Abdulwahid Galmo Elemo is an ambitious young man with a vision to end corruption and poverty of his country


Abdulwahid Galmo Elemo is from beautiful, lovely, awesome and great area known as Dire Dawa

Being a student, he is quite hardworking and also highly ambitious. Yes, he wants to do Political science and lead his country by ending the overall corruption and  poverty by giving equal rights to the citizens.

He wants that poverty should end from his country and he wants to fight against corruption which is eating his country.

He is quite optimistic and hopeful that he will bring the change in his country.

Note of Thanks to the TEACHERS OF Abdulwahid Galmo Elemo

I am ARPIT SHARMA an English teacher from India I want to personally request his college teachers that he is very talented and hardworking.

I have talked to him many times and I can see that he has a vision which if honed at the right time, can actually give lots of pleasant change for the country.

I thank him and also wish him all the best for his future.

May he get all the success which he deserves.


Thank You

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