Mohamed Adourkane – Tells about interesting things from Morocco


Mohamed Adourkane

Mohamed Adourkane is a proud national of the charming and beautiful city of Morocco.

He is quite handsome..Masha Allah and friendly with people.

Mohamed Adourkane says an interesting fact about his country.

He says that there is a “special kind of tree” which is only found in Morocco.

So, why is it special?

Well,  he says that three doesn’t need water to survive. It can even withstand without it. Surprisingly, this special tree gives useful oil which is used in food and also meant for beauty made products.

Considering the speciality of oil, it is very expensive.

So, if you want to see the tree and benefit from it, then visit my BEAUTIFUL, AWESOME AND CHARMING COUNTRY MOROCCO.


Mohamed Adourkane is also invited everyone to visit his country.


Note of Thanks

I am a teacher in India and I thank my Mohamed Adourkane

I am your Indian friend and I whole heartedly thank you for giving us such an interesting thing about Morocco.
I never knew about the special tree.
I accept your invitation of visiting the country sometime in life.

I am also happy that WE ARE FRIENDS NOW.
I also invite you to visit India .

Continue to share interesting things about Morocco and I will be happy to publish here.

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