Abebe Aynalem – A handsome, young man from Ethopia is a football fan

Abebe Aynalem is a young and handsome manĀ from the beautiful place on earth that is Ethiopia.

Yes, the country is known for high degree of football craze. People in Ethopia simply love watching football.

Likewise, Abebe Aynalem also loves to watch sport.

He is a highly motivated young man with a vision to create a happy and better place for Ethopians.

He is a man who loves honesty and hardwork and he requests everyone to be honest.
He wants that his country should be rid of poverty.


Note of Thanks to Abebe Aynalem

I am ARPIT SHARMA an English teacher from India I want to personally thank Abebe Aynalem for sharing views about his country.


I also wish him all the best for his future.

May he get all the success which he deserves.


Thank You

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