Busted: Top 17 myths about India

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Busted: Top 17 myths about India

“We are finally in India”, “Wow”, yes that’s the most obvious reaction from people visiting culturally and traditionally rich country such as India from across the world which equally boasts of safe and systematic stay.


Why foreigners visit India?

India offers quite a promising time for both solo travelers and those who travel with families. Indians follow “Atiti Devo Bhava” which means that we consider guests to be equivalent to God.

There were roughly 8.02 million foreign tourist arrivals in India 2015 which registered a growth rate of 4.4%, as compared to 7.68 million in 2014 which saw an increase of 10.2% over 2013.

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How many foreigners visit India every year?

Well, with regards to above example of continuous growth, we can very well come to the conclusion about the continuous increase in the strength of foreigners and the above statistic can precisely help you towards the basic query of how many tourists visit India each year.

We can better get to know about the about it through India tourist map

India Tourist Map
India Tourist Map

A beautiful country with its authentic and peculiar “color”, “sound”, “noise”, and “smell” are usually the four most obvious mesmerizing traits best expressed by foreigners in Indian context. The old part of the cities has some of the most magnificent, traditionally rich sightseeings quite like Taj Mahal” being “One of the seven wonders of the world” or other monuments with traditional significance such as “Jama Masjid”, Qutub Minar, Lotus Temple etc

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Significance of tourism in India

Well, tourism enhances the economy of the country by equally giving employment to people. After all, foreign tourists visiting India are beneficial to our economy for the same reason

Now, I am coming up with the following 19 myths which foreigners usually have in Indian context

    1. Indians only know one language which is Hindi, but that’s not true. English is one of the official languages and is actually the main language which connects people from across the country.


    1. Indians are somewhat of the same color. However the reality is that we are so different, in terms of what we eat, how we look with respect to different geographical locations. Hence, it becomes only a myth that all Indians are brown but in reality it actually varies as you start moving from one place to another. Skin color varies from one region to another as we have different shades of color relating with brown, white, olive etc and apparently, people of specific regions differ in shapes and sizes as well.


    1. Indian is a hot country, but in reality it has different possible geographical landscapes. From great mountain ranges of Himalayas, to sunny beaches which you can see in west or south, to deserts and rain forests in east. Of course, vegetation along with flaura and fauna is something which is so diversed that you will actually see it to believe.


    1. India is well connected with different modes of transportation, like air, land and sea but you need to do prior booking to get the same seat at reasonably cheap price. However, if you look at the last hour, you might have to unnecessary pay more than double as well.


    1. The “Bindi” which is also referred as Kumkum is actually the tattoo on the forehead of women. Well, these bindis are actually the traditional face of women


    1. India has far greater number of Gods that the total number of people put together. It is only a myth. Isn’t it?


    1. Taxi Drivers and software professionals are only 2 occupations known in India. Well, we know reality is something else.


    1. Every Indian is a vegetarian. What to say, well we all have our own preferences


    1. Cows, buffaloes, horse carts and snakes can be found everywhere. But we know it is not.


    1. India is full of call centers everywhere, but it has actually emerged as the super power.


    1. All Indian food is spicy, but little do we realize, that based on the geographical locations and boundaries, the different level of spice varies in food. This is another myth about Indian food which is busted now


    1. India only has forts and temples, but we do have wildlife with beaches, deserts and sand as well.
    Foreigners wearing saree
    Foreigners wearing saree


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    1. Another notion which non Indian have is that all Indian women wear sarees, but that’s actually not fully true, there are majority of younger women who wear western wear as well apart from another traditional wear namely “Salwar suits”. Another myth about Indian culture which has no relevance or reality.


    1. Foreigners may have the belief that everyone in India knows Yoga, although it is a “must to know” exercise, but again, it is not true that everyone is familiar with it, as there are other health related exercises which are practiced too. They may have this myth but there is no point of guessing about what foreigners like about India such as its people, culture, traditions and above all different tourist place not to forget.


    1. It is hard to get in touch with Non Indian foods. Well, there is no reality especially as of now, with India fast developing as a super power with various multinational companies have  actually opened their outlets and having the best of Non Indian cuisines is so easy with branded outlets at every nook and corner of the prominent cities.


    1. Most of non Indians are of the belief that everyone speaks Hindi in India, although you can say that majority of people do the same, but along with the same there are so many other languages which are spoken as well.


    1. While you visit India, you are more likely to be greeted by an India with “Namaste”, well that is actually not the case as these days people wish “Good Day, Namaste” etc without folding their hands. 

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    2. Tourism in India conclusion

      The post is doing its bit to help foreigners break the myths. Yes, considering their love and affection for the country, we as Indians feel blessed to welcome them time and again. The kind of excitement can be worth seen with them who don’t feel shy of using the word and I quote “Pregnant with human emotions”. Yes, their gleeful faces are the perfect testimony which authenticates how excited they are actually in witnessing the sightseeings which they have only seen in pictures or televisions up till now. There are so many foreigners settled in India with their families as well, over the years, only proves how well, the country sticks to welcoming guests for which Indian Actor Aamir Khan was once a part of campaign where he was seen persuading people to respect and welcome foreigners, by actually persuading people to contribute towards a cleaner India.


      I hope by reading the aforesaid post on myths about India, you are going to like the post, like the way I have enjoyed writing it as well.


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