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“Teachers play an extraordinary part in the lives of children for the formative years of their development and the importance of teachers is something that cannot be understated. They involve themselves in moulding their students into responsible citizens of their country so we love all teachers.”

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Top 10 Bollywood actors romancing younger actors on screen

Bollywood has far been open to the practice of older actors (nearing their 50’s) pairing up with their lead actress who are almost half their age. This has been a trend for a long time now and it has been well appreciated by one and all as well. However, with the changing times, there have been another “change” which has recently knocked the doors of Bollywood. Confused?

You should not be as older actresses are romancing their younger counterparts. While looking at the commercial aspect, every one is upbeat about the pleasant change as it is going to maintain the spice and freshness which Bollywood is known for. The move will help the upcoming actors to boost their career with the older actresses who are comparably there for longer times and are polished even more.

Imran Khan 30 is paired opposite Kareena Kapoor 32 in Gori Tere Pyaar mein (upcoming movie)

Kareena is the name which needs no introduction as she hails from the “renowned” Kapoor family. She has also produced herself with her mind-blowing acting skills. After her marriage with long time boyfriend Saif Ali Khan, she was offered the role by the producer Karan opp. Imran Khan in Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu and Gori Tere Pyaar mein is her second flick opposite him.
Imran was launched by his “mamu” Mr. Perfectionist Aamir Khan in the movie Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na. It was a hit but the actor’s journey is a mixed bag where he is still to make his name in Bollywood as a lead actor.

Aditya Roy Kapoor 27 is paired opposite Kalki Koechlin 29 in Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani

Kalki being a foreigner had enough charisma to die for and Anurag Kashyap rightly observed the same which resulted in their marriage. Dev D made her popular while other flicks has equally given her wings to fly.
Aidtya’s role in Aashiqui 2 has been superb as he did full justice to his role of a man coping with his lost sheen after stardom.Arjun
Kapoor and Ranveer Singh both 27 romance with Priyanka Chopra 30 in their upcoming movie Gunday

Priyanka and Ranveer

Priyanka Chopra is pairing opposite in the film Gunday . She has a wonderful career but let’s see how her career shapes with this.
Ranveer and Arjun have their fair share of success with their debut flicks in the form of Band Baaja Baarat and Ishaqzaade respectively.

Girish Kumar 26 and Shruti Haasan 27 are the lead roles in upcoming movie Ramaiya Vasta Vaiya

Shruti Haasan did not have wonderful career as her debut film could not strike the chord of audience. However, she is now pairing with Kumar Taurani’s son Girish.
Girish is all set to take his career further with the first film. What more he wants, since the director is none other than Prabhu Deva.

Gaurav Chanana paired opposite Preity Zinta in Ishq in Pairis

Preity Zinta has a great time in Bollywood. Known for her smiles and dimple, she made her entry in Bollywood after a long time by pairing opposite Gaurav Chanana.
Ranbir Kapoor romances with Madhuri Dixit in a song of Yeh Jawaani Hai Diwani

So what if it just a song, the trend of younger heroes romancing with their older actress has indeed been immense.
In one of the songs in “Yeh Jawaani Hai Diwani” the chemistry between Ranbir and Dhak-Dhak girl was worth to be seen.
Konkona Sen Sharma and Ranbir Kapoor paired opposite in Wake Up Sid

Shahid Kapoor and Vidya Balan paired in Kismat connection

Shahid Kapoor and Rani Mukherjee were lead roles in Dil Bole Hadippa

Vivek Oberoi and Aishwarya paired opposite in Kyun…Ho Gaya Na


It can be emphatically said that the trend is indeed fast catching up and we are going to some “fresh couples” doing the roles which will indeed be eye candy for sure.


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Top 9 ways to detect fake FB account

There is no denying about the fact that this is the age of social media. As increasing numbers of people are using sites such as Facebook.  The percentage of people who are using this renowned site has continuously been increasing in leaps and bounds. On one hand, when people are getting innovative ways to be in touch with near and dear ones through messaging on Facebook etc, there has equally been a rampant use of fake Facebook profiles which are cropping up every now and then.  Therefore, it becomes an uphill task to detect them. As the million dollar question is how to do gauge the authencity of the same?


Well, you do not need to worry. While reading the following article, you will know the top 9 ways to detect fake Facebook account in an easy and emphatic way:-

  • You got a request and you are in a dilemma as to whether you should accept the request or not? Since, to the best of your knowledge, the other person is not in any way related to you. You need to look for the photos in the profile.  Usually, Fake profiles consists of only a single photo. This will indeed give a best reason for you to judge about the profile.

  • A big chunk of fake profiles are usually made of girls and the profile picture usually consists of a glamorous girl who acts as a bait to attract opposite gender. Therefore, such profiles will usually have people from opposite gender (as their friends) which will not be the case with a real profile.
  • Another great way to detect fake profile is that usually people running such profiles want to add more and more friends as they get the biggest enjoyment by doing so. Another way to judge the same is that fake profiles hardly join any group.
  • Fake profiles further leave their signs as these profiles usually have dates of birth written as 31/12/YY or 1/1/YY. Since, these dates does not requite any specific hard work as they can be easily written. Isn’t it?

  • Another proof can be regarded with the information which is provided. Usually fake profiles do not add educational institutions or workplace. They openly express their views towards dating people of opposite gender. It is another proof of a fake profile.
  • One of the other prominent ways to detect fake Facebook account is that as you go to their profile page, there will be many people who comments such as “Thanks for adding me, Do, I know you? (Mostly, there is no reply to their comments)
  • I have seen in Facebook, that there was a profile of a girl where her number was written. Can you in your wildest of imagination think that can any girl write the same? There will not be the case. Isn’t it? Hence, in all probability, the profile stands out to be fake.
  • Usually, Fake profiles do not comment or update often. Therefore, if you happen to experience a profile which rarely participates in any activity, then in all probability the profile will be fake.
  • These days there has been a rampant use of some of the fake profiles who do not even send request to you, they will simply inbox you by showing their liking towards you. They will begin by telling about their qualities which seems to be too good to be true. Thereby, in the end, they will end their message by willing to know more about you.

Therefore, aforesaid are the 9 ways to detect fake Facebook account. Hence, by adhering to the aforesaid steps, you can surely be safe and secure.



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Abdulwahid Galmo Elemoi from Ethopia shares interesting things

A proud and happy citizen of Oromia,  Ethopia, Abdulwahid Galmo Elemoi is an energetic, charismatic, awesome, happy and fun-loving guy. Likewise, he has a positive thinking ability and is highly motivated to do big in life. Yes, he is currently improving his English and is ready to learn so many other constructive things to make a better future for himself and country.

He is a student of high-school and is really a hard-working student and is appreciated by teachers and principal because of the same.

Abdulwahid Galmo Elemoi  also thanks his teachers for being supportive in all these years and is looking forward to pass with flying colors, in order to make the college, teachers, parents and the country proud.


A young man in his early 20’s,  he terms people from his country to be very nice and intelligent and rightly so.

Note of Thanks

I am a teacher in India and I thank my friend Abdulwahid Galmo Elemoi

I am your friend and I whole heartedly thank you for giving us such an interesting thing about your country Ethopia.

I feel really blessed to see your immense respect and feelings for your teachers.
I never knew about the special things.
I accept your invitation of visiting the city sometime in life.

I am also happy that WE ARE FRIENDS NOW.
I also invite you to visit India.

Continue to share interesting things about Ethopia and I will be happy to publish here.


I request every friend from across the world to visit Ethopia once, and see the right heritage and culture which the city offers.

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Yassen Mo Hassan is from beautiful country Somaliland

A proud and happy citizen of Somaliland, Yassen Mo Hassan is a young lad and is highly motivated to do big in life. Yes, he is currently studying in a University and is a studious guy

A young man in his 20’s, he is quite happy  to share about the interesting things, his picturesque country offers.  Yes, he says, about how the awesome sight of various natural beauty, his country offers , which in turn attracts tourists from across the world.

He terms people from his country to be very nice and intelligent and rightly so.

Note of Thanks

I am a teacher in India and I thank my friend Yassen Mo Hassan

I am your friend and I whole heartedly thank you for giving us such an interesting thing about your country Somaliland.
I never knew about the special things.
I accept your invitation of visiting the city sometime in life.

I am also happy that WE ARE FRIENDS NOW.
I also invite you to visit India.

Continue to share interesting things about Somaliland and I will be happy to publish here.


I request every friend from across the world to visit Somaliland once, and see the right heritage and culture which the city offers.

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8 ways your travelling expenditure can fetch you high-paying job in 2018-19


Travelling is not only regarded to give a break from your boring, monotonous and dull life, but it is equally about creating a name for yourself. The next inevitable query might be, “Are you serious”?  Yes, I am and this seemingly overlooked aspect can actually give your travel and tourism resume much more meaning by broadening the section where you have mentioned your “skills” or even better if you term it as “hard” skills.

So, how do those skills are cached in your journey?

Travelers who are creative tend to potentially start writing their own destiny right from the time they board the plane for their chosen destination. Yes, they know what, where, when, who and how to mould the seemingly challenging things in their favor. They gain their proficiencies by actually making use of their skills for a favorable situation as and when the situation demands them to. Yes, they are perfect carrier of “awesome confidence”, “positive attitude” with “cool mind” where things actually turn out to be simple and easy as well. Yes, these are the qualities which you possess to create moments of ease, joy, and happiness. Here, this should be your travel resume objective. You start getting to know about the “very skills” which you possess, based on the situations you deal, which eventually becomes the travel experience resume.

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You can easily get travel and tourism resume format too and that also includes travel resume cover letter and you can get ideas online. Here is the sneak peak of travel and tourism resume examples which I tried explaining in the following post:-

Regular interactions with people – Enhanced communication skills

Well, it is obvious that travel profile resume possibly gives the biggest list of emotions which is quite natural during that refreshing trip where everything is “new” to you. Yes, you are in a “comfort zone” where right from stepping out of the airport, you have to meet different people whether it is a matter of booking your hotel room (or you have already booked online) or enquiring from people about the various preferred stuff, such as “best restaurant”, “top places to visit”, best areas to do shopping at cheap price, etc.  Well, things may not be as easy as enquiring from people. You tend to polish your communication skills by learning about other traditions and culture in style which gives an edge to you. You have to be proficient towards acquiring verbal and non verbal communication to overcome the seemingly challenging aspect of language barrier.

How recruiter sees it?

Recruiters look for people who bring business to the company by establishing contacts with people. Yes, if you have the habit of enquiring things and are equally great towards delivering speeches and have awesome skills pertaining to your verbal and non verbal communication, then you act as the best bet for recruiters who eye on people like you.

Bargained for your product – Negotiating skills

Travel and tourism objectives resume is all about  saving your money every single time, as much as you possibly could and its importance becomes much more on you as you are a job seeker. Your negotiating skills work to your favor if you do bargaining by actually paying far less than its actual price. This is quite a necessary trait which not many actually possess and usually as a person if you have this already or “you have just found it out”, then you should feel happy. Why?

How recruiter sees it?

Because, negotiating skills actually help you to save your hard earned money and that also means, bringing down the cost of the company if you are manager to look after the purchasing department.

You can mention in your resume that “How I persuaded the buyer to give the product (in your case, it may be shoes, camera, shirts, goggles, backpacks etc) at ¼ of rate, triggering a pleasant shock amongst all my companions.

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Using public transport even while being tired – Budgeting and Planning with adaptability 

Continuing to look for ways to save on your expenses with an ideal travel and expense resume, here is one more. Yes, use local transport because even though it may be a bit crowded, has its own set standard time of running, runs slow, you being very tired by undertaking long hours of journey or whatever, yet it actually does the “biggest” benefit for you and that is saving a lot of your hard earned money. Yes, as a traveler who is also a job seeker you know your prime reasons for travelling and if you are well aware about it, then I promise that the list of things which you do, well they will keeping on adding to your work and travel resume.

Similarly, working further towards accomplishing your aim is to choose reasonably cheap hotel room, even if that requires you walk few miles. Yes, usually hotels situated at the main centre demand huge money, but that can be substituted if you are adaptable enough.

That also applies for eateries. Look for the best eateries like those selling at side streets. So, are they hygienic? Well, see yourself and also enquire from your hotel staff or those local people, I am sure you can accordingly decide as well.

How recruiter sees it?

Here, it shows how adaptable you actually are. Yes, you equally relate that money is a motivating force for you which dwarf all other challenges. It will indeed be quite a promising sign for your recruiters who are ready to pay a handsome pay, provided their employees work towards achieving their goals in style. Obviously, “money is the biggest motivating factor” and it has greatly improved the functioning and capabilities of the employees as well. So, add on travel skills resume by saying that “How I saved so much” on my whole trip by staying, moving, eating and visiting at reasonably cheap, but with good names.

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Preparing for worse – Patience

There are times when depending on the time of day, you reach to the airport only to be told that the flight is delayed and you are like Oh My God!!!!!Yes, that’s where your patience comes to play. How much you are actually open to accept the challenges? Well, that’s in itself is a big thing to be looked and adhered here. See, you have to accept it anyhow. It may seem to be the worst of challenge because obviously you would be very exhausted, tired, like your legs may be wreathing in pain and so is your eyes who needs immediate rest and you were actually visualizing about how in few hours from now you will be in your bed and that awesome feeling gets delayed, say for 2 hours. Yes, you patiently and more importantly lovingly and happily wait those 2 hours till you finally board your plane.

How recruiter sees it?

Do you know amongst the important qualities which recruiters seek in employees? Well, it is how patient they actually are. Yes, esteemed and responsible jobs have their own level of authority and it comes with different set of responsibilities and challenges. For instance, what if you were supposed to meet your client at 9 in the morning and you started very early from home,  by leaving all your comforts only to be told that the client will be in an hour. Well, again, you have to smilingly express yourself by being patient enough in accepting the challenges as they come.

Indulging in different adventurous – Confidence, extrovert, fearless

Well, if you are undertaking an adventurous trip, you naturally expect to do all the stuff to experience that adrenalin rush. There are so many adventurous sports to help you attain those times. From sky diving, snorkeling, river rafting etc, different sports activities galore and through loving and experiencing the associated level of “fun by overlooking the aspect of fear” helps in having a different view about life. Yes, life is all about being open, extrovert, fearless and loving yourself all the more where you also know how confident you actually are towards accepting the things which come to you.

How recruiter sees it?

Recruiters dearly look for adventurous, extrovert and open-minded people who love themselves and are equally confident to do things by actually going beyond their comfort zone in style. Such a sort of work and travel resume example can be attributed to those people who are extrovert, open minded and adventurous and are proven to have far greater success towards convincing clients which finally brings business for your company in style.

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Lost your way in a forest but being cool, calm and composed –Independence, maturity and self reliance

As part of an adventurous trip, you accidentally went off the track, but by the time you realized the sun has already set and its night. Well, you show the level of self reliance, maturity and independence by actually camping there overnight at a seemingly safer place to start for your journey, the next day.

How recruiters view it

Recruiter views this trait at the highest level of positivity. Yes, you are self sufficient towards taking the decisions of life and they will value and respect this trait of yours. After all, maturity comes with age and experience and you rightly show your mature level without actually panicking even a bit. This trait lets you work in those unforeseen circumstances when the company might need you for exceptionally long hours during the phase of regular board meetings, functions and associated commitments. The company prefers you on the grounds that you can take independent decisions and that you know “what you are actually doing”.

Helping people who are “less fortunate” – Act of submission and willingness to do noble acts

Do you care about others? Are you sensitive to the issues of people who surround you? Does the pain of others equally give you pain? If yes, then you should volunteer as a traveler. Mention about the “exact” cause where you volunteered along with date and time

Recruiters are always on the constant lookout for people who have a “soft heart” for others and their issues. Yes, due to the same, most of the corporate these days can be seen supporting one “noble cause” or the other, as they know how important and professionally necessary it is to support a charity for the noble cause they are doing. This is what can be best said as travel and tourism resume sample.

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How can you ensure an edge for yourself in the eyes of recruiters

So, as a volunteer if you already have similar experience, then I am sure you get far more chance of being recruited as well. After all, there can’t be a better way to get happiness after seeing the smiles on the faces of people and you know that you are responsible towards ensuring that “smile”. Isn’t it great?

How about creating a portfolio – Cross cultural understanding

Now, that you are well versed with the detailed features associated with being a travel freak and have passed your time well, you should create a blog or portfolio to better display your work. You get far greater weightage on the eyes of your “would be” recruiters, if they found out that you have a great exposure in foreign cultures.

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Travelling would probably necessitate you to be at the centre of different actions (which I have mentioned above) even for few days, than what you would have actually not even experienced even in a year, especially as you travel in a limited budget.

You would surely have far more chance to be picked if the job you do, entails lots of travel which you already have experience of. Isn’t it?

You can equally learn different creative lessons and get certificates in the form of weekly, fortnightly or monthly classes to learn different sports like scuba diving, snorkeling or other outdoor activities with an eye to carve a niche for yourself in the eyes of your future employees. There are various work and travel video resume to help you too for getting a travel professional resume which are enough to give you moments of happiness like never before.

Final words

Travelling opens new horizons and opportunities and you never know when you passionately start earning right from it. Yes, a traveler regards the whole world to be his home and he is comfortable, carefree and opportunistic. After all, a traveler who has been to different places of the world is in a better position to deal with multi-cultural relationship along with different clients, vendors. In short, you become a global face in the company. Sky is the limit for you to indulge in seemingly endless opportunities waiting for you in style, like never before. So, what’s stopping you to travel the world and build a catchy, travel writer resume with weightage?

Top jobs in demand right now world over

The economy of the world is rising and it has created lots of professional opportunities. “Doctors” and “engineers” which regarded to be traditional jobs are now giving loads of opportunities to many other high paying jobs. Sadly, you may not realise, that in 50% of the cases, candidates fail the interview, inspite of possessing the requisite qualification and experience. Do you know why?Well, they don’t have prepared themselves for the interview, in the way, they should have. Especially, they either go blank, while answering the questions put by the interviewer . However, don’t worry. I am giving you the proper and step by step tips to get a detailed and professional answer to the below question Tell me about yourself- What to reply to the interviewer Yes, this is the first and the foremost and here is the detailed professional answer.

Let’s take a look at the top highest paying jobs across the globe.

Library Assistant

Considering the massive craze amongst students to study in the calm environment of libraries across the world, the educational institutions have realized the immense utility of such a place. Yes, students across the world are finding happiness by reading and learning for hours with respect to their course. Libraries are sprucing me and many new libraries are being set up to help students get the much needed assistance. Likewise, there has been new openings of Library assistance as well.  So, if you want to know how to apply for the post of Library Assistance – Here is the detailed letter



The job of a lawyer is in great demand and as the time passes, the requirement is set to be bigger. There are even corporate lawyers which multinational companies have. If you are skilled, experienced and have loads of practical experience, then you can easily be placed in a corporate sector and will be getting exceptionally high salary. Yes, considering the lucrative job, you can very well relate and understand about the challenging interview process, which you may have to face. However, don’t worry. The second most important query, which you are often asked is Why should we hire you – Interview questions in 2018. Here is the detailed list, which I have given to help you gain confidence.


The job of a teacher is a well respected one and considering the immense demand of education world over, you can be sure of a well placed, awesome and highly respectable job. Yes, like other respected and esteemed jobs, you can also be sure of continuously rising and getting senior most position in the educational sector. Likewise, your salary will continue to increase in the process, as you are promoted.

You can even apply to your preferred country and chances are, that you will immediately be hired. If you are applying for an English teacher, you need to have loads of confidence and your English should be impeccable as well. In order to improve your English, your basics of grammar should be clear. Likewise, there are common mistakes, which you should know. You shouldn’t miss reading the MOST COMMON GRAMMATICAL MISTAKES as it will make your basics clear. Guaranteed.


If you are a Master or Ph.D. degree holder in archaeology or anthropology with relevant experience on field, then you can opt as an Archeologist with  different prevailing options from across the world where respective governments want to invite people to research. While appearing for the interview, you will be asked What is your biggest regret and Why – Here is the detailed answer. It is a well known fact that most of the countries of the world are on  a continuous research expedition with respect to recovering and preserving artifacts from past cultures and your knowledge, information, dedication and hard work will come to be quite handy towards enhancing and cementing your portfolio even as such career while travelling seems to be the best bet currently too.



Become a flight attendant

If you are looking for a career in travelling and tourism then a flight  attendant’s job is waiting right for you. Although, at times, the nature of work is  so erratic that you might feel its heat, but again having said that, you would love because it is not only a high paying job, but you literally get to visit hundreds of cities across the world with enough perks which include free or discounted flights for you and family as well. Likewise, its interview process is also very tricky. However, don’t worry. I am giving you the best tricks where your weakness will actually prove to be your strength. Here’s the list of top 7 weaknesses which will get you a job in 2018. 

Become a retail buyer

If you are into retail business like for instance manufacturing shirts, you would often need to travel  places for the basic reason of holding trade shows. This is done to actually identity industries and prevailing trends in order to chalk out decisions accordingly. So, travel the world by choosing travelling career paths as there are so many waiting for you. Do you know that interview process is also about making your situation favorable? Yes, I am giving you 2 secrets to turn your negative situation in Interview positive 

Athletic recruiters

Athletics are sent from their respective schools and colleges to across the world and if you “have been” into sports with relevant experience then career options related to travelling, quite like being that of Athletic recruiter is the best bet.  Obviously with rising popularity of sport across the world, that’s the best option which I find for you towards creating name, fame and money as well.

Au Pair

Another career related to travelling is to work as an  Au pair provided you are well  versed with second language where your duty would be baby sit by providing child care services along with helping the child do homework as well. Not only you feel a part of the family which gives so much of love and respect, but you are paid quite handsome, you meet new  people and learn so many things that life in itself becomes so easy, fun  and awesome as well. Now, you don’t have to Google down “which career requires travelling”, as Au Pair is waiting.

Travelling nurse

It is no wonder that travelling can fetch you a high-paying job. After all, a travelling nurse career is the best option for you where you  can work and travel in different hospitals by switching from one place to another.  It offers career break to go travelling with so many perks  associated in the form of travel, housing and other related benefits which will be covered. Of course you need to  have nursing degree with necessary practical experience  as well.

Construction managers

Construction manager is the career based on travelling which promises to visit different places with respect to the site you inspect and complete over a period of time. While travelling, you need to be good in your English. Yes, your basics should be very clear. It is for this reason, that you should know the SHOCKING ENGLISH GRAMMAR  MISTAKES which you were making uptill now Although, it is a responsible job, but it comes with so many perks, importantly it is a high paying job. Considering the responsibility,

Considering the list of  hundreds of construction projects currently running across the world, you are sure to count on the career benefits of travelling right from the word “go”.

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Work on cruise line

Travelling career opportunities galore, literally. As you can impart your service in a cruise ship by experiencing the luxuries of the whole world with free accommodation and food. The duties as a shop clerk, restaurant manager or a server is only few career change travelling ideas as many more are waiting for you. Since some of the sites namely Cruise Line  Jobs are currently waiting to  employ hundreds of budding and talented individuals.


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Become a photographer

A photographer meets new people, places and if he happens to be a wedding photographer, then I will add that he would taste favorite, delicious and mouth watering cuisines as well. You can easily make a career in travelling after 12th. You need little training along with high quality camera and a passion that you can actually present a visually captivating picture of  the world in style.


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Become a ESL teacher

Traveling career list doesn’t seem to end as you can become an ESLteacher whose demands are  rising on daily basis. You can equally opt for the duty as a career break to go travelling and yes, you again get the chance of doing the things which you so dearly love and that includes meeting new people, trying different food, clothes. In short, you dip yourself totally with the culture of others.

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Step into  the shoes as an event co-coordinator

Organizing trade shows and festivals on a large scale  require you to  be travelling every now and then. Since, this can give you an awesome option as a career which involves travelling around the world. You know  the local vendors even travel overseas for showcasing their  products not to miss.

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How about becoming an international guide

An international guide frequently visits  new places, people and areas which may even range from a small hamlet to the most  progressive city. Yes, it is all about doing your job to lead the tourists who are looking for knowledgeable, friendly and awesome guides to get them a sense of friendliness and closeness which you can actually give to them.  So, what’s stopping you to opt for this career in travelling industry?

  1. Travelling across the world ensures lots of job opportunities for one and all. Likewise, in U.S, out of the total 8 people you come across with, 1 will be engaged in travel industry in some way or the other
  2. There is interesting news from U.S itself, where considering the total number of airports in the world, 1/3rd are based in U.S. Due to the same, as many as 62,000 people at one given time constantly travel in the air.

  3. India is known as the country having diverse population
  4. Travel to different places usually entails lots of languages spoken. Considering the same, if you ask me the place with the largest numbers of languages being spoken, then it is Papa New Guinea
  5. This might not be interesting news, but it is enough to showcase the level of strictness which the U.S judiciary actually shows. Yes, there are maximum numbers of those who are behind bars.
  6. If you ask me about the busiest airport in the whole world then it is situated in Atlanta with the name of Hartsfield-Jackson Airport
  7. Do you know taking out time for yourself in the form of vacation to your favorite destination or place can actually minimize the chance of your heart diseases? Well, scientists do have an attributive factor attached to the same, where they relate it with ease, peace and convenience which automatically creates a pleasant scenario for heart too
  8. Travel makes people confident and careful as it increases knowledge base of not only the surrounding but the world in general too
  9. Travel removes our inhibitions if any

  10. Researchers have been a great proof about travellers being way happier as they have spent money on travel rather than materials goods.
  11. Travel has instant pleasant effect with regards to the health as there has been a speedy effect in the heart and mind of the individual who experienced way lower stress even just spending coupe of days. The research has been done where whopping 90% of people have actually experienced the same.
  12. Travel gives us calmer, peaceful and stress free times by removing depression and consolidating the functioning of brain further.
  13. Travel has way stronger effect towards consolidating relations between families, whether it is between “couples”, “parents with their children” or you can name any relation. This sort of bond usually results in creating a stronger, happier, and joyful and heart warming relations.
  14. Australians have the most legally recognized vacation days where the government gives them whopping 22 paid vacations along with 13 paid holidays on annual basis while on the other hand, U.S amongst the list of the developed counties, has no such legally given travel vacations
  15. Travel enhances the functioning of brain where we tend to absorb interesting things, we meet good people, initiative conversations and based on the psychology of our brain, as we absorb good things, we infact become even more creative, dutiful and awesome too.
  16. France has the credit of being quite the country which is frequented by maximum numbers of people
  17. While Bangkok comes in the list of cities, which has get the largest numbers of visitors
  18. Canada is known for its maximum number of lakes as the total strength of them stands out to be 3 million lakes.

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Salman from beautiful country Afghanistan, shares wonderful thing about his country

Salman Jani Bangash

An Afghani national is a good looking, smart and fair complexioned citizen.

A young man in his 20’s, he is quite happy  to share about the interesting things, his picturesque country offers.  Yes, he says, about how the awesome sight of various snow capped mountains attracts tourists.
He also says, that Afghanistan is world famous for various fruits, such as grapes, plums, mangoes etc.

He terms people from his country to be very nice and intelligent and rightly so.

Note of Thanks

I am a teacher in India and I thank my friend Salman

I am your friend and I whole heartedly thank you for giving us such an interesting thing about your country Afghanistan  .
I never knew about the special things.
I accept your invitation of visiting the city sometime in life.

I am also happy that WE ARE FRIENDS NOW.
I also invite you to visit India.

Continue to share interesting things about Afghanistan and I will be happy to publish here.


I request every friend from across the world to visit Afghanistan once, and see the right heritage and culture which the city offers.

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How many of you know lip smacking and mouthwatering Coconut Burfhy from Southern India ?

Yes, one of the readers have suggested us a very interesting,sumptuous, lip-smacking and mouth watering sweet dish namely

Coconut Burfhy

Yes, if you thought, that such a tasty dish will be hard to cook, then think again.

The best thing for you is that it is so easy to cook and it just needs 3 main ingredients.





If you have roughly 15 minutes, then you can even prepare yourself.

Considering that milk is involved, so it is WHITE in color and simply awesome to taste and eat.

I can bet that you won’t be able to keep yourself away without more than 1


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How to sell a “Pen” in an interview

The interviewer may pose the question to the interview to sell a PEN.


Well, I have written a highly impressive, professional and specific answer. Read it and I can assure you that your interviewer will be pretty impressed with you


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Here’s how you should sell, by telling the benefits:-

  1. The Pen works as smooth as butter and you can continue to write for hours without exerting pressure on your fingers
  2. Even if it accidentally falls down, it is unbreakable as it is made from durable covering, thus giving you huge sigh of relief, from your previous soft body pens.
  3.  It is so light as compared to other pens available in else where, that you feel that you are actually holding a pencil meant for children, thus writing for hours together won’t strain your hands.
  4. It has a specially made soft plastic covering, to give a better grip to your fingers
  5. It doesn’t emit ink while writing or if you have left it open
  6. Even considering the list of qualities, it is very affordable and act as the most obvious and perfect choice for you
  7. You may get a similar pen elsewhere, but be ready to spend double the amount, since this newly formed company is giving at a discounted rate and the promotion will end soon

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