Tito Omer Hasan from Sudan loves playing football

Mohamed Omer is a young, motivated, energetic and highly inspiration lad from the beautiful, awesome and naturally beautiful place popularly known as  Khartoum, Sudan.

He is a university going student and besides being excelling in academics, he is also very polished and sincere towards taking extra – curricular activities.

Yes, he is an awesome football player and his moves and style is quite similar to world famous Argentinian soccer player Leonel Messi.
Yes, if you see him playing, I am sure you will relate his style, quite similar to that of Leo Messi.

Football is a beautiful and highly energetic game and he plays to not just derive enjoyment, but also to make him fit.

He has got several prizes while making his team victorious


Note of Thanks

I wish you Mohamed Omer , BEST OF LUCK for your future


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