Edited and explained the mistakes :- Topic “What is Life”

We and everything – the Sun ,the Moon ,the stars,the Earth,the sky ,the Heavens, th , the hell,the angles , animals and objects -are created by the Almighty God, Ishvar ,Allah ,The Creator , Sarjanhaar,Khaaliq.
We should worship Him only He is not our Father. He is our Master We are His humble slaves.
We should be honest to our Master . Honesty is the best policy . Honesty is the Jewell of humanbeing.
Today, we see our politicians are the most corrupted persons . We all are the brothers and sisters .
the children of Adam and Eve. Peace be upon them


Kindly refer the below image

Very well written and explained by Abu Hussain-

I am so happy for you.

Just few minor mistakes which I explained below 

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