The best (4) Rooftop bars in Australia, you should visit at least once

The best (4) Rooftop bars in Australia, you should visit at least once
Heading to Australia?
Well, the place, known for its exuberance, awesomeness and splendid nightlife. Yes, something, which will create adrenalin rush in your body. It is considered to be the same hip and happening place on earth which you would have visited either in New York or Miami.
Yes, Australia isn’t behind either.
How about becoming a coveted spectator overlooking the happening city of Melbourne in the electrifying roof top of the Australian bar and enjoying cock tail?

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Well, it will make your moments special, which you always wanted to.
Likewise, if you are looking for a rooftop bar in Melbourne, then the following post is for you:-


The Imperial

Do you remember that this roof top restaurant has done an excellent, marvelous and awesome coverage of soccer? Yes, I bet you do. Considering the history with which this pub is attached, you can see how the experience has percolated in giving a “king-size” experience to the guests.

Yes, you will be spellbound and marvel at every inch of place and area, you witness. It is also featured in the pub list.
Considering the rich heritage with it is associated, you can also be a proud witness to the latest architectural beauty, after the renovation, which happened few years back.
Well, Melbourne is known for captivating roof tops, and perhaps the infrastructural beauty of such roof tops has been the reason, for the city as to why visitors from far and wide, come and live their precious moments, by enjoying the night life of the city.
Considering its massive built up along with its artistically decorated spacious area, you can have a get-together amidst its long bar tables. There are stools, sofas and tall tables to help you regain the spark of life, by spending the time with your friends.

How about sipping your coffee, amidst being the proud witness to the Treasury Building? Well, yes, such is the marvelous backdrop, that you will only have reasons to cherish the spectacular, heritage beauty amidst spending some of the proud moments.
The Imperial is also known for its mouth watering, exquisite cuisines with its array of different sections to make you taste from some of the best cuisines right at your finger tips.

Loop Roof

Well, this roof top bar in Australia has indeed carved a niche for itself. As you sneak down towards Meyers Place, you will indeed get “wow” moments, considering the spectacular beauty in store for you. This bar is the only one, amongst the sea of restaurants, in Melbourne and it is no wonder, that you are equally going to be blessed for its sheer beauty, hospitality, awesomeness, friendliness and of course the exquisite cuisines in store for you.
Yes, the roof top restaurant can be considered as away from the league in terms of giving you personal space while situated in the center in such a happening city.

Good Heavens

Quite like what you feel while visiting the Madame Brussels, you can be ready to expect the same awesomeness. Yes, this roof top restaurant in Melbourne is what you would die for, considering the personal space you will get, while being in the centre of such a city, which is always on the move.
Be ready to get a retro look from the restaurant and I bet, considering the beauty with which it is designed, you will continue to enthrall and captivate yourself for sure. Just downstairs to this restaurant, you can try those lip smacking Fancy Hanks BBQ, which I bet, will make you at the edge of seat, while you will surely ask for another one.

Rivoli : Nineteen Forty

Well, the name of this PUB is synonymous with its heritage association. Yes, The Rovoli which is an old, pristine, captivating and heritage listed Art Deco cinema is the most charismatic and lively point on Hawthorn’s main roads.
This beauty is such a splendid and awesome structure which is proudly situated in middle of Camber well Road and due to such a magnificent structure, it seems to dwarf or overlook every other.
Right, when you thought, where is this restaurant,?
Well, it is situated on the top of Rivoli which was named exactly in 12 moths post its inauguration.

If you want to see the traditional, exotic along with modern era, then it is the perfect fit.
Well, considering its pristine beauty, be prepared to witness rustic feel along with exposed brick wall as well. Well, it is something, which you normally don’t witness everywhere. Isn’t it interesting?


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9 Interesting facts about the Taj Mahal (in India)

The whole world gives standing ovation on seeing one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Yes, I am talking about TajMahal which symbolizes love and is a shining white masterpiece. Even Rabindranath Tagore who has also been a noble laureate, referred this ancient, pristine, glorifying, enhancing, captivating and awesome beauty as “a tear drop on the cheeks of time”

It is equally known for umpteen numbers of stories which has become quite interesting to read considering the extra-ordinary, crazy and mind-blowing history associated with this marvelous structure to say the least.

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Let’s take a look at the 9 Interesting facts about the Taj Mahal


Shah Jahan and Mumtaz Mahal

Shah Jahan who is the Mughal Emperor as per the name lived life like “Mughals” or in an “palatial manner”. The awesome and beautiful structure which is as ‘white as milk’ was built by him in the loving memory of his third wife Mumtaz Mahal.

There was the news that while she was in the labor, she couldn’t withstand the complications associated along with, and she soon died during the birth of child. As a result, Emperor was shocked and terrified at the sudden loss and legends have it that he was so bewildered that he became careless towards even looking after himself. Soon, he gave scant regard towards his upkeep and that included his beard becoming long, as he was hell broken.

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Art of calligraphy

If you want to see the perfect art of enchanting calligraphy, then this masterpiece is full of captivating interiors and exteriors. Yes, based on its existence which was due to the loving memory of his beloved wife Mumtaz, he has done the calligraphy on the tomb specifically for his wife.

There are equally 99 names of Almighty Allah which are inscribed on the sides of tomb. All these names are given the touch of calligraphy style. Yes, Shah Jahan has assumed how Mumtaz would will be living in heaven in beautiful surroundings amidst such a beautiful place and he tried to give that practical shape to the same by actually signifying that love.

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Workers and laborers employed for construction

This magnificent architecture couldn’t have been possible without the artistic creation and innovative thinking of Ahmed Lahauri. He took charge of the whole situation actively by deploying whopping 20,000 people who belonged to different professions as per their level of needs. Yes, from ordinary laborers to painters, calligraphers, to stonecutters, there were sufficient skills meant for series of requirements. There were elephants who were pressed into service for transporting huge and massive stones and their number shot more then 1,000 at a given time.

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Number of Years it took for TajMahal

The first brick was laid in 1632 which signified the construction of magnificent Taj Mahal after the sudden and untimely death of his beloved wife Mumtaz.

He wanted to give a practical shape to the utmost “emotional” love which he had for his wife. So, the construction which involved hundreds of laborers continued for whopping 22 years and in the year 1653, it was completed by giving beauty to the most enhancing infrastructure on earth which is still known as the most glorifying structure.

The whopping amount of cost which was incurred during that time stood out to 32 million, just goes on to show the extent of expenses incurred. It is expected that the current amount would have been estimated to be above $1 billion

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Specific type of material used

If you have been able to take a close look from the pictures or you had got a chance to visit the structure “live”, then you would have seen that there are red stone walls which are used as boundary on its three sides.

Yes, some of the creamy and sophisticated marbles were purchased not just from Rajasthan, but also from international places. The countries from where the deal was done are China, Afghanistan and Tibet.

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The extreme state of perfection can be reflected through Taj Mahal

If you ever wanted to see how an architectural beauty even during those times could be, then it has symmetrical structures. I mean, its four sides are identical, which has been constructed on the principle of self replication by taking in mind the concept of geometry. It is this aspect which originates mirror reflection on either sides.

In view of the Mughal emperor’s main thought process signifying a more masculine, bolder and taller structure, he wanted to create the male tomb at a higher note than the female one and as a result, these two tombs are not equal. Another interesting aspect worth sharing is that, the four minarets are constructed in a position outside the plinth; this has been knowingly done, so that in the event if due to an accident, they happen to fall, then they won’t harm the main structure as they are going to fall outside.

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Changing mood swings of this beauty

Quite like what can be related with the woman’s mood swings, the reflection of the same can be seen in Taj Mahal as well. Interestingly, there are different colors which become its characteristic during changing times. For example, if I talk about early morning, then there is pinkish hue, which soon turns into sparkling or glowing white with the progress of day. Yes, after dusk, there is a sense of golden touch in terms of its light, which can be seen in the moon light. Importantly, the beauty of Taj Mahal is worth seen during the time when there is full moon.


There was a rebellion

During 1857, rebellion, Taj Mahal was damaged partially. The attackers were slightly successful with their aim of harming the structure where they ransacked the beautiful garden and damaged few stones. However, Viceroy of British India, namely Lord Curzon in 19th century soon gave orders for its renovation which got into completion mode by 1908. The chandelier which is hung in Taj Mahal is the beautiful thought process and contribution from this man only.


Myths associated with Taj Mahal

There has been quite misconception which has percolated deep in the minds of people which is that Mughal king Shah Jahan had chopped the hands of all the workers associated with building Taj Mahal. This he done as he had the threat that others might hire them for building the structure again somewhere else. There is equally a second myth which has been doing the rounds since ages where it is said that he wanted to build not white but black TajMahal, but couldn’t for some reason.

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Busted: Top 17 myths about India

foreigner tajmahal visit

Busted: Top 17 myths about India

“We are finally in India”, “Wow”, yes that’s the most obvious reaction from people visiting culturally and traditionally rich country such as India from across the world which equally boasts of safe and systematic stay.


Why foreigners visit India?

India offers quite a promising time for both solo travelers and those who travel with families. Indians follow “Atiti Devo Bhava” which means that we consider guests to be equivalent to God.

There were roughly 8.02 million foreign tourist arrivals in India 2015 which registered a growth rate of 4.4%, as compared to 7.68 million in 2014 which saw an increase of 10.2% over 2013.

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How many foreigners visit India every year?

Well, with regards to above example of continuous growth, we can very well come to the conclusion about the continuous increase in the strength of foreigners and the above statistic can precisely help you towards the basic query of how many tourists visit India each year.

We can better get to know about the about it through India tourist map

India Tourist Map
India Tourist Map

A beautiful country with its authentic and peculiar “color”, “sound”, “noise”, and “smell” are usually the four most obvious mesmerizing traits best expressed by foreigners in Indian context. The old part of the cities has some of the most magnificent, traditionally rich sightseeings quite like Taj Mahal” being “One of the seven wonders of the world” or other monuments with traditional significance such as “Jama Masjid”, Qutub Minar, Lotus Temple etc

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Significance of tourism in India

Well, tourism enhances the economy of the country by equally giving employment to people. After all, foreign tourists visiting India are beneficial to our economy for the same reason

Now, I am coming up with the following 19 myths which foreigners usually have in Indian context

    1. Indians only know one language which is Hindi, but that’s not true. English is one of the official languages and is actually the main language which connects people from across the country.


    1. Indians are somewhat of the same color. However the reality is that we are so different, in terms of what we eat, how we look with respect to different geographical locations. Hence, it becomes only a myth that all Indians are brown but in reality it actually varies as you start moving from one place to another. Skin color varies from one region to another as we have different shades of color relating with brown, white, olive etc and apparently, people of specific regions differ in shapes and sizes as well.


    1. Indian is a hot country, but in reality it has different possible geographical landscapes. From great mountain ranges of Himalayas, to sunny beaches which you can see in west or south, to deserts and rain forests in east. Of course, vegetation along with flaura and fauna is something which is so diversed that you will actually see it to believe.


    1. India is well connected with different modes of transportation, like air, land and sea but you need to do prior booking to get the same seat at reasonably cheap price. However, if you look at the last hour, you might have to unnecessary pay more than double as well.


    1. The “Bindi” which is also referred as Kumkum is actually the tattoo on the forehead of women. Well, these bindis are actually the traditional face of women


    1. India has far greater number of Gods that the total number of people put together. It is only a myth. Isn’t it?


    1. Taxi Drivers and software professionals are only 2 occupations known in India. Well, we know reality is something else.


    1. Every Indian is a vegetarian. What to say, well we all have our own preferences


    1. Cows, buffaloes, horse carts and snakes can be found everywhere. But we know it is not.


    1. India is full of call centers everywhere, but it has actually emerged as the super power.


    1. All Indian food is spicy, but little do we realize, that based on the geographical locations and boundaries, the different level of spice varies in food. This is another myth about Indian food which is busted now


    1. India only has forts and temples, but we do have wildlife with beaches, deserts and sand as well.
    Foreigners wearing saree
    Foreigners wearing saree


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    1. Another notion which non Indian have is that all Indian women wear sarees, but that’s actually not fully true, there are majority of younger women who wear western wear as well apart from another traditional wear namely “Salwar suits”. Another myth about Indian culture which has no relevance or reality.


    1. Foreigners may have the belief that everyone in India knows Yoga, although it is a “must to know” exercise, but again, it is not true that everyone is familiar with it, as there are other health related exercises which are practiced too. They may have this myth but there is no point of guessing about what foreigners like about India such as its people, culture, traditions and above all different tourist place not to forget.


    1. It is hard to get in touch with Non Indian foods. Well, there is no reality especially as of now, with India fast developing as a super power with various multinational companies have  actually opened their outlets and having the best of Non Indian cuisines is so easy with branded outlets at every nook and corner of the prominent cities.


    1. Most of non Indians are of the belief that everyone speaks Hindi in India, although you can say that majority of people do the same, but along with the same there are so many other languages which are spoken as well.


    1. While you visit India, you are more likely to be greeted by an India with “Namaste”, well that is actually not the case as these days people wish “Good Day, Namaste” etc without folding their hands. 

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    2. Tourism in India conclusion

      The post is doing its bit to help foreigners break the myths. Yes, considering their love and affection for the country, we as Indians feel blessed to welcome them time and again. The kind of excitement can be worth seen with them who don’t feel shy of using the word and I quote “Pregnant with human emotions”. Yes, their gleeful faces are the perfect testimony which authenticates how excited they are actually in witnessing the sightseeings which they have only seen in pictures or televisions up till now. There are so many foreigners settled in India with their families as well, over the years, only proves how well, the country sticks to welcoming guests for which Indian Actor Aamir Khan was once a part of campaign where he was seen persuading people to respect and welcome foreigners, by actually persuading people to contribute towards a cleaner India.


      I hope by reading the aforesaid post on myths about India, you are going to like the post, like the way I have enjoyed writing it as well.


Top 10 reasons to visit India


The strength of foreigners visiting India has become way higher over the years. After all, so many “colors” can be seen thanks to its beautiful surroundings Yes, “Welcome to India”, the land which promises you for the safest, pleasant and awesome stay and you rightly take out your “Cameras” all excited to finally witness the places which you have been dreaming up till now.


  1. Love to see Taj Mahal

The love of foreigners for Taj Mahal, Jama Masjid, Lotus Temple, Qutub Minar etc is certainly not hidden. Let’s not forget, it is also referred as one of the seven wonders of the world. If you are you looking for tourists attractions in India, then you can get detailed information by visiting various social media channels in order to accordingly make itinerary as well.

Indians are known to mingle easily with foreigners and it is the feelings which bind the interest of people across the world and these prominent reactions make anybody lively and relieved and as a result, non Indians come again and again.

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2.  Do foreigners love Indian food? Yes of course

Old areas have their unique “cooking” smell as well. Talking about “mouthwatering” and “spicy” cuisines how can you miss those sumptuous “chicken masala”, naan”, “gulaab jamun” as food for tourists in India is something which they dearly love. Similarly, every kind of thaali (vegetarian food) etc which even for the first timers give such a boosting energy that you tend to eat more and so is the street food and snacks, chana masala, paneer dosa, not to miss.

3. What attracts tourists in India? Well, it is their love for Hindi

As a travel agent, I am quite happy to say that tourists experience in India is indeed “mind-blowing”; they love each and every thing


  • Even few days for whites is enough for them to learn few words in Hindi such as
  • Thoda Thoda (little little)
  • Aapka Naam Kya Hai (what is your name)
  • Sab Kuch Milega (Everything is available)
  • Namaste (As a mark of gesture while meeting)
  • What foreigners love about India? It is also about Bollywood dialogues as well such as

Kutte Kamine Main Tumhara Khoon Pee Jaongi” (Popular dialogue from a Bollywood Movie meaning Rascal, I will drink your blood, scary, isn’t it …lol

4. Safe and pleasant stay

Indian government has taken upon itself towards ensuring the safety and security of foreigners and you just simply need not worry. After all, if you look at the track record of last 5 years, there has never been any incident where you eventually need to be concerned or cared about.

The good thing which foreigners broadly say at the top of their voice is that people are friendly and country is safe with of course you need to be cautious enough towards keeping your valuables intact as this is one of the best tourists to India tips. Unlike the perception even Indian girls travelling solo, for excursion or fun have never faced any issues. So, those of you lovely girls (solo or group)who really want to be a part of fun and enjoyment, then this beautiful country is actually waiting for you.

5. An easy ride through Rickshaws / Tongas

You equally don’t want to miss having a rickshaw/ tonga ride. (While these specific rickshaws are manually operated, Tongas are run by horses). In most of the Indian cities, they run and the sheer joy of passing through tourist places make even a short trip worth memorable and deserving, like never before. Its low charge is also another reason for its popularity.

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6. Love for Sari

People start loving Indian culture so much, that they tend to wear “Saari” which is an Indian traditional dress born by majority of Indian women and so is “Shalwar Suits”, which is again quite a prominently visible dress born by people in Northern part of India.

There have been few foreigners who have made India their proud home after marrying with Indian partners. Do we need to say anything else about the beauty of India which has carved a niche for itself across the world?

7. Indians are honest and lovely

It is “Smiles” from Indians as a “welcoming” gesture for foreigners which compel them to feel that it is actually their “home away from home”. Foreigners experience how happy Indians actually are, our wisdom and carefree attitude about living life to the fullest. This is one of the reasons why are foreigners in love with India. Indians are always ready to help them whether it is about directing them to their preferred place or addressing their concerns arising out of any other issue.

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8. Love for Paani Puri, Dahi Puri

What could be said more about a dish, which atonce water our mouth? Yes, I am talking about Paani Puri and Dahi Puri and foreigners love it. You can easily them gulping them often. It is just  that “once” they taste it, that they become fan of it forever.

9. Love for Meetha Pan

How can you miss having large “Meetha Pan” which is basically beetle leaves combined with fruit extracts. The funny feeling of gulping “This Big Pan” at one go, is in itself a source of interesting exercise coupled with “yummy” feeling derived during the time of melting of fruit extracts. Yes, you want to have it every now and then.

10. Love to indulge in street shopping What tourists buy in India?


It is mostly electronic items which are priced low, especially if you do street shopping. Foreigners who fell in love with India surely buy the same. You can also find the local work really in a cost effective manner in terms of chicken clothes, sculptures, wood work, spices, silk, cotton etc.

Considering the list of facilities and features which are associated with India, international tourists in India are rising with every passing day. A travelling in India guide should also come to be handy.

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Perfumes of Dubai seems to be better with every passing day

As the perfume companies of the world have centered their eyes in the market of UAE, Dubai for selling their products  albeit with an interesting twist.

Yes, do you know what’s that?

Well, countries such as France etc which is known for awesome and sophisticated perfumes are now exporting to United Arab Emirates with a traditional orientation along with a mix of French fragrance.


Yes, regional market has been quite an eager taker of the blended perfume which is ofcourse speaking great about not such the sweet diplomatic relations between the two countries, but also about awesome fragrance, which is in instore in the Dubai markets.

Well, till date, perfumes were traditionally known to be produces locally, as far as Dubai was concerned, but considering the recent years, Dubai has come on an international platform with regards to the perfume industry.

Obviously, Dubai has to its credit one of the highest production of perfumes and its export is an enlightening proof that Dubai is set to become bigger and greater.
Primarily so, as the UAE government is well versed towards promoting this business and has been quite favorable in giving lots of opportunities to Dubai businessmen.

Do you undress while your dog sees you? If yes, then tell how he reacts

Yes, I do change clothes in front of my pets and it is true that their level of behavior change is quite noteworthy too.
For example, when it dress and especially, if I am putting on my jacket, pants and shoes, then the level of excitement can be worth seen in his eyes. As he sees me to be getting ready for taking him out for a stroll. Yes, he excitedly waits for me , as “if he wants me to take him outside”.

Likewise, when I drop my clothes, then that is enough for him to realize, that he will remain at home. So, his level of excitement subsides and he doesn’t wag his tail and showcase similar hints.

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Is there any suggestion of a dog bed for a senior deg who consistently have to be washed on a frequent basis?

Well, if your pocket allows, then you should go for a vet recommended bed. Well, that I must say will be awesome.
However, don’t worry if you are looking for a cheaper option.
You can also happily go for crib mattress as a substitute, which you can get for lesser amount.

Well, you need to cover it with a clean as well as hygienic crib sheet, which will let you to wash.
The best thing which you ofcourse want here is that comfy dog bed won’t absorb.
So, you can happily wipe it out as per the nature of necessity, based on the number of times, you need.
Likewise, I have my personal suggestion where you should get few sheets, so that switch over to others, and then use them on rotational basis.

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