Writing a conclusion paragraph about the pet peeves

Conclusion Paragraph – Pet Peeves


Everyone has pet peeves. So, what we need to do is to be calm and composed and overlook.
We never know, that we may have few traits which we don’t realise, but they are considered to be pet peeves by others.

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So, as human beings, we need to be calm and passionate and have a soft corner for people with mistakes.
Yes, we all do mistakes but best thing about us as humans is that, we are civilised and God has made us to live us together by sharing and caring.

Yes, we should transform ourselves by being a good listener and learn to forgive.
Likewise, we will realise that the world around us will equally love us and start forgiving us with mistakes.

We won’t find ourselves to be secluded from the society.
We will always feel a helping hand at the time, we need.
We won’t look others with suspicion or hatred

Yes, it is true, that “what we give, is what we get”. So, we need to give our love for others, by overlooking the mistakes of others.
Right, because, even we aren’t perfect. We have our loopholes and believe me, if we start with this behavior, we won’t turn cold face to others. Infact, we will realize our own mistakes and then, forgiving them would be easier.
Yes, many “learned personalities” have told us to look mistakes inside us and search for positive things in others.
This will surely open a happy and better place to live.
Hope, all of us understand it.
Thank You

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