Giri Babu Thumati thanks his mother Mrs. Vani



Giri Babu Thumati thanks his mother Mrs. Vani

He says:-

Dear mom,
How are you? Iam fine and pink in health. Hope the same with you.
Mom, thanks for wishing and giving me a great surprise on my birthday.
Take care of your health mom.
Yours lovingly,
Giri babu.

“It is true that mother’s love is the purest of all. No one can have any doubt about the extent of sacrifices mothers give for their children. Yes, be it waking up all night to change the diapers or feeding their children.

Yes, still inspite of losing all the strength, she is fresh to again sacrifice another day for her children.

Her love in unconditional, so her pain of carrying for Nine months. She happily does all of that, because her love for children surpasses all.

I, Giri Babu Thumati   thank you “MOM” for all the sacrifices and pain, you have taken for me.

As mother, I am sure you should be proud of me , as your son.

I apologize to you for the naughtiness, I have done done in the past 🙁

I again thank you, for your love and care

Your son has grown up under your special care and supervision.

“You Rock Mom:- 🙂

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