Editing and explaining mistakes to Sahar Z Abd Elghany

Bringing up a child Written by Sahar Z Abd Elghany

It’s not that easy to raise a child. Before you take the decision of having a child you should think dozens of time.When you have a child all your life changes forever. Not only about the expenses, but also about your interests in life,your priorities and so on.It is like as if your heart is walking in front of your eyes,when your child is a baby. Day after day you watch them growing up ,taking more responsibilities in life, beginning to depend on themselves ,but you feel that they are still babies.
In order to raise a good member in community, you should read and learn a lot about how to do that mission successfully, and the most important advice ,in my point of view, is don’t spoil your child a lot ,but give them the chance to be independent.


Check the image:-Sahar Z Abd Elghany

I have edited and explained your mistakes.

Also, I want you know the following things:-

  • Don’t write long sentences. (One and half lines are enough)
  • Don’t write more than that.
  • Use comma when desired


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