Salman from beautiful country Afghanistan, shares wonderful thing about his country

Salman Jani Bangash

An Afghani national is a good looking, smart and fair complexioned citizen.

A young man in his 20’s, he is quite happy  to share about the interesting things, his picturesque country offers.  Yes, he says, about how the awesome sight of various snow capped mountains attracts tourists.
He also says, that Afghanistan is world famous for various fruits, such as grapes, plums, mangoes etc.

He terms people from his country to be very nice and intelligent and rightly so.

Note of Thanks

I am a teacher in India and I thank my friend Salman

I am your friend and I whole heartedly thank you for giving us such an interesting thing about your country Afghanistan  .
I never knew about the special things.
I accept your invitation of visiting the city sometime in life.

I am also happy that WE ARE FRIENDS NOW.
I also invite you to visit India.

Continue to share interesting things about Afghanistan and I will be happy to publish here.


I request every friend from across the world to visit Afghanistan once, and see the right heritage and culture which the city offers.

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