Ghanshyam is from beautiful city of Shimla, shares various interesting things


My very close, dear and awesome friend from Himachal Pradesh, in India- Ghanshyam has written very interesting things about his home town.

Yes, it will interest everyone.

For example, he says that this place belongs to Himalayan.. As we know about “Himalayan Mountains” which are very picturesque beautiful, tall and have lots of natural beauty.

So, Himachal Paradesh is also unique and it is world famous for natural beauty &snow fall. It is a historical city, known for rich traditions and culture.

The place is also known for world famous apples, very big ,sweet and red apples. It will water your mouth.

Shimla is the capital city.

Tourists from around the world, come and visit the place for snow and many places are covered with slow all through the year.

It is also known for various places of worshiop

There are lots of  temples temple( jvala ji .) (mannimehah. )

Yours Ghansham.



Note of Thanks

I am a teacher in India and I thank my friend Ghanshyam

I am your friend and I whole heartedly thank you for giving us such an interesting thing about your state Himachal Pardesh .
I never knew about the special things.
I accept your invitation of visiting the city sometime in life.

I am also happy that WE ARE FRIENDS NOW.
I also invite you to visit Lucknow.

Continue to share interesting things about Himachal Pardesh and I will be happy to publish here.


I request every friend from across the world to visit Himachal Pardesh in India once, and see the right heritage and culture which the city offers.

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