Editing and explaining the mistakes :- Jameel

Education is one of life necessities which must every one fight for it , due to its importance. For example, Education is the best way to build a wonderful society .

Mistake – 1

Education is one of life necessities (wrong)

One of the life’s necessities¬† (correct)

Similarly, we say

  • One of the table’s cover is dirty
  • One of the sofa’s cover
  • One of the flag’s cloth
  • One of the bathroom’s tiles


Also, If there is an adjective after “One of “then that will be in superlative degree.

and there will be accompanying noun which will always be plural.

For ex.

One of + THE+ superlative degree adjective+ plural noun

  • One of the best students
  • One of the best moments
  • One of the cutest smiles
  • One of the sour lemons
  • One of the worst movies



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