How to sell a “Pen” in an interview

The interviewer may pose the question to the interview to sell a PEN.


Well, I have written a highly impressive, professional and specific answer. Read it and I can assure you that your interviewer will be pretty impressed with you


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Here’s how you should sell, by telling the benefits:-

  1. The Pen works as smooth as butter and you can continue to write for hours without exerting pressure on your fingers
  2. Even if it accidentally falls down, it is unbreakable as it is made from durable covering, thus giving you huge sigh of relief, from your previous soft body pens.
  3.  It is so light as compared to other pens available in else where, that you feel that you are actually holding a pencil meant for children, thus writing for hours together won’t strain your hands.
  4. It has a specially made soft plastic covering, to give a better grip to your fingers
  5. It doesn’t emit ink while writing or if you have left it open
  6. Even considering the list of qualities, it is very affordable and act as the most obvious and perfect choice for you
  7. You may get a similar pen elsewhere, but be ready to spend double the amount, since this newly formed company is giving at a discounted rate and the promotion will end soon

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