Gundeep Deol is from Royal city of Patiala, India shares interesting things

My close and dear friend Gundeep Deol  is from Patiala, India and shares quite an interesting, awesome and pleasant thing about the Royal city.  It is also known for Maharaha Bhupinder Singh who had 365 queens, and the most important thing is that my friend Gundeepi Deol also lives in this city.

He also gives the reason, as to why the city is termed and known for palatial houses and is world famous as the royal city, across the globe. Interesting. Isn’t it?

Gundeep Deol writes the following intersting lines

Patiala is  a royal city as history is witness to the royal castle built around it.
Prominently, Qila Mubarak which was constructed by the chieftain ‘Baba Ala Singh’. He was the royal and most honorable person who lived the life like KING.
Because, he founded the royal dynasty of the Patiala State in 1763.

Gundeep Deol

Note of Thanks

I am a teacher in India and I thank my friend Gundeep Deol

I am your friend and I whole heartedly thank you for giving us such an interesting thing about your Royal city, Patiala .
I never knew about the special thing.
I accept your invitation of visiting the city sometime in life.

I am also happy that WE ARE FRIENDS NOW.
I also invite you to visit Lucknow.

Continue to share interesting things about Patiala city and I will be happy to publish here.


I request every friend from across the world to visit Patiala in India once, and see the right heritage and culture which the city offers.


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