Steven Chin – A maths wizard, weaves magic with his calculations

Steven Chin – A maths wizard, weaves magic with his calculations

How many of you can calculate three digits numbers right in your head within split second?

It will surely be hard for most of you, but not for an energetic, ambitious, positive and highly devoted young man Steven Chin.

Yes, he has shared his magical power of calculating multiple numbers orally and that too within few seconds.

Something, which will indeed make you awestruck. Isn’t it?

Do you want to know the real trick behind his power?

Read the post to find out more:-

Well, he says and I quote ”

“I can multiply numbers mentally in my head or with a pencil and paper within few seconds. For examples, 42 x 48= 2016; 54 x54= 2916; 99 x 99= 9801; 101 x 103= 10403; 50 ÷ 7= 7.1428571. 3 seconds for each of the aforesaid answers”.

Well, this is something, which not many can count, but for him it is so easy. It is indeed a matter of few seconds.

I am so sure, that after reading the post, many students who are about to take their maths exams, will be so eager to know the trick behind it.

Also, so many of you

Well, if you are one of them, then comment. I will request him to share the secret right here in the post itself


Here is the trick

Squaring any two digit number in their fifties:
Example 1: 54 x 54
S1: Multiply 5 by 5 = 25
S2: 25 + 4 = 29_ _
S3: 4 x 4 = 1 6
S4: Fill up the two
blank spaces
after the 29 with
16. The answer is 2916.

Example 2: 58 x 58
S1: 5 x 5 = 25
S2: 25 + 8 = 33 _ _
S3 : 8 x 8 = 64
Answer = 3364.

R u able to follow. Easy, I am sure you can follow. Learning
is fun if you know how. Any comments, please let me know


Let’s know more about Steven Chin:-

This is what my brother has to say

As requested by our group leader, brother Arpit Sharma, I humbly introduce myself. 

I am a Malaysian citizen, born in Kuala Lumpur, and residing in Kuala Lumpur since. 

I went to the Cochrane Road School near my house then in Kuala Lumpur. I further my education from the Australian And New Zealand Insurance Institute in Melbourne, Australia.
Through examination, I have a Diploma specializing in General 
Insurance. Subsequently through examination I have become a Graduate Member of the Institute with a Professional identification ANZIIF (Senior Associate).

I worked in a few Insurance Companies. I had held various positions then, Branch Manager; 
Underwriting Manager; Claims Manager; and also Marketing Manager. All these are past memories and we men would call this history.

I have come to know Speed Mathd about 20 or more years
ago. I like learning and practising Speed Maths for purposes of exercising my brain muscles and cells so to continuing to maintaining a good and brilliant memory.

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