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Hard work or effort into the right direction never goes wastes. (wrong)

Hard work or effort IN / TOWARDS the right direction never goes wastes.

For direction we use IN / TOWARDS

But, if the action is in motion, then we use INTO


The soldiers are marching INTO the hall

I am entering INTO the hall



Mistake – 2

Natures rule (wrong)

Nature’s rule (correct)

We put apostrophe “s” for belongingness

For ex.

Anil’s shirt (The shirt belongs to Anil)

Mathew’s house (The house belongs to Mathew)



Mistake 3

If anyone do (wrong)

If anyone does (correct)

We use singular form of verb with ANYONE

Mistake 4


If anyone does consistently work (wrong)

If anyone does work consistency (correct)



We always use adverb at last

He eats regularly milk (wrong)

He eats milk regularly (correct)

Another ex.

His brother plays regularly football (wrong)
His brother plays football regularly (correct)


Mistake 5


There is no secrets to success (wrong)
Say in the following two ways:-

There is no secret to success  (correct)

There are no secrets to success (correct)



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