Very well written Nasser :- “My favorite destinations in Somaliland”

Yassen My favourite destinations
May 18, 2018 it was the day of Somaliland comeback it’s freedom from Somalia role since in may 18,1961

during my six week summer holiday one day I got invitation from my friend and he lived berbera Beach i thinking about all of the great places I have been and my favourite destinations I have visited during my holidays, being my friend get 13 weeks a year so
I visited berbera Beach Somaliland it was my second time I visit. it was a wonderful trip I had such an amazing trip there I hopefully going back again next year. Berbera Beach is a really unique destination, it has so much to offer and i just loved it. I especially enjoyed doing a tour of Somaliland as well as the famous Berbera Beach Trip.
good lucky everyone in here.

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