Yassen Mo Hassan is a writer and an attacking football player


Yassen Mo Hassan is a writer and an attacking football player

He writes:-

Football has been my all-time favorite game. It has been a source of immense excitement and enjoyment to me and my family as well. I play for my school’s football team on the attacking side. I feel a rush in my veins whenever I am taking the ball forward to the opponent’s goal post and when I score a goal all my team mates come cheering for me. I have always loved watching football. Mohammed Salah is my favorite player and he plays as a forward player for Liverpool also I support Barcelona,Lionel Messi.
Thanks Teacher


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Ibni Ibrahim Hassan has written beautifully on “Importance of Education”

Ibni Ibrahim Hassan has written beautifully on “Importance of Education”

Dear Ibni Ibrahim Hassan,

As an English Teacher, I must congratulate you for writing so well.

Here, is what you wrote

Education is crucial nowadays if we want to get better life in the future we should educate ourselves by continue learning why are we learning
Because we prevent to fall behind and the world is growing faster than before with new technology
At moment the knowledge is the key every area in our life.


There are few mistakes:-

Write short sentences . (Max One and half line)

I can’t see any full stop. (Please make note) Ok?

Don’t start the sentence with

After “Future” I have started a new sentence (check below)


Education is crucial nowadays if we want to get better life in the future. We should educate ourselves by continuously learning
If we prevent  ourselves, we will fall behind. The world is growing faster than before, with new technology
Currently the knowledge is the key every area in our life.

Esmatullah thanks his mother Hawa


Esmatullah wants to thank his mother Hawa

It is true that mother’s love is the purest of all. No one can have any doubt about the extent of sacrifices mothers give for their children. Yes, be it waking up all night to change the diapers or feeding their children.

Yes, still inspite of losing all the strength, she is fresh to again sacrifice another day for her children.

Her love in unconditional, so her pain of carrying for Nine months. She happily does all of that, because her love for children surpasses all.

Likewise, Esmatullah  thanks her mother HAWA for all the sacrifices and pain, you have taken for her.

Yes, as mother, you should be proud of your son.

He apologizes to you for the naughtiness, he has done in the past.

He again thank you, for always caring and loving.

Your son, has grown up under your special care and supervision.

Esmatullah  says “You Rock Mom:- Hawa

Also write:-

Letter of thanks to mother for giving surprise birthday party and inviting friends 




Ezekiel is a university student in Philippines and passionate about dancing

Ezekiel is a university student in Philippines and passionate about dancing

She says and I quote

Hi, I’m Ezekiel “not my true name.”
I live in Philippines.
18th yrs of age.
Grade 11th senior high school at University of ICCT college.

My special skills is, I know how to Dance but not too much. I’d joined last day on the Dance Group ’cause I want to Improve my skills in dancing. And also I’ll make some poem/thoughts but not a Poet. (sorry I’m not good in English) that’s why I want to improve my skills in English.

Thanks to this Information.
I hope that you have a great day

Note of Thanks:-

Note of Thanks

I am Arpit Sharma, a 11 years experienced teacher in India and I thank Ezekiel 

I am waiting to see your poems 🙂

Your English is satisfactory.
Continue to improve English. Also read the below post:-


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Nafizi Usman Abubakar  has nicely written about “Importance of Education”

Nafizi Usman Abubakar  has nicely written about “Importance of Education”

He says

“Education Is Very Very Important Because Education Will Help You To Performs You Live In Simple Way Also Education Will Protect”


I am now editing and explaining the mistakes:-

Mistake – 1

Don’t add “Very” twice


Education is very important


Mistake – 2

Don’t use “Education” twice in a single sentence


Education is very important because “it”



Mistake – 3

Don’t change the TENSE in a single sentence

You used “IS” and “WILL” in the same sentence Why?


Education is very important because “it” helps you to perform



Here is the edited part of the whole paragraph

Education Is Very Important Because it helps You To Perform.  You Live In Simple Way and Also Education Protects

Pinay – A writer from Phillipines invites everyone to visit her beautiful country

My friend Pinay who is a writer from Phillipines invites everyone to visit her beautiful country.

She says and I quote

” I am pinay and my country is Philippines, it’s found around the Asia, small country but full of beautiful island i can’t say what name island is it because they’re so lot! if you visited my country you will never forget your moment here, + Filipino here are so Friendly so you will feel you’re so very welcome 😍❤”



Note of Thanks

I am Arpit Sharma, a 11 years experienced teacher in India and I thank my friend Pinay

I am your friend and I whole heartedly thank you for giving us such an interesting facts about your country .
I never knew about the beauty
I accept your invitation of visiting the country sometime in life.



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ເດືອນ ກຸ໋ບກິ໋ບ From Laos mentions about beautiful things in her country

A visitor from Laos is quite upbeat about sharing interesting places which her country offers.

Yes, the excitement in her face can be seen, when she mentions the names of the prominent places which are quite a profound tourist destinations, such as KhonePheng Waterfall,WatPou temple,ThatLuang stupa and KhuangSee waterfall.

Tourists from across the world come and witness the natural beauty.

She is really proud and she is a citizen of Laos which has so much to offer.


Secrets shared by Hon. Rec. Steven Chin (Part-2)

Teacher Arpit Sharms

Further to my little experience I shared on job interview a couple of days ago, I feel that it is important to elaborate on “believing in ourselves, having a positive attitude and faith in ourselves for a brighter future for all of us”

To be able to get a job that pays well, that comes with rewarding perks and fringe benefits, one must be able to converse and write reasonably well in english coupled with the minimum basic paper qualification from the country of one’s origin.

One cannot simply ignore the importance of english. One ought to know that english is the stepping stone for knowledge. Senior executives serving in big international organisations throughout the english speaking world conduct their business activities in english. To join such corporations, one must fit himself in the organisation. If one cannot fit in, he becomes a MISFIT. He would be out of the company sooner than he was in. There is not much choice but to earnestly train
onesellf to be competent in english. There is an english saying “no pain no gain.”

To be able to conduct oneself well in english, one must think as well as speak in english at the same time. Refrain from thinking in one’s own mother-tongue and at the same time speak in english. The translation process within one’s mind would make matter worst.
For a change, start thinking and speaking english at the same time.
It is much easier to learn any language this way.

You will soon amaze your teachers, relatives and friends around you with your spoken and written english.

Believe in yourself. Have faith and confidence. Have a positive mindset. It is all in the mind. Teacher Arpit Sharma taught me one important belief. He says and I quote ” SUCCESS COMES TO THOSE WHO LOOK FOR IT.” There is truth in his wisdom.

Learn from teacher, Arpit Sharma. I BELIEVE he can guide us to achieve the highest level on english competency.

Friends and comrades, let us be united and learn from our GURU

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Secrets to pass interview – Shared by honorable recruiter Mr. Steven Chin

Secrets to pass interview – Shared by honorable Mr. Steven Chin

Reasons for candidates to fail in Interview 

People fail in interview because they are unable to impress the interviewer from the first onset of the meeting. Some do not dress suitably for the occasion or put on dirty looking or unpolished shoes. Your attire should be smart.

The hair on the head must be tidily kept. Few lack effective or persuasive communication skill. Most do not make any extra effort to find out the size, ownership, and the nature of business of the organisation. With knowledge of such information, we should be able to communicate better thus giving a better positive impression.

In short, many are not adequately prepared for the interview. When we fail to prepare, we are planning to fail.

To be successful in any interview, we must from the first onset give a good impression to the interviewer.

– Tell him that you firmly believe
that that you can do the job
well provided only given the
opportunity to do so;
– Tell him that you always have
positive attitude in all your
– Tell him that you have the
confidence to do the job well;
– Impress him that you will be
a valuable asset to the

When you leave, tell him that you like to work for the company and will be looking forward to receiving from him a favorably reply at the earliest.

Try to get a hand- shake by extending your right hand to him and thank him for the time spent
with you.

I hope you find my little experience useful. Please contact our teacher, Mr. Arpit Sharma for further explanation.

Thank you.

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Steven Chin bids farewell to colleague Muthusamy on his promotion elsewhere

Steven Chin bids farewell to colleague Muthusamy on his promotion elsewhere .

This is what Mr. Steven Chin has to say for his dear colleague and friend Muthusamy who has been promoted to another department.

Good evening every one

We gather here this evening for one special purpose, that is to bid farewell to our colleague, Mr. Muthusamy who will be leaving us next week for a more senior position elsewhere.
At this moment, we are having a mixed feeling of joy and sadness. On one hand we feel happy for him because he has found a greener pasture elsewhere but on the other hand we feel sad for we will greatly miss him. We will definitely miss his pleasant face and cheerful disposition.
Mr. Muthusamy is more than just a dear colleague to most of us. To me he is my best friend.

We take this opportunity to wish well in all his future undertaking.

May god bless him with good health and happiness always.

Thank you.


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