Dina Khaled – A sister from Egypt is an inspiration for working mothers. Here’s Why!!!

How beautifully a sister from Egypt who is also a proud mother is managing the art of house and her profession

Yes, if you want to see that, then Dina Khaled is one such awesome example who is indeed quite an  inspiration for women folks, especially mothers.

Yes, she is breaking the stereotype that mothers can even chose their profession and stand on their legs, ofcourse keeping in mind Shariat.

Every sister from across the world, should take inspiration from Dina Khaled who is ambitious, hardwork, dedicated and serious towards her goals.

She knows her role as a  mother, and at the same time, she also wants to stand on her own legs.

She is going to enlighten the students by essaying the role of an English Teacher.

It  is this reason, she deserves praise and appreciation.

I wish Almighty, that you get all the success you deserve.

Let’s all pray for this sister

Keep on working hard

Keep on praying

Success will come to you Insha Allah

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