Secrets to pass interview – Shared by honorable recruiter Mr. Steven Chin

Secrets to pass interview – Shared by honorable Mr. Steven Chin

Reasons for candidates to fail in Interview 

People fail in interview because they are unable to impress the interviewer from the first onset of the meeting. Some do not dress suitably for the occasion or put on dirty looking or unpolished shoes. Your attire should be smart.

The hair on the head must be tidily kept. Few lack effective or persuasive communication skill. Most do not make any extra effort to find out the size, ownership, and the nature of business of the organisation. With knowledge of such information, we should be able to communicate better thus giving a better positive impression.

In short, many are not adequately prepared for the interview. When we fail to prepare, we are planning to fail.

To be successful in any interview, we must from the first onset give a good impression to the interviewer.

– Tell him that you firmly believe
that that you can do the job
well provided only given the
opportunity to do so;
– Tell him that you always have
positive attitude in all your
– Tell him that you have the
confidence to do the job well;
– Impress him that you will be
a valuable asset to the

When you leave, tell him that you like to work for the company and will be looking forward to receiving from him a favorably reply at the earliest.

Try to get a hand- shake by extending your right hand to him and thank him for the time spent
with you.

I hope you find my little experience useful. Please contact our teacher, Mr. Arpit Sharma for further explanation.

Thank you.

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