Secrets shared by Hon. Rec. Steven Chin (Part-2)

Teacher Arpit Sharms

Further to my little experience I shared on job interview a couple of days ago, I feel that it is important to elaborate on “believing in ourselves, having a positive attitude and faith in ourselves for a brighter future for all of us”

To be able to get a job that pays well, that comes with rewarding perks and fringe benefits, one must be able to converse and write reasonably well in english coupled with the minimum basic paper qualification from the country of one’s origin.

One cannot simply ignore the importance of english. One ought to know that english is the stepping stone for knowledge. Senior executives serving in big international organisations throughout the english speaking world conduct their business activities in english. To join such corporations, one must fit himself in the organisation. If one cannot fit in, he becomes a MISFIT. He would be out of the company sooner than he was in. There is not much choice but to earnestly train
onesellf to be competent in english. There is an english saying “no pain no gain.”

To be able to conduct oneself well in english, one must think as well as speak in english at the same time. Refrain from thinking in one’s own mother-tongue and at the same time speak in english. The translation process within one’s mind would make matter worst.
For a change, start thinking and speaking english at the same time.
It is much easier to learn any language this way.

You will soon amaze your teachers, relatives and friends around you with your spoken and written english.

Believe in yourself. Have faith and confidence. Have a positive mindset. It is all in the mind. Teacher Arpit Sharma taught me one important belief. He says and I quote ” SUCCESS COMES TO THOSE WHO LOOK FOR IT.” There is truth in his wisdom.

Learn from teacher, Arpit Sharma. I BELIEVE he can guide us to achieve the highest level on english competency.

Friends and comrades, let us be united and learn from our GURU

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