Nicely written by Solo Jah’rhone. Following are the mistakes

Topic :

No one correct me when I’ve tried to make these exercises,Each times I’ve done those and wait in back for the corrections,no one came.So, Could you correct us as we do the exercise that you give usthanks in advance .(this is my topic


Mistake – 1

No one ‘correct’ me (Wrong)

No one “corrects” me (Correct)

Note- “No one” is singular

Mistake – 2

Each ‘times’ (wrong)

Each ‘time’ (correct)

Note- Always use “Singular”


Mistake – 3

Wait in back “FOR” the correction.

Mistake – 4


Always create short sentences.

Try to use “comma” and “full stop” when required.

It will help you to write with fewer mistakes

Start first letter of the sentence with CAPITAL LETTER

Always write “I” in capital letter

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