MOSLEM UDDIN – Fiend from beautiful country Bangladesh

MOSLEM UDDIN – My friend from beautiful country Bangladesh

MOSLEM UDDIN is my friend from the land of awesome sightseeings and natural beauty.

MOSLEM UDDIN says that the Cox’s Bazar Beach in Bangladesh is the longest beach in the world.It is situated in Subdurban, a local place.
The beach is spread to an awesome 120 kilometers .

MOSLEM UDDIN write about other awesome things about Bangladesh:-
Bangladesh is the country adjoining India on one side and its capital is Dhaka.
It is a South Asian Country.
It got independence from Pakistan in the year 1971.
It is spread on 1,47,570 Square Kilometers
Its population is roughly 16 milllion
People from Bangladesh are friendly and peaceful.

MOSLEM UDDIN invites people from around the world to visit Bagladesh atleast once.

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Note of Thanks to Moslem Uddin

I am your Indian friend and I whole heartedly thank you for giving us such an interesting and beautiful things about Bagladesh.
I never knew about the longest beach.
I accept your invitation of visiting the country sometime in life.

I am also happy that WE ARE FRIENDS NOW.
I also invite you to visit India .

Continue to share interesting things about Bangladesh and I will be happy to publish here.


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