Top common travel illnesses and (How to avoid)

Travelling is naturally that exciting phase where people tend to experience that adrenalin boost which is hardly experienced anywhere else. But do you know that common travel illnesses may hamper your times? Although, as a traveler you undergoe unexpected sequence of events which tend to spice up the time and you are continuously on the move for doing things which you like, yet safety and precautions are the best bet since it is said that “It is better to be safe than to be sorry”.
Do you know that some of the seemingly inevitable travel illness can actually be prevented, if we are careful right from the start?
Yes, that’s the case. However I learnt it, due to bitter experience of becoming a victim to those diseases. Hence, I am in a better position to come up with the most common travel illness to avoid with solutions.

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Motion sickness

Do you know that excessive motion can actually make us turn sick due to associated frequent noises, sound while we are in motion? Yes, the accompanying noise from trains, buses or planes and on top of that frequent travelling accompanied with movements, compel us to be in motion literally 24*7 during the peak of travelling phase which results in vomitting, nausea, headache and sweating. Since, you are always on the move; you have to exert far more pressure on your body at times to keep pace with the needs of the time. Here, I basically mean whether it is travelling across those untouched horizons where you may supposed to walk miles together or as part of adventurous trip, you really want to jump from miles above or climbing the mountain (of course with all the safety standards).
I am sure; this is another one of the most common travel related illnesses which seems to be quite prevalent amongst travelers who often overlook this health aspect.

How to avoid

While cruising, you should preferably sit in the middle and in plane, it is best recommended to sit near the wings and the best position in a car is to site upfront.
Also, that you should not get too engrossed with your gadgets and devices as constant pressure on eye further give you “inconvenience”. Prior to undertaking trip, take a light meal and a spicy food is a big “No”. Yeah to be at a safer side, before you undergo to the wonderful journey, talk to your doctor about the prescribed medicines, if in case you get motion sickness.

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Traveler’s diarrhea

Well, the startling figure of almost half of travelers face with the issue of diarrhea during their travel. This shocking figure clearly shows that we tend to overlook the health aspect since we are too excited to only think about travelling places and so on. You are quite prone to getting the diseases more so if you travel to developing counties by eating or drinking contaminated water.

How to avoid

Well, only take bottled water and food should only be fresh while when it comes to fruits, it is best to favor those which can peel off, like banana.
Have a prior consultation with the doctor before you undertake trip and based on his advice you can take antibiotics as well. Similarly, we tend to visit new countries and new places which we mostly travel for the first time and keeping a check on your body movements is something which you really need to do. Yes more so, as you become more prone to different health issues which may result due to the areas which you visit, food you eat, especially water you intake etc.

The big bad problem of bug bites

You travel so many places and sightseeings that it is quite a seemingly dreadful problem associated with bug bites. It results sin dengue, malaria, yellow fever or chikungunia. This is quite perennial problem where even a single bite can be enough towards inviting you with the associated dangers not to miss. Yes, the problem aggravates further if you overlook it, which take alarming proportions. This is obviously becomes the most overlooked aspect, and by the time, we as travelers take charge of it, is already too late. We develop bad cold, running nose or so many seasonal or non seasonal diseases.

How to avoid

The best way of countering this most common travel illness is to make insect repellant handy and try to cover skin as much as you possibly can. It includes wearing long sleeved shirts with pants. Let’s not forget that insects attack after dark. You shoult try to be more cautious at this phase for the obvious reason that you don’t want to pack your bag for your return journey. Well, don’t sleep in the open and if in the even when you really have to do, then putting “curtain settings” will help you prevent from this scourge as well. The tip embraces you with the seemingly easy healthy tips to adhere while you travel the world in style.

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Final thoughts

Finally, as you follow on the aforesaid most common travel related illnesses, you will not only be safer, but you can equally continue to relish the best of memories later on. Thanks to the craze and associated nerve ending happiness which keeps you refreshed and rejuvenated right from the word “Go”. Hence, considering such an important and serious issues concerning with the health of travelers, I have shared aforesaid tips for a safe, happy, and healthy times to let you enjoy to the fullest, without depriving yourself of the luxuries and bounties you have actually planned right from before, I mean, really I know travelers “plan” their itineraries right like months before and you become shocked and depressed, if there is a change in the schedule and you never forgive yourself, if it is because of the silly mistakes of overlooking your health aspect.

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