100% result achieved in English grammar by my student: Congrats my friend!!!


(Click on the above images to know the correct answers, as THE RED DOTS DENOTE HIS PERFORMANCE

One of my students of class 9th has sent the images of the examination paper.

He wants me to check it for himself and tell the score, he has got.

I am quite delighted to say, that the said student has performed in an excellent manner.

Based on the “red dots” he has put on the answers, I can say that he has achieved full marks, as all of them are 100% correct 🙂

Yes, I am so happy for you my friend 🙂

You have performed exceptionally well and have got all answers correct.

As a teacher, this is the moment to feel happy and thrilled after looking at the score you have achieved in English.

I feel that my hardwork is really paying off.

I also wish and pray that you achieve the highest marks in all your other subjects.

I also pray that you continue to pass all your classes with flying colors and get all the happiness of the world.

I once again thank you for being quite a studious student, who always do as I say.

Continue to ask queries and improve your English grammar.

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