Nicely written by Ahmed Elmi – But there are following mistakes:-

My friend Ahmed Elmi has written the following paragraph :-


Hi Teacher, My name is Ahmed Elmi, i am somalilander and my mother tongue is Somali. I am highly appreciated to join to your this teaching page of learning English. Becuase, the learning English is my most favorite dream. So, l would like to thank you for your retire less taught lessons you gave us daily.
Teacher, I would like to ask you a question and my question is, what is the simplest method that i become a person who speak English as a natively for a short time?

Let’s know the mistakes:-

Mistake – 1

Write short sentences.


Mistake – 2

“I” should always be in CAPITAL LETTER



For rest of the mistakes,  please refer the image below :-




You also asked about the ways to improve English, at par with native. 
My answer lies in th below link.

Read and get back to me 🙂

201 things you can do to improve English in 2019 Guaranteed!!!

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