The best (4) Rooftop bars in Australia, you should visit at least once

The best (4) Rooftop bars in Australia, you should visit at least once
Heading to Australia?
Well, the place, known for its exuberance, awesomeness and splendid nightlife. Yes, something, which will create adrenalin rush in your body. It is considered to be the same hip and happening place on earth which you would have visited either in New York or Miami.
Yes, Australia isn’t behind either.
How about becoming a coveted spectator overlooking the happening city of Melbourne in the electrifying roof top of the Australian bar and enjoying cock tail?

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Well, it will make your moments special, which you always wanted to.
Likewise, if you are looking for a rooftop bar in Melbourne, then the following post is for you:-


The Imperial

Do you remember that this roof top restaurant has done an excellent, marvelous and awesome coverage of soccer? Yes, I bet you do. Considering the history with which this pub is attached, you can see how the experience has percolated in giving a “king-size” experience to the guests.

Yes, you will be spellbound and marvel at every inch of place and area, you witness. It is also featured in the pub list.
Considering the rich heritage with it is associated, you can also be a proud witness to the latest architectural beauty, after the renovation, which happened few years back.
Well, Melbourne is known for captivating roof tops, and perhaps the infrastructural beauty of such roof tops has been the reason, for the city as to why visitors from far and wide, come and live their precious moments, by enjoying the night life of the city.
Considering its massive built up along with its artistically decorated spacious area, you can have a get-together amidst its long bar tables. There are stools, sofas and tall tables to help you regain the spark of life, by spending the time with your friends.

How about sipping your coffee, amidst being the proud witness to the Treasury Building? Well, yes, such is the marvelous backdrop, that you will only have reasons to cherish the spectacular, heritage beauty amidst spending some of the proud moments.
The Imperial is also known for its mouth watering, exquisite cuisines with its array of different sections to make you taste from some of the best cuisines right at your finger tips.

Loop Roof

Well, this roof top bar in Australia has indeed carved a niche for itself. As you sneak down towards Meyers Place, you will indeed get “wow” moments, considering the spectacular beauty in store for you. This bar is the only one, amongst the sea of restaurants, in Melbourne and it is no wonder, that you are equally going to be blessed for its sheer beauty, hospitality, awesomeness, friendliness and of course the exquisite cuisines in store for you.
Yes, the roof top restaurant can be considered as away from the league in terms of giving you personal space while situated in the center in such a happening city.

Good Heavens

Quite like what you feel while visiting the Madame Brussels, you can be ready to expect the same awesomeness. Yes, this roof top restaurant in Melbourne is what you would die for, considering the personal space you will get, while being in the centre of such a city, which is always on the move.
Be ready to get a retro look from the restaurant and I bet, considering the beauty with which it is designed, you will continue to enthrall and captivate yourself for sure. Just downstairs to this restaurant, you can try those lip smacking Fancy Hanks BBQ, which I bet, will make you at the edge of seat, while you will surely ask for another one.

Rivoli : Nineteen Forty

Well, the name of this PUB is synonymous with its heritage association. Yes, The Rovoli which is an old, pristine, captivating and heritage listed Art Deco cinema is the most charismatic and lively point on Hawthorn’s main roads.
This beauty is such a splendid and awesome structure which is proudly situated in middle of Camber well Road and due to such a magnificent structure, it seems to dwarf or overlook every other.
Right, when you thought, where is this restaurant,?
Well, it is situated on the top of Rivoli which was named exactly in 12 moths post its inauguration.

If you want to see the traditional, exotic along with modern era, then it is the perfect fit.
Well, considering its pristine beauty, be prepared to witness rustic feel along with exposed brick wall as well. Well, it is something, which you normally don’t witness everywhere. Isn’t it interesting?


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