Traveling with kids: Legal tips for divorced co-parents

Travelling with family is synonymous with lots of fun, frolic, happiness, joy, and exciting moments on your travel journey. However, for divorced parents, there are things in detail to adhere such as letter of consent for international travel, sample consent letter for children travelling abroad with one parent, parental consent letter sample etc.

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As a woman whose divorced proceedings are still underway, and if you looking for taking child out of country without father’s permission, then there are certain set of rules and regulations to strictly adhere as well. After all, let’s not forget, that as per the systematic and effective “rules and regulations” in place, it in a way necessitates a solid base for parents to adhere. Failure to which, they are bound to limit themselves in several discomfort, anxiety, mayhem, confusion and unforeseen challenges not forget to mention. Hence, considering the series of strict, clear, concise and precise rules and regulations being laid down, it is no wonder, that it has necessitated families to strictly and systematically follow them for their own ease. So, if both the parents share legal custody of the child, and you are looking to travel abroad, then don’t worry. I have compiled the following post about legal tips for divorced co-parents, to help you follow few of the wonderful tips for your own ease so that you can maintain transparency in the whole series of guidelines which are especially constituted by the concerned law.

Ensure that your documents are ready

As a divorced parent traveling with child out of country, you need to have your documents handy and ready. It should be based on travel plans and travel agreement which is prepared with the consent of your co-parent. Strategize whether those dates can be worked out amicably for avoiding confrontation. U.S. Department of State necessitates for children to have valid passport. In case of not having one, parents need to submit passport application. That requires consent from both, as two of you share the custody of your child legally.

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Strategize ahead               

I have told you about the importance of taking child out of country with joint custody. Yes, that’s important as the laws are clear, specific, and accurate, then it actually work wonders towards creating an awesome way of legally coming up with solution. For example, regarding the different rulings of the laws, being an attorney myself, I should highlight one aspect where it requires the affidavit of parental consent for travel of a minor child. So basically, what does this mean?

Well, it implies that as parents, your permission is necessary for taking out the child. Failure to which, there are laws which may subject you to punishment as well. For this you need to discuss with your co-partner. Likewise, discussions should also be based on the purpose of trip you undertake. If your partner is not giving permission on the “specific date”, then you have to formulate dates. However, if you feel that the “chosen” travel plan is very important and can’t be changed such as in the event of a wedding or funeral ceremony, then you have to talk to your attorney. This is done to be 100% sure about the norms so that you follow the easiest of procedures for taking joint custody travel out of country

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Travelling with friend

If you are travelling with friend, then you need to have permission letter for child to travel with friend. Yes, that’s important as I would advise you to get in touch with the divorce lawyer

Strategize about travel security

Single parents travelling with kids is becoming quite common. Hence, in this context, if you are taking child out of country with joint custody, then usually children have dual citizenships. (Since, other parent return to their home country). Well, there is a letter of consent for international travel, but what worries the divorced parent is that, during the journey of taking kids to their home country, what if they don’t comply with the custody agreement during the trip? Like, not even permitting child to return to their home after trip and cutting all contacts of the child with other parent? Hence, a parent undergoes a “Ne Exeat Bond” before the trip. It is an undertaking that the parent will comply with the divorce agreement. The bond has got lots of popularity and weightage due to the legal fees involved. So, if you have any doubt, you can consult your divorce attorney to fully get conceived before giving your consent.

Final thoughts

Well, family trips or those adventurous vacations give us excitement, and we don’t want to lessen our enjoyment, so it is important to follow joint custody travel out of country norm. Do prepare for your planned trip ahead of you. After reaching the destination, you need to schedule your trip by means of creating an itinerary. Especially with regards to the bedtime, lunch and play time of your kids, as per their schedule. Since, travelling already creates an additional tiredness and you don’t want to create matters worse for your tiny tot by inflicting more harm. Let’s not forget that your main aim is to ensure exciting journey for your kids and by your systematic planning, you can actually create a wonderful scenario. Hence, for this reason, you have far more reasons to be happy in the company of your divorce international travel child. Lastly, by following the aforesaid Legal tips for divorced co-parents, your journey as a child traveling with one parent, will be awesome, memorable and worth cherishing once and forever, like never before.

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