Nicely written by Riya Sharma :) Check the website for mistakes

Nicely written by Riya Sharma 🙂 Check the website for mistakes


True Friendship
A True Friendship is understanding each other’s feelings and accepting the way you are. They stand by you in any circumstances and that’s why it is said, “A friend in need is a friend indeed”,So true n loyal friendship is worth than a Gold or any other precious jewel in this world n that’s why we celebrate friendship day on behalf of such rare sweet souls in our life. Lucky to have one. 💖😜



Very well written

There are following mistakes:-

First Mistake:-

Never create long sentences. An ideal sentence should be 1 and half sentence long. Always start a new sentence after that.  It is a big mistake, if you create “Three” lines of sentences as it really discourages the reader to read further



Second Mistake

Friendship is worth then a Gold (wrong)

Friendship is worth THAN  a Gold (correct)

“THAN” is used to compare things

“THEN” is used to determine the next action


I will reach home, then I will go  to park

Third Mistake

Each others feelings (wrong)

Each other’s feelings (correct)



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