14 Best ways to save money travelling in India



Travelling gives so much of freedom, frolic, enthusiasm, enjoyment, luxury, awesomeness and happiness, that it can only be best experienced rather than expressed. Yes, I can keep on adding the adjectives in order to determine the extent of ‘adrenalin rush’ which can only experience while travelling.

However, sometimes we become too excited ‘before’ as well as ‘during’ the process of travelling that in the heat of moment or I should say, “that we get swayed with the emotions so much”, that we tend to spend much more than what we would have actually planned (if in case we would have actually done the planning, I doubt, that we don’t even do planning in the first case). Here, we desperately need tips to save money travelling. Yes, as a result, we tend to feel heat later on or the best word for adjudging such sort of situation would be “repercussions” of not being careful, responsible and dutiful enough towards our actions. Hence, I am coming up with the following post to let you know how to save money while travelling abroad as this will help a big section of people who often have to feel the heat of not being  “emotionally strong” enough in the first case. The following post lets you know how to save money travelling in India:-

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Fix your days much in advance

Save money on travelling is something which requires our presence of mind. Most of us prefer travelling by air, but we end up choosing other means of transport due to its expensive nature. However, have we realized that by booking well in advance, you can actually get the best deal, which can be equivalent to a train? Well, yes, rates of airline go up and down occasionally and it starts to be quite low right around 3 months back. Plan your journey in order to save money on holiday travel if you want to ensure “BIG” savings right from the booking. Let’s not forget, that in this way, you can actually make a big saving by just being smart.



Usually opt for weekdays trip

The reason why I am saying is that, making trip on weekends will comparably burn a hole in your pocket considering the rising strength of tourists who usually prefer that time.  So this is how you can save money travelling abroad.



“Enhance your bargaining skills”

This is a must tip for travelers looking to make a trip to India that ‘polish your bargaining skills’. Yes, the basic prevalent of this sort of trait is so widely spread, that it is taken for granted, especially when the first price which shopkeeper tells you about a specific product

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  • Do you know that most of the products bought after the final bargain amounts to 1/3rd of the actual price?

We Indians are somewhere quite well known with this trip, so as an outsider, it is importantly for you to take this tip quite seriously.


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Choose budget hotels

Yes, see money savings can finally give you that awesome taste which you don’t want to miss. Here, I would specifically want to request you to choose a budget hotel. After all, a person on travel, only sleeps for few hours and I am sure, you can easily adjust on an “economical hotel”. This is another one of the tips of how to save money fast for travelling. Isn’t it?


Minimize the cost of tipping

Why do you want to ‘tip’ the person when you already have to pay service charge? Well, as you think about it, you will realize the actual theory where it is absolutely no use of it. This is the story of most of us who tend to feel jute mute spectators towards the things happening in front of us.


Mingle with locals

It is always best to make friends fast with locals if you want to save money solo travel, and we should enquire them about the best places to visit, eat food, go for shopping etc. Yes, your knowledge of local language can come to handy, in such a situation.


Prefer family packages

Do you want to save up money for travel while going with family? If yes, then ensure that you prefer family packages over others. Yes, they have deals to save your money.


Try off season for travelling

Usually, in the peak season, the rates are so sky high, that you tend to feel duped but you know yourself about the awesomeness as this one of the sure cut save money traveling tips in the off peak season where from transport fair, to hotel charges etc become quite low much to your happiness.


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Make use of WiFi

Yes, now a days most of the places have this facility and don’t forget to use it.


Go Street and local shopping


One of the best ways to save money whilst travelling as a tourist is to go for street shopping. These markets are abundant with ethnic products available at quite a cheap price, not to miss.


Prefer complete packages

Another one of the tips to save money when travelling is to prefer complete packages for saving a lot of your hard earned money during your journey.

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Expensive markets should be avoided

Ways to save money when travelling in your thought process as well. Mostly areas during airports, railway stations etc have comparable expensive products, so search and enquire from the locals about the best money saving markets.


Don’t be stubborn

If you are wondering best ways to save money travelling, then you should started thinking from a matured mind and that includes being flexible in your approach.

Ensure packing for dry foods in order to save money travelling


One of the best ways of understanding the actual meaning of how can I save money to go travelling is to pack dry foods for ensuring your own savings. Usually, the cravings which you experiencing in between lunch and dinner can be addressed, as it proves to be a save money travelling tip not to miss.

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Final thoughts

I am sure you would have got the answer as to how can I save money for travelling. Yes, this is the post which most of us will directly relate to. As somewhere down the line, we would have faced the situations during our journey where every single possible things which we can visualize, literally seem to ask for money from us, or in other words, we tend to feel that “Look, I have to try this favorite food or go to that sightseeing, try that dress, purchase this accessory, as I don’t know if ever I visit this favorite place again”. I hope, the post will help you in getting a positive outlook where you will start saving money from now on.

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