Nicely written by Fikresellassie Kahssay, but there are following mistakes:-



For me, college life is better than professional life b/college life has  sweet & unforgetablememories. Example you freely discuss with your classmet classmateswith no frustration,fear etc… But not in professional life, where you feel more  responsiblethan when you were incampus.





First Mistake

Nicely written, but there are few mistakes :-

As me (wrong)

For me (correct)



Second Mistake


Don’t write short form “B” (Wrong)

Say “Because” (correct)


Third Mistake

Sweat memories (wrong)

Sweet memories (correct)


Forth mistake

Classmet (wrong)

Classmates (correct)


Fifth mistake

You feel more responsibility (wrong)

You feel more responsible (correct)

Sixth Mistake

On campus (wrong)

In Campus (correct)


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