Recommendation made to end accreditation of City Montessori School

Lucknow:- 29th July, 2019

Denying the “financially poor children” admission in the school, as per the Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education (RTE) Act, 2009, recommendation has been made to end the accreditation of City Montessori School.

District Basic Education officer, Dr. Amarkaant Singh has written a letter to the Council for Indian School, to end the accreditation of C.M.S

C.M.S is charged of not giving admission to poor students as per the RTI

As per the RTI Act, barring the minority institutors, it is compulsory for all private schools, to give admission to financially poor education in 25% of their seats.

270 students were sent for admission to C.M.S this year as per RTI Act. However, the school has only accepted 2 students this year.
Dr. Amar Kaant Singh has said, that the school was directed for the admission of selected students as per the rule. Inspite of that, the institution didn’t admit.
Now, a notice has been circulated to end the accreditation of City Montessori School.

Recommendation has been earlier also
This is not the first time, which the letter has been sent to end the accreditation. Similar recommendation was made last year, in 2016. However, nothing concrete was done that year.

We didn’t give admission for the following reason:-
Only those students who fulfill the requirement are admitted.
Rishi Khanna, Spokesperson – C.M.S

Source – Amar Ujala


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