Travel With toddlers: 14 Top Ways To entertain Kids On A Plane, Car or Train


Where else on earth a parent can be the bravest enough to easily go with their tiny tots on a journey?

Well, accompanying the kids could have been thought as a “strong” move on the parts of parents who knew the kind of times they might have to face eventually. Since, these are the same kids with whom going for a 5 minute grocery shopping can actually become a “living hell” or persuading them to sleep at night may bring so many inconveniences. Isn’t it?


Now, if you happen to project the same scenarios during the journey? Well, your fears, threats and danger will surely mount further and the very same thought of your kids indulging in the same naughtiness can simply be creating moments of chaotic experience and they will simply turn the best of times into “the most unforgetful, unpleasant or ugly phase”. However, don’t get disheartened, demoralized, sad or angry, there are tricks for traveling with a toddler on a plane checklist to make them occupied, busy or engaged.

Well, now the million dollar question of how to entertain a toddler on a plane isn’t so challenging or difficult. Yes, here I am specially coming up with the practical and researched post for parents to ensure the best of happiness for the kids, (since they also deserve those special moments) and being a parent it is your duty to give them the best of things. Since, a kid’s phase is also regarded to be the times of naughtiness, which should be cared for and not “overlooked”. Since, you are a parent, and you better know how to nourish and care for them. Isn’t it?

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Hence, following are the travel games for kids on a plane to take care about for your little, cute, naughty and fickle minded kid:-

Toddlers may “switch on and off” certain things

Well, you have to devise at least 10 activities for a 3 hour journey with the travel toys for toddlers on airplanes. Yes, since, toddlers can get into attention mode easily and likewise, they may not like certain game after few minutes. It is this fickle minds which you have to take care about. You can keep them entertained by occupying their minds during landing or taking off airplanes, or through their favorite magazines, games in the mobile, or serve them their favorite snacks. If you are lucky, they may soon go to sleep much to your cheer.

Downloading kids’ app and games prove to be handy

You can download kids games, animations etc as part of how to entertain a toddler on a plane. Through your innovative and creative mind, you can keep your kids busy. It depends on the particular mode you have chosen to travel. For example, on an automobile, if you are looking for travel games for kids in the car, you can surely indulge in those toys which create lots of noise without thinking twice). However, if you are in plane, then you have to better keep the interest of your fellow passengers without making use of shrill toys.

Play phone

You have travel toys for toddlers on airplanes where you can arrange an “old” play phone for your kids so that they can busy themselves. Yes, kids love to pretend calling the numbers and talking on the phones and such a piece of technology actually becomes quite a perfect way to make them busy while you relish the time worth being spent on your journey. You can use your old phones for the purpose and there is absolutely no investment required as well.


Toddlers love to listen and see songs with lots of gestures or hand movements. Yes, they simply enjoy by visualizing themselves, that they are actually doing the same for themselves. They would love to enact the same too. It is such a practice which keeps them busy. Seeing them engaged makes you happy and blessed as well while traveling with a toddler on a plane checklist. As parents, you should also involve yourself in helping them engage with the activities which they love. I am sure; you can easily take out time during journey.

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If you want to know how to entertain a toddler on a plane, then it is very easy. Well, you would be knowing that possibly the best time for children are spent in the presence of chocolates. Yes, the kind of smiles which they get by holding them is something which no happiness in the world can actually substitute them. Yes, have lots of them which you can surely use as bait for ensuring happiness at regular intervals. Yes, they would surely be looking forward to like each and every single moments, if they happen to get chocolates especially lollypop. The craze of chocolates is so much that it can even potentially water the mouth of elders, so one can only imagine the extent of craze and importance it holds for the kids.

Scare them from the police

Do you know the most obvious method we adopt for making children in the best of behavior? Well, we often tend to use the imaginary “ghost” or “policemen” who may come at anytime looking for badly behaved children. Yes, that’s exactly you should adopt with regards to how to entertain a toddler on a plane that is by somewhat “scaring” them mildly. Since, you kids are most likely to listen to you and you can see a changed person in him too. The trick works in various situations and it will be the best bet here as well. This will prevent kids to indulge in lots of naughtiness which they usually tend to, especially while visiting new places, surrounding etc. They may be moving on the aisle or making noises for the inconveniences of other passengers. Hence, adopt such a method.



Bring dry fruits

Dry Fruits also act as a great reprieve for children who often have to travel long hours and due to putting lots of energy, they may feel hungry occasionally. This is where, food which you have accompanied with you, acts as the best solution to give them enough reprieve. Besides dry fruits, you can have strawberries and sweets which can be given at regular intervals. The nature of such fruit is so, where you don’t have to worry about their limited life, so they can be served for hours together while you continue to enjoy feeding your kids for days.

Accompany a pillow with you

Book a window seat for your kids. However, here the pillow which you accompany will help them get a better grip. Yes, children may prefer to sit on the pillow for having a better view of outside as it comes handy. This gives them a better view of not only surroundings but also keeps them engaged with the surroundings. Similarly, pillow has the psychological effect to let them sleep them peacefully. Let’s not forget that children usually tend to sleep at regular intervals especially during long and tiring times of journey where pillows simply comfort them get better sound sleep as well.

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Card games

How about the sight of card games which can keep your toddler busy for hours as part of travel games for kids on a plane ? Yes, there are so many games out there in today’s world which are specifically meant keeping in mind the psychological aspect of children and they can act as the perfect substitute towards generating their interest in terms of Slapjack, Old Maid, Go Fish, Uno etc. Yes, love to pass their time enjoying to the core, and seeing them happy will eventually make you happy as well. Yes, most of the times, kids resort to naughtiness is during the time when they have nothing to do. They want your attention, so what’s better if you can actually make them busy where they don’t even dare to think anything else. Through this activity they can be seen engaged for sure.

Get a tablet

Amongst the travel games for toddlers , the sight of a tablet with the most awesome and electrifying games might just do the trick for you. Download the best ones according to the interest of your kids and you will see them enjoying every second as well. Kids, can potentially be seen engrossed in playing the games for hours and anything else least matters for them. So, what’s stopping you to give them the things which they dearly love?

Colors and more of them

Children and color goes hand in hand where “these colors” equally act as travel toys for toddlers on airplanes. They may make a mess out of it, but having said that they can be seen enjoying for hours in their own little world and such a captivating sight is enough for them to make them pass the time with lots of fan fare which indeed works for their overall behavioral aspect. They tend to feel more at ease and have a positive outlook for the world too. It is probably one of The Best Activities and Games to Play in the airplane


How about indulging the kids with the favorite puzzles which they would actually love as part of travel games for kids on a plane ? Yes, puzzles enhance the thinking power of their brain and more you would let them indulge in this aspect, better it would be for their overall behavioral aspect as well. Quite like Popsicle sticks puzzles, which are actually so easy for the children to make, that it will at once help them generate interest which they will enjoy to the core.

Peg Games

When there is a talk of children, how can peg games be far behind as part of travel toys for toddlers on airplanes ? Well, yes, it is this awesome way of binding the attention of your kids, where these games will actually come to their rescue. So, have them from Amazon and feel the extra happiness coming your way.

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Paper, crayon and toy cars

How about drawing small infrastructure for your kids in terms of houses, roads and trees for your tiny tots to ply their car through the passage? Well, yes, this printable travel games for kids is actually quite interesting as it sounds and you can have a better grip over the activities for your kids. So it is not to miss for sure. It is quite an Easy way to keep kids happy and entertained

Tip to adhere for the parents

Usually, what happens when in pursuit to how to entertain a toddler on a plane we tend to familiarize them right with all the toys which we have accompanied for themselves right during few hours of the trip. Little do we realize that they may get bored during the whole onward journey. Hence, there is a need for you to regularly keep a check about their habits and give them a surprise as and when you feel that they should get. Boredom is something which kids often tend to face and hence during such a time, that you should present the new toys which you have actually purchased for them. This will pleasantly surprise them and seeing them splurging in such a lot of excitement, will infact make you proud as a parent of ensuring quite a lot of smiles on their faces as well. Yes, don’t overlook such an act since it is the best and ‘never’ just ‘never’ open all your cards for your kids who infact will get bored of things after few hours of your journey and you may feel like “Oh My God”. This can be done for parents to keep a separate rack of books, toys and games for travelling purpose.

Final thoughts

Although, keeping your kids entertained during the journey may come with its own set of challenges, but it is a sure thing that technology has actually has eased the operations for the parents who are finding innovative ways to ensure entertainment for kids through the aforesaid travel games for kids on a plane. Yes, the above post is an eye opener for the parents who were so “shocked” at the idea of accompanying their kids during the journey, but they will be changing their perception for the better. I hope taking inspiration by traveling with a toddler on a plane checklist; many more parents would be eagerly taking their kids to their journey. After all, they equally have the right to travel places and see the awesome, mind-blowing, captivating, beautiful, enchanting, and splendid places which nature is actually offering them.

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