilities of the employees as well. So, add on travel skills resume by saying that “How I saved so much” on my whole trip by staying, moving, eating and visiting at reasonably cheap, but with good names.

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Preparing for worse – Patience

There are times when depending on the time of day, you reach to the airport only to be told that the flight is delayed and you are like Oh My God!!!!!Yes, that’s where your patience comes to play. How much you are actually open to accept the challenges? Well, that’s in itself is a big thing to be looked and adhered here. See, you have to accept it anyhow. It may seem to be the worst of challenge because obviously you would be very exhausted, tired, like your legs may be wreathing in pain and so is your eyes who needs immediate rest and you were actually visualizing about how in few hours from now you will be in your bed and that awesome feeling gets delayed, say for 2 hours. Yes, you patiently and more importantly lovingly and happily wait those 2 hours till you finally board your plane.

How recruiter sees it?

Do you know amongst the important qualities which recruiters seek in employees? Well, it is how patient they actually are. Yes, esteemed and responsible jobs have their own level of authority and it comes with different set of responsibilities and challenges. For instance, what if you were supposed to meet your client at 9 in the morning and you started very early from home,  by leaving all your comforts only to be told that the client will be in an hour. Well, again, you have to smilingly express yourself by being patient enough in accepting the challenges as they come.

Indulging in different adventurous – Confidence, extrovert, fearless

Well, if you are undertaking an adventurous trip, you naturally expect to do all the stuff to experience that adrenalin rush. There are so many adventurous sports to help you attain those times. From sky diving, snorkeling, river rafting etc, different sports activities galore and through loving and experiencing the associated level of “fun by overlooking the aspect of fear” helps in having a different view about life. Yes, life is all about being open, extrovert, fearless and loving yourself all the more where you also know how confident you actually are towards accepting the things which come to you.

How recruiter sees it?

Recruiters dearly look for adventurous, extrovert and open-minded people who love themselves and are equally confident to do things by actually going beyond their comfort zone in style. Such a sort of work and travel resume example can be attributed to those people who are extrovert, open minded and adventurous and are proven to have far greater success towards convincing clients which finally brings business for your company in style.

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Lost your way in a forest but being cool, calm and composed –Independence, maturity and self reliance

As part of an adventurous trip, you accidentally went off the track, but by the time you realized the sun has already set and its night. Well, you show the level of self reliance, maturity and independence by actually camping there overnight at a seemingly safer place to start for your journey, the next day.

How recruiters view it

Recruiter views this trait at the highest level of positivity. Yes, you are self sufficient towards taking the decisions of life and they will value and respect this trait of yours. After all, maturity comes with age and experience and you rightly show your mature level without actually panicking even a bit. This trait lets you work in those unforeseen circumstances when the company might need you for exceptionally long hours during the phase of regular board meetings, functions and associated commitments. The company prefers you on the grounds that you can take independent decisions and that you know “what you are actually doing”.

Helping people who are “less fortunate” – Act of submission and willingness to do noble acts

Do you care about others? Are you sensitive to the issues of people who surround you? Does the pain of others equally give you pain? If yes, then you should volunteer as a traveler. Mention about the “exact” cause where you volunteered along with date and time

Recruiters are always on the constant lookout for people who have a “soft heart” for others and their issues. Yes, due to the same, most of the corporate these days can be seen supporting one “noble cause” or the other, as they know how important and professionally necessary it is to support a charity for the noble cause they are doing. This is what can be best said as travel and tourism resume sample.

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How can you ensure an edge for yourself in the eyes of recruiters

So, as a volunteer if you already have similar experience, then I am sure you get far more chance of being recruited as well. After all, there can’t be a better way to get happiness after seeing the smiles on the faces of people and you know that you are responsible towards ensuring that “smile”. Isn’t it great?

How about creating a portfolio – Cross cultural understanding

Now, that you are well versed with the detailed features associated with being a travel freak and have passed your time well, you should create a blog or portfolio to better display your work. You get far greater weightage on the eyes of your “would be” recruiters, if they found out that you have a great exposure in foreign cultures.

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Travelling would probably necessitate you to be at the centre of different actions (which I have mentioned above) even for few days, than what you would have actually not even experienced even in a year, especially as you travel in a limited budget.

You would surely have far more chance to be picked if the job you do, entails lots of travel which you already have experience of. Isn’t it?

You can equally learn different creative lessons and get certificates in the form of weekly, fortnightly or monthly classes to learn different sports like scuba diving, snorkeling or other outdoor activities with an eye to carve a niche for yourself in the eyes of your future employees. There are various work and travel video resume to help you too for getting a travel professional resume which are enough to give you moments of happiness like never before.

Final words

Travelling opens new horizons and opportunities and you never know when you passionately start earning right from it. Yes, a traveler regards the whole world to be his home and he is comfortable, carefree and opportunistic. After all, a traveler who has been to different places of the world is in a better position to deal with multi-cultural relationship along with different clients, vendors. In short, you become a global face in the company. Sky is the limit for you to indulge in seemingly endless opportunities waiting for you in style, like never before. So, what’s stopping you to travel the world and build a catchy, travel writer resume with weightage?

Top common travel illnesses and (How to avoid)

Travelling is naturally that exciting phase where people tend to experience that adrenalin boost which is hardly experienced anywhere else. But do you know that common travel illnesses may hamper your times? Although, as a traveler you undergoe unexpected sequence of events which tend to spice up the time and you are continuously on the move for doing things which you like, yet safety and precautions are the best bet since it is said that “It is better to be safe than to be sorry”.
Do you know that some of the seemingly inevitable travel illness can actually be prevented, if we are careful right from the start?
Yes, that’s the case. However I learnt it, due to bitter experience of becoming a victim to those diseases. Hence, I am in a better position to come up with the most common travel illness to avoid with solutions.

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Motion sickness

Do you know that excessive motion can actually make us turn sick due to associated frequent noises, sound while we are in motion? Yes, the accompanying noise from trains, buses or planes and on top of that frequent travelling accompanied with movements, compel us to be in motion literally 24*7 during the peak of travelling phase which results in vomitting, nausea, headache and sweating. Since, you are always on the move; you have to exert far more pressure on your body at times to keep pace with the needs of the time. Here, I basically mean whether it is travelling across those untouched horizons where you may supposed to walk miles together or as part of adventurous trip, you really want to jump from miles above or climbing the mountain (of course with all the safety standards).
I am sure; this is another one of the most common travel related illnesses which seems to be quite prevalent amongst travelers who often overlook this health aspect.

How to avoid

While cruising, you should preferably sit in the middle and in plane, it is best recommended to sit near the wings and the best position in a car is to site upfront.
Also, that you should not get too engrossed with your gadgets and devices as constant pressure on eye further give you “inconvenience”. Prior to undertaking trip, take a light meal and a spicy food is a big “No”. Yeah to be at a safer side, before you undergo to the wonderful journey, talk to your doctor about the prescribed medicines, if in case you get motion sickness.

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Traveler’s diarrhea

Well, the startling figure of almost half of travelers face with the issue of diarrhea during their travel. This shocking figure clearly shows that we tend to overlook the health aspect since we are too excited to only think about travelling places and so on. You are quite prone to getting the diseases more so if you travel to developing counties by eating or drinking contaminated water.

How to avoid

Well, only take bottled water and food should only be fresh while when it comes to fruits, it is best to favor those which can peel off, like banana.
Have a prior consultation with the doctor before you undertake trip and based on his advice you can take antibiotics as well. Similarly, we tend to visit new countries and new places which we mostly travel for the first time and keeping a check on your body movements is something which you really need to do. Yes more so, as you become more prone to different health issues which may result due to the areas which you visit, food you eat, especially water you intake etc.

The big bad problem of bug bites

You travel so many places and sightseeings that it is quite a seemingly dreadful problem associated with bug bites. It results sin dengue, malaria, yellow fever or chikungunia. This is quite perennial problem where even a single bite can be enough towards inviting you with the associated dangers not to miss. Yes, the problem aggravates further if you overlook it, which take alarming proportions. This is obviously becomes the most overlooked aspect, and by the time, we as travelers take charge of it, is already too late. We develop bad cold, running nose or so many seasonal or non seasonal diseases.

How to avoid

The best way of countering this most common travel illness is to make insect repellant handy and try to cover skin as much as you possibly can. It includes wearing long sleeved shirts with pants. Let’s not forget that insects attack after dark. You shoult try to be more cautious at this phase for the obvious reason that you don’t want to pack your bag for your return journey. Well, don’t sleep in the open and if in the even when you really have to do, then putting “curtain settings” will help you prevent from this scourge as well. The tip embraces you with the seemingly easy healthy tips to adhere while you travel the world in style.

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Final thoughts

Finally, as you follow on the aforesaid most common travel related illnesses, you will not only be safer, but you can equally continue to relish the best of memories later on. Thanks to the craze and associated nerve ending happiness which keeps you refreshed and rejuvenated right from the word “Go”. Hence, considering such an important and serious issues concerning with the health of travelers, I have shared aforesaid tips for a safe, happy, and healthy times to let you enjoy to the fullest, without depriving yourself of the luxuries and bounties you have actually planned right from before, I mean, really I know travelers “plan” their itineraries right like months before and you become shocked and depressed, if there is a change in the schedule and you never forgive yourself, if it is because of the silly mistakes of overlooking your health aspect.