Editing and explaining the mistakes to Ibni Ibrahim Hassan

My friend Ibni Ibrahim Hassan  has written the following paragraph:-

Nowadays it is not easy to find true friend. Friend to have mutual respect and honesty from each other, as for me true friend is the most essential thing to have in this world best can advice you to solve your problems and even helps to correct your mistake
However other believe true friend not exist most friendly relationship is for benefits
What is the some friend they relationship is not good for something not like consuming drugs and so on
In my opinion it’s very important to have a true friend you can share everything with in difficult situation and other the true they like gift for me from God more you care of them the most they care of you


I have edited and explained the mistakes.

Check the below image


You need to improve your Tenses, so I have created a post for you.

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Know Present Indefinite Tense 


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