Top common travel disasters and how to prevent them


You never know when there is a disaster waiting to happen during your journey and you need travel and emergency assistance. After all, a beautiful, happy, loving, mesmerizing, coveted and awesome day can give “few reasons of inconvenience” if
• You happen to miss the flight or
• You found out that your passport is lost or
• You have suddenly become sick to the core or
• The hotel which you are allotted doesn’t have good facilities or
• You didn’t have scanned copies of your important documents for reporting about theft or
• You are charged way more by the locals, just because you look as an outsider and they think it is their right to scam people of money every single time or
• You have been conned by a golden coin which only turned out to be a superficial coin with gold polish and not what you were actually promised. You have got sun burn or you are having sleepless nights. You should have travel emergency medicine handy.
Yes, although you take utmost care, yet emergency situations might arise out of nowhere. Mostly, travel emergency doesn’t come with a warning. Obviously, in that case, why would it have been declared as an “emergency” or “disaster”, if it has actually come announced……since you have actually prepared yourself otherwise.
The most important characteristic during the testing times which travelers or for that manner any person experiences is that people tend to become hyper and they take too much of tensions, worries and anxieties that their brain stops working after they put themselves in unfortunate situations. Since, the most dangerous situation which we unknowingly create for ourselves during such times is that in the ongoing anxieties and tensions our brain stops acting positively. Thereby, it only paves the way for the worst of things to happen and we are like “Oh My God!!!!” Yes, that’s exactly what we have to save ourselves from and as a result, I am coming up with the top common travel problems and how to deal with them:-

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Someone stole your wallet
Best measure to take

There is local police to help you and do get a copy of the First Information Report which you lodge. Inform your bank for travel emergency money as well as it is in their own purview to either give you travel emergency document in the form of card as a substitute or give some cash advance, depending on their choice and what they feel best to actually happen to you. You can equally contact your home to send money through wire transfer. Filing a report with insurance company gives you the convenience where they start analyzing about the extent of damage done and accordingly help you, just at the time when you need them the most. Travel insurance emergency evacuation cover by the Insurance companies necessitates you to immediately lodge a complaint so don’t give them any excuse of showing how careless you have been actually.
Best Remedy
As the saying goes, “Never put all the eggs in one basket”, so is the case of not putting all the money at one place. You can keep some in your trouser pockets, shirt pocket, pockets in the backpacks while some can be kept in the bag of your hotel room too. Yes, you should better assign it at different places and likewise you should have another wallet handy. At the time of purchasing foreign currency, ensure that you safely keep the receipt with you. Before, you head out for your journey, write down the specific numbers of the bank relating with “lost or stolen cards



You suffer sudden illness resulting from mosquito bites

Best measure to take
Injuries arising out of mosquitoes are the worst of travel emergency situations which on scratching the affected part may aggravate further. Anti itching cream can be purchased from the chemist shop
Best Remedy

The best way is to cover yourself by showing minimal skin. Do keep the windows closed after dark and turn on the air conditioner without actually trying to experience the outside air after sun set and bring mosquito repelling plug-in.


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When you couldn’t board the flight

Best measure to take

It may be a panicky situation, but keep calm. A missed flight may be due to following reasons:-
• You reached late due to traffic jam
• Your connecting flight was delayed
In second case, you might get some relaxation
Best Remedy
Tell the receptionist to do a favor to you by setting an alarm at your desired time to wake you up. That being said, you should equally set an alarm for yourself, to be additionally sure. After all, you have to be ahead of the time as you never know associated traffic jams or protests happening on the way.


Your luggage is lost
Best measure to take
There have been various cases when passengers have reported of loss of their bags as it never showed on the conveyor belt. Well, if you are one of those unfortunate travelers, then don’t worry. Well, as you get in touch with the concerned authority i.e. airline staff in this case, then they will offer you essential commodities such as toiletries to immediately help you move on with the things. Here I would like to mention that your luggage is “misplaced” and it is not lost, so keep calm and you will probably be getting good news through them with a call as you will get their response anytime later on. In the event of any eventuality, there is your travel insurance that will cover that cost as well. It is not your fault if the baggage is “actually” lost and there is the best option to contact the cop, if things don’t work in your favor. In short, you should be skilled with travel emergency preparedness.
Best Remedy
You should point wise follow the tips
• It is best to stick a label or any other “recognizable” thing which lets you know about your bag at once from hoards of other bags. So do put a label next time and it is an awesome point which I wanted to make for all my lovely travelers for ensuring in their future travel.
• Take a snap of the baggage and you can easily show to the airline staff, when required
• Do have those medicines, glasses and other essentials in your handbag
• Also be aware about the specific responsible person should attach appropriate destination tag to your luggage.

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Don’t panic on getting sunburn

Best measure to take
The rays of sun are very harsh and may brings lots of inconvenience to you so. So, avoid it from 11 – 3. You should not only wear hat but also apply sun protection lotion for protecting yourself. If incase you do swimming, then don’t forget to apply the lotion.
Best Remedy
Ensure that you drink lots of water with rehydration sachet.



If you are getting stomach cramps and you fear getting food poisoning
Best measure to take
Only take boiled water and food which is covered.
Best Remedy
In the event if you get food poisoning, best thing you can do is to be hydrated and have bananas, plain rice. You shouldn’t have spicy food during such a phase. If you are into getting frequent vomiting, then solid foods are best to be avoided. Do get all the paper work complete for getting travel emergency medical insurance.

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You lost passport
Best Measure to take
It is best to scan the copy of your passport and store it in email and do keep its Xerox as well

Best Remedy
The biggest nightmare to happen to you is when you have lost your passport. Contact the police, register the case and based on the report you get, contact the embassy as well, to travel with emergency passport.



You get a substandard hotel
Best Measure to take
Complain about it and how you can work things in your favor. You need to speak up first in order to help them realize, that you can actually make things work in your favor. You should have evidence in the form of photos of the room as it is a wide proof about what you are actually getting
Best Remedy
Do cross check the facts right before and examine the photos you get through the specific hotel



You have a heavy luggage
Best Measure to take
Distribute its weight by keeping an additional bag. Do wear those heavy clothing rather than packing and I specifically mention about those heavy shoes which you own.
Best Remedy
It is important to travel light for a hassle free and smooth time. So, avoid those heavy clothing as much as you possibly can.


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Tips to adhere:-

It is always important for you to keep travel emergency survival kit. You can get an internal pocket which is actually stitched right in your under shirt or trousers
• A passport-size photo
A photo ID
Proof of citizenship (such as a copy of your birth certificate or the missing passport)
Travel itinerary (airline or train tickets, etc.)
• You should also have scanned copies right in your mail too.

• It is important to have toothpaste,
• Sunscreen
• Double side tape safety pins and sewing kit
• You never know when you need to get a stitch done
• You should also write down the travel emergency numbers
• Do also keep a travel log emergency raincoat
• Before boarding public transport, you should make sure about travel trailer emergency exit window.
• Have travel emergency bag handy which can substitute for the additional luggage you have shopped.

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