Explaining mistakes to Imran Khan Baloch

Street power emerges when people are deprived of their civil rights. This leads to aggression against the ruling government, which results in dismantling democracy. However, street power takes its roots from the eras of martial law administration, since the first National Student Federation (NSF) launched in the late 1960s. Since then, it was prevailed in Pakistan by the subsequent political parties. Some take advantage of it to gain their vested interests while others due to their dissatisfaction from their elected civilian ruling. However, this results into nothing except mass injuries, arsons, barricades and vandalism. Hence, political parties use street power to deter democratic institutions as their partisans not only impede economic development but also jeopardize justice and democracy. Moreover, individuals due to the lack of egalitarianism and foreign factors to undergo their hidden agendas are equally responsible for dismantling democracy in Pakistan.


Well done, only two small mistakes, which I have already explained.

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