Top 10 reasons to visit India


The strength of foreigners visiting India has become way higher over the years. After all, so many “colors” can be seen thanks to its beautiful surroundings Yes, “Welcome to India”, the land which promises you for the safest, pleasant and awesome stay and you rightly take out your “Cameras” all excited to finally witness the places which you have been dreaming up till now.


  1. Love to see Taj Mahal

The love of foreigners for Taj Mahal, Jama Masjid, Lotus Temple, Qutub Minar etc is certainly not hidden. Let’s not forget, it is also referred as one of the seven wonders of the world. If you are you looking for tourists attractions in India, then you can get detailed information by visiting various social media channels in order to accordingly make itinerary as well.

Indians are known to mingle easily with foreigners and it is the feelings which bind the interest of people across the world and these prominent reactions make anybody lively and relieved and as a result, non Indians come again and again.

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2.  Do foreigners love Indian food? Yes of course

Old areas have their unique “cooking” smell as well. Talking about “mouthwatering” and “spicy” cuisines how can you miss those sumptuous “chicken masala”, naan”, “gulaab jamun” as food for tourists in India is something which they dearly love. Similarly, every kind of thaali (vegetarian food) etc which even for the first timers give such a boosting energy that you tend to eat more and so is the street food and snacks, chana masala, paneer dosa, not to miss.

3. What attracts tourists in India? Well, it is their love for Hindi

As a travel agent, I am quite happy to say that tourists experience in India is indeed “mind-blowing”; they love each and every thing


  • Even few days for whites is enough for them to learn few words in Hindi such as
  • Thoda Thoda (little little)
  • Aapka Naam Kya Hai (what is your name)
  • Sab Kuch Milega (Everything is available)
  • Namaste (As a mark of gesture while meeting)
  • What foreigners love about India? It is also about Bollywood dialogues as well such as

Kutte Kamine Main Tumhara Khoon Pee Jaongi” (Popular dialogue from a Bollywood Movie meaning Rascal, I will drink your blood, scary, isn’t it …lol

4. Safe and pleasant stay

Indian government has taken upon itself towards ensuring the safety and security of foreigners and you just simply need not worry. After all, if you look at the track record of last 5 years, there has never been any incident where you eventually need to be concerned or cared about.

The good thing which foreigners broadly say at the top of their voice is that people are friendly and country is safe with of course you need to be cautious enough towards keeping your valuables intact as this is one of the best tourists to India tips. Unlike the perception even Indian girls travelling solo, for excursion or fun have never faced any issues. So, those of you lovely girls (solo or group)who really want to be a part of fun and enjoyment, then this beautiful country is actually waiting for you.

5. An easy ride through Rickshaws / Tongas

You equally don’t want to miss having a rickshaw/ tonga ride. (While these specific rickshaws are manually operated, Tongas are run by horses). In most of the Indian cities, they run and the sheer joy of passing through tourist places make even a short trip worth memorable and deserving, like never before. Its low charge is also another reason for its popularity.

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6. Love for Sari

People start loving Indian culture so much, that they tend to wear “Saari” which is an Indian traditional dress born by majority of Indian women and so is “Shalwar Suits”, which is again quite a prominently visible dress born by people in Northern part of India.

There have been few foreigners who have made India their proud home after marrying with Indian partners. Do we need to say anything else about the beauty of India which has carved a niche for itself across the world?

7. Indians are honest and lovely

It is “Smiles” from Indians as a “welcoming” gesture for foreigners which compel them to feel that it is actually their “home away from home”. Foreigners experience how happy Indians actually are, our wisdom and carefree attitude about living life to the fullest. This is one of the reasons why are foreigners in love with India. Indians are always ready to help them whether it is about directing them to their preferred place or addressing their concerns arising out of any other issue.

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8. Love for Paani Puri, Dahi Puri

What could be said more about a dish, which atonce water our mouth? Yes, I am talking about Paani Puri and Dahi Puri and foreigners love it. You can easily them gulping them often. It is just  that “once” they taste it, that they become fan of it forever.

9. Love for Meetha Pan

How can you miss having large “Meetha Pan” which is basically beetle leaves combined with fruit extracts. The funny feeling of gulping “This Big Pan” at one go, is in itself a source of interesting exercise coupled with “yummy” feeling derived during the time of melting of fruit extracts. Yes, you want to have it every now and then.

10. Love to indulge in street shopping What tourists buy in India?


It is mostly electronic items which are priced low, especially if you do street shopping. Foreigners who fell in love with India surely buy the same. You can also find the local work really in a cost effective manner in terms of chicken clothes, sculptures, wood work, spices, silk, cotton etc.

Considering the list of facilities and features which are associated with India, international tourists in India are rising with every passing day. A travelling in India guide should also come to be handy.

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